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  1. I never saw crawlers used on the farms, back in Michigan, they fasinate me. BK
  2. Enjoy, BJ, have a great one!! BK
  3. Stop by, I'll give you the 50 cent tour. BK
  4. Rode to breakfast, this morning, and decided to ride out to the Harley Shop. Took a loop around the south end of town, and stumbled into this 1470 working a field. She was doing great. BK
  5. Stumbled onto this early video of Palouse farming. Enjoy. BK
  6. Harvesting the hard way, near Colfax WA. BK
  7. 1946 IHC was still selling threshing machines. BK
  8. Just checking my inventory, and found this 1947 magazine ad, referring to the 123-SP, as a combine. BK
  9. Two of the machines running were McCormick-Deering No. 51 Harvester-Thresher Hillside models, with mechanical leveling systems. Here is my 1939 brochure for that machine. Next are 1944 and 1946 brochures. In a 1949 magazine ad, IH is calling this harvesting machine a combine. Not sure exactly when IH started calling them combines. BK
  10. That's the adventure of live TV!! BK
  11. Oops, I never caught that, LOL!!! BK
  12. I like the "professional operators.....old guys " line ☺️ BK.
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