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  1. 23 minutes ago, billonthefarm said:

    Thanks for taking all the pics and videos.  I watched all 4 videos.  I was there from Wednesday morning until Sunday night and I saw stuff in your videos I didn’t see in person.  Thanks again.

    I think a person could be there for 10 days, and not see it all. BK

  2. After being sooo way behind in my picture editing and posting, I'm finally getting around to posting my pics/vids from Grand Island.  It has been a great summer of travel.  Four trips to TN to visit kids, grandkids, flying to IN to accompany farmer friends to go to Rantoul, riding to Grand Island for Red Power, and entertaining friends from England for 3 weeks.  Whew.  Still working on the pics/vids from Rantoul.  BK



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  3. On 10/22/2023 at 3:41 PM, IHhogfarmer said:

    I have the YouTube app. So the way I’ve made it work for me is just upload a video to my private channel and then copy the link here. 

    That’s kinda vague but that’s the only way I really know. 

    Ditto.  BK 

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