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  1. Mostly the ordinary stuff, wild turkeys, elk, mule deer, a mattress off the back of a pickup. Once, I was following a truck pulling a cattle trailer, the rear gate opened up, and a steer bounded out into the highway. I'm still not sure who was more startled, me or the steer, lol. BK
  2. A shot of a 1977 86 Hydro, from a brochure called "International Tractors-23 to 69 HP" and the spec page, from the 86 Hydro brochure (CA-2542-G) you posted. A spec sheet of a 784, and a very good source brochure on the 84 series. Good luck with your hunt, it's a process. BK.
  3. Sorry I missed you!! BK.
  4. Part One. https://youtu.be/_4yNKk6cAaI
  5. Have a fishing expedition going. Anybody in, I think MO or OK, know of an IH Lifesize Mural along Route 66. I thought it was a 656, but I'm probably wrong, it was on the north side of the road, along the old route, in some small community, and I'm not even sure what state. I'm still PO'ed for not stopping and taking a picture, but I was leading some non IH riders. I know it's a long shot, but I thought it was worth a try. I've searched the internet, but no cigars. Thanks. BK.
  6. A little compilation of phone video clips, of my trip to Rantoul. BK.
  7. Not the first one I've seen, saw one at the Red Power Round Up, in Albert Lea MN. Hmmm, different front end, same plate number. BK.
  8. I think you're talking about the 1953 Farmall FCD, French C Diesel. Must be pretty rare over here. BK
  9. That Rich Norman's 560. He's a avid long distance tractor driver. He hopes to log 4000 miles this year. He is heading to the Mackinac Bridge, in Michigan, in a couple weeks. He pulls a trailer with a pickup camper on it. He drove to the show from his home in Akron Indiana. BK.
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