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  1. Still stuck on the second floor. A few snacks, very little water, no power, no flushing the loo. Car started, windows work. BK
  2. Or maybe this one. Too many gorgeous machines. BK
  3. My favorite, so far. BK
  4. RP members dodging rain drops in Spencer Iowa.
  5. Got the 6.5, and both cylinders. Would be a hoot to have the 16 casually laying on the kitchen table, when my wife's anti 2A friend stops by!!
  6. Best seat in the house. BK
  7. Beautiful. Enjoy!! I picked up a Heritage Rough Rider, a couple months ago. BK
  8. Great couple, enjoy your retirement, Devon!! BK
  9. You got 'em, hope she is doing well. BK
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