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  1. My first riding experience was on a Bridgestone 90. My current ride is a HD Road Glide Special. Here, I'm fulfilling a "bucket list" wish, for a friend on her 70th birthday. BK
  2. I have this one that has one Black Stripe picture in it. BK
  3. Yes, these are the only two 76 brochures I've ever seen, or heard of. I have the 1976 Buyer's Guide, as well, but still haven't got my hands on the other brochure. Rare and expensive. BK
  4. Don't think so, sounded like impulse buys on ebay. BK.
  5. Says he use to farm, but running a backhoe business paid better, lol. He was working on a distillate head, when I showed up. BK
  6. Made a new Red Friend, in Joelton TN. Was wondering from Nashville to Springfield, when I was sucked in be a "tractor beam" and had to stop in for a chat. His little collection ranged from a Cub to a 1586. Ya just never when you will come around a curve and make a new friend. BK P.S. Just got back to the daughter's place, before the pounding rain came down.
  7. Looks like it would make a nice "around town" vehicle, turn on a dime, easy to park "anywhere you want......", and you could haul a ton of groceries. 🤣BK
  8. Fun auction, last night, picked up a couple brochures. A ballpeen hammer sold for $400. Banquet tonight. BK
  9. High Cotton Randy Bodine is in town. He did a great job. BK
  10. It's always a good time, tons of comradery. BK
  11. Man does not live by bread alone. Or brochures.
  12. Winter Convention, Kalamazoo MI, great cotton picker seminar, video presentation by Plowed Under Production, and a little brochure shopping.
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