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  1. Do I have everybody confused yet, LOL. BK.
  2. One more lap, shake it out, then hit the showers. BK.
  3. I've been 3 times already, but I may have to stop in, and say goodbye, after Red Power. BK.
  4. Love the smell of diesel in the morning. BK.
  5. Brady Boy

    Old motorcycle

    We've come a long way, baby!! BK.
  6. Just a regular office building, with several small business offices. BK.
  7. Thanks. Life just came to a screeching halt, after I got home from the IHCC convention, in NC. On the upside, my yard and sprinkler system are in better shape than they've been in years, lol. Gotta gear up for the Round Up. BK.
  8. Just out for a wonder today, found a couple of items for sale, a Case 1200 and a 856, and the namesake of the International Harvester Branch House in Spokane. The International building sits on the same dirt as the IHC Branch House, but it's just a typical office building. It just warmed my heart, lol. BK.
  9. Thanks John, best wishes to Bruce. BK.
  10. Re-supply seems to be doing fine, here in Spokane, but then I avoid the big box stores. Our smaller, out of the way stores are doing find. I've always kept things well stocked. BK.
  11. Let's hope for the best, I'm still all in. BK.
  12. Brady Boy

    Randy Sohn

    RIP Randy. BK.
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