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  1. Enjoy Bill, have a great one!! BK
  2. I think a person could be there for 10 days, and not see it all. BK
  3. Finally getting around to editing posting my summer vids and pics. BK
  4. Part 3. Yes, I misidentified the Doncaster tractors. I explained that error, in the comments on youtube. BK
  5. After being sooo way behind in my picture editing and posting, I'm finally getting around to posting my pics/vids from Grand Island. It has been a great summer of travel. Four trips to TN to visit kids, grandkids, flying to IN to accompany farmer friends to go to Rantoul, riding to Grand Island for Red Power, and entertaining friends from England for 3 weeks. Whew. Still working on the pics/vids from Rantoul. BK
  6. Attended a small, all colors, plow day, just outside Tekoa WA, in the eastern part of Washington. Fun day to meet new people and watch the guys and gals turn some dirt. BK
  7. Oh, the dogs are killing me!!! Walking my butt off. Heading to a birthday dinner of Jack Daniels and apple pie, and I may have an entree. 😇. BK
  8. Thanks guys! Off to Alcatraz today, hope they don't keep me, lol. BK
  9. Wife just picked me up from the airport. Whew, what a trip. BK
  10. Nice that they let a few tractors come to the "buggy" show. BK
  11. The last count I got from the AC Registration desk was 202, later in the day I heard gossip of 230. BK
  12. You're welcome, Bill. I was watching some plowing and everything came to a screeching halt because some jack wagon got his buggy hung up in the furrow. BK
  13. 4th day, loading up and getting out of Dodge!! Another amazing Half Century of Progress. BK
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