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  1. Wife and I both had our second Pfizer shot in Feb. No effects with either shot. Have several friends that suffered with the second Moderna shot. DuQuoin, here I come. BK.
  2. Welcome aboard. I made an ammo run, through the Palouse today. Rode "Red", my Harley Davidson, down to Lewiston. Found some CCI Maxi Mag. Anyhow, I now live in Spokane, and enjoy exploring Eastern WA. Don't be a stranger. BK.
  3. I'm afraid to buy even one toy tractor, LOL. At least brochures don't take up as much space. BK.
  4. So sorry to hear that Tony. BK.
  5. Beautiful. Yours, or a customers? I like the narrow front end. BK.
  6. I'll take a case of 9mm and a case of 380ACP. BK.
  7. A real challenge, Bill. BK.
  8. A Merry Christmas to all the Red Power Community. Here's hoping to a better 2021. BK.
  9. OMG, I'm getting old. I use to drive a 62 Olds, the pink panther, it was a pinkish rose color. It was the family sedan I got to borrow on Saturday night. BK.
  10. Yes, the 61 had small fins, my mother drove a teal green 61, two door. Gorgeous, lol. Couldn't find a Teal Green pic. BK.
  11. I had a 62' Galaxie 500 XL, back in the day. Rangoon Red with a white rag top, 390, 4 spd with a Hurst shifter, buckets with the center console my honey use to sit on. Those were the days. BK.
  12. Did that once, while living in an apartment complex, and I wasn't even drunk. Got about 3 steps inside the front door, before I discovered my mistake, and QUICKLY backed out. Felt pretty foolish, but didn't get caught, lol. BK.
  13. I don't speak much MM, but I never broke the code on their nomenclature, with the U, R, Z, V and whatever. BK.
  14. When they mention whoever's farm, I always wonder, if the family still owns the farm, or is the farm now a housing tract. The history always fascinates me. BK.
  15. MAN, and I've been saving my allowance, to buy more tractor brochures.? Thanks for the update, Jerry, although it's no surprise. BK.
  16. Asking me how I'm feeling on Thursday, I go in for a hernia operation on Wednesday, arggg. BK.
  17. Out for a joy ride in the Palouse, this afternoon, between Rosalia and Mulden, and got a little airshow from a "Duster." He got my attention when he came down a coulee, from my right, right in front of me, so close he was filling up my windshield. I think he was flying North by Northwest I, of course, had to stop and get a pic, lol. Ya just never know what you'll run across, in the Palouse of Eastern Washington. BK.
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