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  1. Beautiful. Yours, or a customers? I like the narrow front end. BK.
  2. I'll take a case of 9mm and a case of 380ACP. BK.
  3. A real challenge, Bill. BK.
  4. A Merry Christmas to all the Red Power Community. Here's hoping to a better 2021. BK.
  5. OMG, I'm getting old. I use to drive a 62 Olds, the pink panther, it was a pinkish rose color. It was the family sedan I got to borrow on Saturday night. BK.
  6. Yes, the 61 had small fins, my mother drove a teal green 61, two door. Gorgeous, lol. Couldn't find a Teal Green pic. BK.
  7. I had a 62' Galaxie 500 XL, back in the day. Rangoon Red with a white rag top, 390, 4 spd with a Hurst shifter, buckets with the center console my honey use to sit on. Those were the days. BK.
  8. Did that once, while living in an apartment complex, and I wasn't even drunk. Got about 3 steps inside the front door, before I discovered my mistake, and QUICKLY backed out. Felt pretty foolish, but didn't get caught, lol. BK.
  9. I don't speak much MM, but I never broke the code on their nomenclature, with the U, R, Z, V and whatever. BK.
  10. When they mention whoever's farm, I always wonder, if the family still owns the farm, or is the farm now a housing tract. The history always fascinates me. BK.
  11. MAN, and I've been saving my allowance, to buy more tractor brochures.😬 Thanks for the update, Jerry, although it's no surprise. BK.
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