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  1. hi bill, i've been meaning to ask you this for a couple months. i ran across the note pad i had at the hospital today and it reminded me.

    one of hillary's campaign ads featured a man named Bruce Blair who worked in the missle silos. i wondered if he was someone you knew from a former life?


    1. Brady Boy

      Brady Boy

      Hey Bill, hope you're feeling well and on the mend.  Never heard of this Bruce Blair guy, and if he was helping Hillary....... well.  Nope, don't know him, he must have been at a different base, a different time period, couldn't say.  BK

  2. Bill,

    Send me your email address if you want some green harvest pics. WWheat in the 115 bu range. Legumes did real good too. Havn't cut my spring wheat yet but it looked the best in several years.

    Grape picking starts tomorrow, it will be a long fall.


    1. Brady Boy

      Brady Boy

      bkarishd@gmail.com  Thanks, Wes.  BK

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