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  1. Functioning natural gas heat!!!....and sink with hot water!!!
  2. You should be back in the mowing game on Saturday.....just as soon as Mr Mailman arrives!
  3. http://www.maplehunterdecalstexas.com/cubcadet86.aspx
  4. Difference between ambient temperature and dryer plenum temperature is a large driving factor in fuel usage (raw heat required to get to drying temp), as is the moisture of the material being dried (wetter = longer time in the dryer = more time raising temp from ambient to plenum = more fuel burned). Grain quality (air flow), design/efficiency, and ambient humidity are smaller factors. I work in the natural gas utility industry supplying gas to all types of dryers from in-bin to cross flow to commercial tower and everything in between (Farm Fan, Meyer, GSI, Zimmerman, NECO, Sukup, etc.). Usage differences we observe on our natural gas system are heavily dependent on outdoor temps. In my experience, a quality modern tower dryer drying field corn will use ~65% of it's max burner rating drying corn commercially at 25-30 Deg F ambient with a plenum temp of +/-215 Deg F. If temps are in the 60's or 70's that number drops back to 40-50% max burner capacity......if less than 20 deg F, you see an increase above 65% (don't see that much due to rate structure at my employer financially de-incentivizing drying at temps under 25 deg). I would expect a 7000 BU/hr (5% removal rating) Zimmerman tower dryer (max burner rating of 74MMBtu/hr) to operate around 42 MMBtu/hr at 25-30 deg F once warmed up and full of grain. For older used dryers and smaller continuous flow dryers the percentage numbers are probably a little higher due to improvements in efficiency in modern tower dryers. To be clear, I don't operate the dryers, but I have observed their gas usage rates over time (30 years) and on various types, so our system models for predicting usage are pretty dialed in. BTW, In my experience the "Average fuel usage" number published by the dryer manufacturers is usually around 45-50% of max burner rating and roughly correlated to 60 Deg F ambient temp. Very few manufacturers put a temp with their average usage, so that number has to be taken with a grain of salt and applied to your climate.
  5. Maple Hunter Decals-Texas Good quality, and reasonable. I have used them many times.
  6. Would be very low capacity for use with wet corn......maybe ok for conditioning or other crops.
  7. I also have that (28th) edition......I agree, great text books. Best I can tell they were provided as text books for ag classes in the 60's. I got my copy from the High School Library used/old book sale.
  8. 40 tons of CA6 spread over base of 1x3 for the driveway to the new shop. Borrowed dad's 684/2250 for the big work and 782 with box blade and Fruest harrow took care of the rest. Gets too dark too fast!
  9. IH version, plastic flag, but old decal...I think second version after metal flag model.
  10. Ertl mailbox bank. AC were not as common as other makes in my experience. Condition will hurt value, but still a nice collectable.
  11. Did a little gas line work to connect the new shop fuel line. (Had to convert from 1" CTS to 1" IPS, so a few extra fittings were needed). Hung furnace and ran vent piping. Still needs indoor fuel line piping run.
  12. Helped Big Steve get ready for harvest this AM. Combine and heads out and back to home place. (After fixing a header carrier flat tire) Truck was still wearing 1978 Firestone bias ply front tires. They were starting to crack pretty bad, so dad sourced some conversion rims and decent used radials. I changed them this morning.
  13. I collect build scale implements for garden tractors, collect Cub Cadets, IH toys and guns and help dad farm. Engineering Supervisor at natural gas utility by trade specializing in pressure reduction, measurement and control systems.
  14. 826.....or........ 666, 686, 756, 766
  15. To quote "Joe Dirt"...... "Don't church it up son....."
  16. I use high quality deck stain (clear). Never have liked having oil on the deck to stain clothes and get slick when wet.....but can't deny it works well.
  17. Mowed 3.5 acres......would have been a lot for the IH badged Lawn Boy we had. Dad bought the 100 in pieces and reassembled it.....
  18. My grandfather always called it "double low".......always made me smile when we'd jump in the grain truck and he'd say, "she's got a good load on, better start'r out in double low".....😀
  19. Wall primer is done, ceiling is primed and painted, with any luck by end of long weekend the walls will be light gray!
  20. I prefer this version....at the Farm Progress Show today. 130 engine hp, 16 speed power shift. Diesel powered!
  21. Sorry to see a loss like that. Glad nobody was hurt.
  22. I just had to run utilities 125 feet to my shop. Buried 3/4" PEX as conduit (cheap) and pulled CAT 5 cable. As others have said, I heard mixed reviews about the AC extenders. If you have a clean shot for a shallow trench, CAT 5 is a guaranteed solution.
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