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  1. Looks like a good town to spend the night. BK
  2. The security inspection at the Dirt Boyz bunker went very well. The beer was cold, the bacon and eggs were hot, and the cinnamon rolls were fresh out of the oven. BK
  3. One blown head gasket and a fuel filter issue. I'm sure they will be rectified very soon.
  4. Cool, a little wind, but no rain. Traction was good, nobody injured, and a good time was had by all. More pictures and video to follow. BK
  5. Sorry for your loss, Jerry. I've taken a couple pictures, and will maybe take a couple more today. Breakfast at the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds. BK
  6. Today was getting everything running, and herded out to the field. More tomorrow. BK
  7. I gotta get one of those flatbed Cadillac, so I don't feel left out of place at a Montana Cafe. BK
  8. Taking a break, heading to Mitchell tonight. Hundreds of calfs on the ground, a few dozen sheep, and a couple dozen antelope. BK
  9. Big Timber MT, bring your fly fishing gear or buy a Henry rifle. Billings, great scenery, eat at Jake's. BK
  10. No, she's putting together another real estate deal. BK
  11. Gold Demo Plow Day, 21 May, Pine Island MN. BK
  12. Pine Island, MN. This Saturday. BK.
  13. Hope to be able to wear a motorcycle helmet soon. BK
  14. Been about 7 weeks, since the excavation. Feeling pretty good, nurse Goodbody has been taking good care of me. Heading out tomorrow for Pine Island, for an overdue security inspection at the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds. Not a no notice inspection, just needed to give Danny time to make sure the beer is cold. Will be attending the Gold Demo Plowing Demonstration, at Pine Island. BK
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