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  1. Between COVID and some health issues, I haven't had my usual medication of tractor events, so I've been down in the mouth. Hope to cure that with a trip to Southern IL. BK.
  2. Some folks don't like the mailing label, or dealer stamp, but I enjoy the history of it. BK.
  3. Good find.!! Can't remember exactly when or where I found my copy of this one. Probably a Red Power Show. Hard to find. I spend a lot of time on the scanner. BK.
  4. Been getting calls, from their claims adjuster. He didn't seem to have a clue about these dogs. Does a home owner need to advise their insurance company about pets? We had to leave our last dog in England, so I'm not up on this. BK.
  5. What I get for thinking I was reasonably safe, in my own backyard. BK.
  6. I've had a couple chats with Spokane County, I'm the second guy to get it. Last Dec a jogger got it too. Another neighbor saw the jogger get it, and went out with a club, but the dog slipped back under the fence. The jogger and I have both had talks with animal control. I've been told I would be contacted by Officer Callahan (honest to God his real name.) The dog is a digger too. BK.
  7. I'm the second person he's hit in the last 4 months. BK.
  8. No, they don't bite. Came in second place with the neighbor's German Shepherds, last Friday. Was out fixing wind damage to the backyard fence. Neighbor lady came out with her dogs to chat, the dogs rushed to within about 10 feet, barking, but trotted back to the lady. We had a chat, then the lady walked back to stretch out in a lounge chair, and I lost track of her and the dogs. Some time later the large male did a hit and run on me. Guess he came around some bushes, through an opening in the fence, and nailed me in the upper left arm. I was down on my knees, facing the other direction.
  9. Wife and I both had our second Pfizer shot in Feb. No effects with either shot. Have several friends that suffered with the second Moderna shot. DuQuoin, here I come. BK.
  10. Welcome aboard. I made an ammo run, through the Palouse today. Rode "Red", my Harley Davidson, down to Lewiston. Found some CCI Maxi Mag. Anyhow, I now live in Spokane, and enjoy exploring Eastern WA. Don't be a stranger. BK.
  11. I'm afraid to buy even one toy tractor, LOL. At least brochures don't take up as much space. BK.
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