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  1. Gorgeous Case LA.
  2. Former IH Dealership, Lynden WA. BK.
  3. Border marker between the U.S. and Canada. BK.
  4. MTO, she wants a kiss, but watch out for the tongue, she might want to French ya 🤣
  5. Had another great visit to Troy's Dairy.
  6. Now I'll remember!! BK.
  7. First D-21, first 1969 D-21, and last D-21. The Krause family love their ACs.
  8. If you like your steam in a boat.
  9. Oooopps. Beautiful tractor. BK.
  10. Cummins powered Oliver 2255. I don't speak enough Oliver, to know if this is factory, or just a beautiful install. BK.
  11. Not red, but a brute of a MM, a gorgeous W-9, what looks to be an original 1468, and the ever elusive H-TA. BK.
  12. Saturday morning!!
  13. Ok, MTO, here's your 5.😝
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