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  1. Under insulation, right above ceiling, so hoping not too much more.
  2. Still on harvest "delay of game", but did get most of the air lines installed.
  3. A few more night pics. Had to stop, got tough and platform auger drive repair does not need unnecessary stress this close to finishing. If dad can cut 10 acres before it rains tomorrow the beans will be done. Looking like +/-65bpa yield.
  4. Sitting in the field waiting on another truck load of beans. Hoping to get one more load off before they get too tough. Like always, trying to out run rain forecasted for tomorrow.
  5. I highly doubt it. Beans to cut, corn to shell, and shed to finish......Cubs have to work this year.....hopefully more play next year. Sounds like fun though!
  6. Some farming slowed me down a little, but I did get attic insulation purchased and home.
  7. Could we complicate it some more with a few more linkages????
  8. Mr. Plow


    Our old Lutheran church cemetery has graves back to 1870s. All in German, fun to read.
  9. Mr. Plow


    Our old Lutheran church cemetery has graves back to 1870s. All in German, fun to read.
  10. Dad took one load off around buildings this evening to make room for building repair crew. 18.4%....will keep going at that moisture.
  11. Doubled up 3/4" plywood
  12. Mr. Plow

    782 Day

    Good solid 50" deck. Try some Gators on it, they really move the air and cut well too.
  13. Scratch and dent damaged Harbor Freight tool cart on super discount, plus porta band, equals......built in bench drawers. Also got the counter tops installed for my desk and sink cabinet.
  14. Mr. Plow


    Looks like I'm heading out after work to string trim the 80 or so stones in the church cemetery.......worst of the jobs.....hard on the back and a full spool of line. I'd much rather spray/grade the drive, mow, or reseed graves than weed whip......but, somebody's gotta do it.
  15. GMC's will do that to a day!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  16. Mr. Plow


    Agreed!!! I have had to repair some of the older ones at our old church cemetery. The grout dries out over time and water freezes and thaws in the base causing the stone to fall over. i have had good luck with masonry adhesive to hold them back up and seal the joint against water. It is like pulling teeth to get people to help maintain the cemetery. My family and 2 other church members do the lions share of the mowing and maintenance work.....nobody "has time" for those kind of jobs anymore, but you have to make time.....seems disrespectful to not keep a cemetery in at least basic repair.
  17. that Hornet X took me back to the '76 Gremlin X I drove in high school.........OK, so I wasn't a cool kid....and NOBODY dated me because of my car 🤣 Local dealer sold Lund boats and Suzuki outboards...and Wet Bikes.......they were super cool to check out in the show room when we were kids!!!!
  18. Seems line that would be no fun for feeding in short beans, but I get the rock / head loss protection.
  19. Just load the barrel evenly.......😁
  20. Windows and doors trimmed out......and it rained on my newly planted grass last night.....finally, after 2 weeks in dry dirt.....
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