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  1. Brady Boy

    Last of 2017 soybean crop

    Another year, another dollar. Congrats!! BK
  2. Brady Boy

    45 years ago

    Good on ya, Bill. BK
  3. Brady Boy

    Columbia Cruise

    Checked out a little equipment display in Wilbur. BK
  4. Brady Boy

    Columbia Cruise

    Took a cruise west and up to the Columbia river yesterday. Saw some beautiful scenery, a nice old barn, and a little red too. Took the Keller Ferry across, and up the west side of the river. BK
  5. Brady Boy

    Our haying operation - video

    I was the "thrower" in Brady Township, lol. BK
  6. Brady Boy

    Never-ending Fun

    Looks like a good time. BK
  7. Brady Boy

    Tractor Show Today

    Great variety. BK
  8. Brady Boy

    IH 706 for Sale

    Lots of them out here. Hope your mom enjoyed her visit. The grass seed harvest is starting and the wheat is starting to turn. I rode a loop through the Palouse, to Lewiston ID yesterday, and everything is looking good. BK
  9. Brady Boy

    IH 706 for Sale

    Found this 706 Standard, north of Spokane, while out for a cruise. I have seen this tractor several times, over the years, and it's usually in a different position around the property, so I'm sure it runs. No details on the sign, I have a phone number, if anyone is really interested. First time it's been close enough to the road to sneak a pic. BK
  10. Brady Boy

    Truck show

    Beautiful truck!! Now to show my truck ignorance, what models are they. Thanks. BK
  11. Brady Boy

    Tears on My Pillow

    Yes, Troy. I have to admit the bagger is easier on the old bones, lol. BK
  12. Brady Boy

    Tears on My Pillow

    Haven't given up riding yet. Wife, she has a Harley too, cruised about 230 miles yesterday. Lunch in Potlatch ID, back over to Pullman, up the old Palouse Hwy, a snack at the Harvester restaurant in Spangle. BK
  13. Brady Boy

    Tears on My Pillow

    I bid farewell to a faithful companion yesterday, Springer went down the road to a new home. Hope she is treated well. Many great memories to cherish. BK
  14. Brady Boy

    666 refurbished

    Great job! BK
  15. Brady Boy

    Kidney stones

    OUCH!! Never had one, sounds nasty. Stay well, Mike. BK