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  1. Oh, the dogs are killing me!!! Walking my butt off. Heading to a birthday dinner of Jack Daniels and apple pie, and I may have an entree. 😇. BK
  2. Thanks guys! Off to Alcatraz today, hope they don't keep me, lol. BK
  3. Wife just picked me up from the airport. Whew, what a trip. BK
  4. Nice that they let a few tractors come to the "buggy" show. BK
  5. The last count I got from the AC Registration desk was 202, later in the day I heard gossip of 230. BK
  6. You're welcome, Bill. I was watching some plowing and everything came to a screeching halt because some jack wagon got his buggy hung up in the furrow. BK
  7. 4th day, loading up and getting out of Dodge!! Another amazing Half Century of Progress. BK
  8. You and I both, Pete. The heat is kicking my asterisk. BK
  9. The Allis guys are trying for 200 D-21s. Looks like they will get it. Load after load of the big orange beasts are streaming in. Weather man said today was 92, felt like 108. Tomorrow will be worse. I will be looking for shade. BK
  10. Updated picture, 49 M, and 57 350. BK
  11. Riding shotgun with Lindzy Farms, out of Silver Lake Indiana. Lowell has 2 tractors in the 100 years of Farmall. BK
  12. Heading to Rantoul. BK
  13. I should be back in Spokane on the 15th, wash my underwear, and fly to Indiana the 21, to meet friends, and be there the first day. BK
  14. Looks like a very nice show, a good variety of equipment. BK
  15. Back in Spokane. Another fantastic Red Power. Thank you everyone for taking so many great pictures. Seems every year, I take fewer pictures and spend more time talking to new friends, lol. Like I say, good lord willing and the creek don't rise, see you all next year. BK
  16. I got lost on I-80, and I'm still heading east. In Tennessee now! BK
  17. Picked up some IH Farm magazines, great advertising, and a 560/660 brochure, that I already have, the condition was so good, I couldn't resist. Probably sell my other copy when I get home. BK
  18. Always fun to see you guys. BK
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