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  1. Beautiful collection!! BK
  2. Brady Boy


    Thanks Todd. BK
  3. Brady Boy

    The end of the line

    My prayers. BK
  4. Brady Boy


    I did Todd, and unfortunately it ended in tragedy, the people I was riding next to rear-ended a log truck over in Idaho. They are both in the hospital. She got broken ribs, cuts, and bruises, and should go home in a few days. He is in intensive care, has several broken bones, internal injuries, and will be in the hospital for some time. Getting real hard to get excited about my birthday, on 9/11 and then to have this happen right in front of my eyes. Shook me up pretty good, but I was able to avoid getting smacked. BK
  5. Brady Boy

    Surprise Visitor at Ch 33 Summer Show

    A once in a lifetime meeting. Amazing!! BK.
  6. Wild fires in the west, flooding here in Madison WI, go figure. Heading to Chicago tomorrow, hope IL is dry and fire free. BK.
  7. Rode I-94, into ND today, very little smoke. 3 buds and I, heading to Chicago. BK
  8. Brady Boy

    IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Beautiful. BK
  9. I know where you live, lol. Keep that Chevy ready!! BK
  10. The blue sky and fresh air???????????????????// LOL We may change our minds. BK
  11. Sorry Jacob, wish I could, but riding in a small group, and we're taking the high road through Great Falls and over to I-94. BK
  12. Brady Boy

    Iowa State Fair

    Fantastic Venue, all state fairs should be like this one. BK
  13. Brady Boy

    My new shop truck

    Another great project!! BK
  14. Just had a look at a DNR page, the western 1/3 of the country is burning. Canada is burning too. Been smokey, here in Spokane, for days. Guess I'll be the masked rider, next weekend, when I head to Chicago, to start my Route 66 ride. BK
  15. Brady Boy

    Vintage Ads

    Still enjoying this thread, even after all this time. BK