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  1. Wife and I both had our second Pfizer shot in Feb. No effects with either shot. Have several friends that suffered with the second Moderna shot. DuQuoin, here I come. BK.
  2. Welcome aboard. I made an ammo run, through the Palouse today. Rode "Red", my Harley Davidson, down to Lewiston. Found some CCI Maxi Mag. Anyhow, I now live in Spokane, and enjoy exploring Eastern WA. Don't be a stranger. BK.
  3. I'm afraid to buy even one toy tractor, LOL. At least brochures don't take up as much space. BK.
  4. So sorry to hear that Tony. BK.
  5. Beautiful. Yours, or a customers? I like the narrow front end. BK.
  6. I'll take a case of 9mm and a case of 380ACP. BK.
  7. A real challenge, Bill. BK.
  8. A Merry Christmas to all the Red Power Community. Here's hoping to a better 2021. BK.
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