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  1. Watched that video a zillion times, and still love it. The story jives with an experience I had, back in the day, when I was still a productive member of society, during a night shift at the Fairchild Command Post. I was contacted by an SR-71 needing fuel. I did some coordinating for them to meet one of our tankers. The SR was over northern Montana, the tanker was flying a track in Arizona. Had a brief BS session with the SR, and was told to "tell your boys we'll be down there in 30 minutes." Don't know how many miles per hour that equates to, but Montana, across northern Idaho, and then hang a left over eastern Washington, is quick, lol. BK.
  2. We had the same situation, a couple months ago. We talked to the mother of the groom, and uninvited ourselves. Ended up being a shadow of the original event. Sad times we live in. BK.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys (and gals?). 68 hot lapse around the sun. It won't be the most exciting one, this year. Wife is doing very well, got the staples out, is doing some mild exercises for the shoulder, and wearing 2 different pair of colored glasses everyday. The conk on the head seems to have messed up her eyes, a little. Her pupils don't react to light as well as they should, and the doc says the (cardboard) glasses should solve it. Seems to be working. Physical therapy will get serious in a couple weeks. Only had "Red" out of the garage once, since I got the new tires, for the aborted trip to Huron. Guess we still have plenty to be thankful for. BK.
  4. Jim, was there a date on that dealship map? Growing up in Central Michigan, you couldn't go 10 miles without seeing a dealer. BK.
  5. I've been to Sturgis several times, looks a little vacant. BK.
  6. A litte bitter there Atila? BK.
  7. Thank you!! It helps ease the pain. 😀BK.
  8. I was suppose to leave tomorrow. Doctor says wife need shoulder operation within 2 weeks, so I'm playing nurse maid and driving miss daisy. Red hasn't been out of the garage since she got the new tires. Have fun folks. BK. 😢
  9. Thanks Rick. I have zero miles on the new tires I got on Red, for the ride to Huron. BK.
  10. Wife had an MRI and CT scan yesterday. Well.....the Doc and I looked at the polaroid pics, and it looks like we are gonna have to pull her into the shop. Duct tape: check, baling wire: check, vice grips: check. Maybe a little ether too, for good measure. Looks like in a couple weeks. We will be starting from square one again. Looks like 2020 is holding true to form. Lord give me strength. BK.
  11. Sorry I rained on the pity party, I've been crying like a rat eating onions too. It's been a rough week, pain, frustration, tears, harsh words, doctor's appointments, medication, and she still looks like a 4366 ran over her. MRI and CT scan this week, and I may have to hire a cook. All in all, I think she is doing better than I am, lol. BK.
  12. Getting older seems to be marginally better than the alternative.🤔 BK.
  13. Thanks for all the well wishes, guys. I had just dropped off "Red" for some new tires, and wife was giving me a ride home. She is a REMAX broker, got a call from a client asking to see a high rent condo, downtown, and it was on the way home. I waited in the SUV, was playing on my phone. 20 minutes they came out and they were all standing infront of the main door. I looked back at my phone, the next time I glanced back, wife was in the bushes, lodged, face and shoulder first, against the brick exterior wall. I dashed over, saw her limbs were an odd angles, so I called 911 immediately. Fire department got her up and on a stretcher, and we were only a few blocks from Sacred Heart Hospital. 6 hours of agony, frustration, Cat Scans, X-rays, pain meds. Doctor tried 4 times to reset her shoulder, they finally had to knock her out and the 5th time was the charm. I'm quickly turning into Mr. Mom, chief cook and bottle washer. It's gonna be a struggle. Thanks for your support. BK.
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