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  1. Turkey Trot

    Another turkey trot through the front yard. Second time in a week. BK
  2. My understanding, is the Letter (G) is the print year, the 2 is the second printing, which may have updates, and 4-15 doesn't mean anything. On some of the newer brochures, the xx-xx, or x-xx after the Letter/number, appears to correspond to the month and year of print, but I don't rely on it. BK
  3. IHCC Winter Convention

    Thanks AW, great pics. And, thank you Tony for your kind words. It was another very enjoyable convention, seeing old friends and making new ones. I was amazed with the Springfield Remanufacturing Corp (SRC) tour. Kind of cool that SRC had IH roots. Time to starting thinking Montgomery AL, especially after the sales pitch Randy Bodine gave at the banquet, lol. BK
  4. IHCC Winter Convention

    We were thinking about you, Jerry!! BK
  5. IHCC Winter Convention

    Our digs for the convention, a sweet W-4, today's visit to the Springfield Remanufacturing Corp, engine facility. No board meeting tonight, there weren't enough survivors, lol. A fun memorabilia auction tonight too. BK
  6. IHCC Winter Convention

    Thanks BJ, lol.
  7. IHCC Winter Convention

    About 8, I think.
  8. IHCC Winter Convention

    Sorry for the double post, and I have no idea where the cc&r's thing came from, I typed IHCC. NO more posting after board meetings, lol. BK
  9. IHCC Winter Convention

    Some eye candy, from the IH Collectors Club Winter Convention, Branson Missery. Weather is fine, having a great time, board meeting tonight, I bought the first round, lol. BK
  10. buyers guides

    Hillman, I have one Canadian, 1978, 5 Annual CaseIH Buyer's Guides. All of the U.S. Buyer's Guides, 1960-1984, and the Summer-Falls Buyer's Guides for 1966-1973. I understand there are some "regional" Buyer's Guides, which just have a different cover, but I haven't actually seen any of them. BK
  11. prayers desperately needed

    Coming from Spokane. BK
  12. Seems to be a little discrepancy in the 1969-1971 time period, but it's all pretty close. BK
  13. buyers guides

    1966-1973 had the seasonal buyer's guides, which I have, and I don't believe there was a full year guide, for those years. BK
  14. buyers guides

    I agree with "wheatking", age and condition are key factors. The older and the better the condition, the better. Auctions are interesting, what nobody will pay $40 for one week, somebody will pay $75 for the next week. A couple weeks ago, I was watching a rare IH brochure on ebay, wouldn't sell for $100. This week the same brochure, different seller, sold for $115, plus $7.50 for shipping. Go figure, lol. Try ebay, and check out "The free IH, Farmall, Case, McCormick auction site" on Facebook. Just toss one on a site, and see what happens, looks to be a trial and error process. BK
  15. Example: CR-1062-G, go to the CR column, the G deciphers to 1957. Usually a particular model year was introduced the previous calendar year, and of course, the literature was printed a little ahead of time, so the print year may not always correspond to the model year. Hope this helps. BK