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  1. LOL, grandpa got the royal treatment. BK.
  2. A short 5000 mile loop. A red tractor show and a few days with my grandaughter, what could be better. 25 days, 4 in the rain suit, some chilly mornings, and hot afternoons. When the temps went up, I started hitting the road earlly and stopping early in the afternoon. I really liked riding the northern panhandle of TX, good roads, little traffic, and I saw several LPG farmalls along the way. BK.
  3. As many of you know, I rode from Du Quoin to Tennessee, after Red Power, to vist a grandaughter I hadn't seen since Jan 2020. Well.... I'll let the video speak for itself. BK.
  4. Red needs some rest, a bath, and a service. Thanks for tagging along. Now I gotta get to work on editing pictures and video of Red Power. BK.
  5. Great ride from Missoula to Spokane, 206 fun miles. Great way to end 25 days. Be it ever so humble.... BK
  6. Yes, I'm a big fan of the Outback, but the Cracker Barrel was within staggering distance, lol. BK
  7. Yes, very nice. BK
  8. Hot tube, there are 4, and a large pool.
  9. Another easy 344 miles today. 0715 start, about 65 degrees in Billings and was 85 when we got to Missoula. Pretty smokey. The digs for tonight, in Missoula. Dinner at Cracker Barrel. A quick 200 mile dash tomorrow, and finish 25 days on the road.
  10. Still hope to get to VT.
  11. Great dinner at Jake's Bar and Grill, in Billings MT. 102 degrees. BK
  12. Doing about 350 a day. Start early and stopping early afternoon, to beat the heat. BK
  13. Ran into smoke in Northern Wyoming today. Traffic signs said do NOT call 911. BK.
  14. Having a hard time finding my way back to Spokane. After Red Power, I rode down to Nashville to visit the grandaughter. Had a great time with her, washing "Red" watching fireworks, and just being silly. I must have taken a wrong turn leaving Nashville, because after 3 days of riding, I ended up in Shamrock TX. Saw a couple nice looking LPG Farmalls, sitting along the road, north of McLean. Decided to enjoy the view of Rotan NM, and take stock of the situation. Guess it's time to head north and see if Spokane has completely melted away. I'll keep you posted. BK
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