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  1. There is a Farmington Implement video with all of the video used for the accompanying stills in the literature above.  Might be worth getting a copy, just to get it all assembled....and.......it's a cool old video!

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  2. 3 hours ago, DT Fan said:

    Can't have too many shelves! That is a really nice snow thrower, would be nice to have it mounted on the 1450.

    Looks like a narrow frame QA, might be SOL on the 1450 mounting.....

    Must be a stout shelf to hold that up!

  3. 2 hours ago, Drysleeves said:

    So that axle quit after 45 seasons.....must be a flawed design....

    Ha ha!  The early ones had lighter pivots (this one is an mid 1978 model) Not common failure, but not unheard of.  1600 series added struts from axle to rear corners of the separator frame to help take out all of the twisting.  Once they start to crack its all over.

  4. Dads early 1978 1460 decided to give up her rear axle Wednesday afternoon. We pulled the old one Wednesday night. (Stripped it of cylinder and spindles as part of the core on the replacement)

    He went and got a salvage yard replacement for it today.  Almost completed install, but replacement axle has longer pivot pin and we need a spacer collar.

    Of course that happens with 5 acres of beans left and rain forecast. 

    Thank goodness for forks on the loader!





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  5. It's an extra chunk pf pex.  If it leaks I'll abandon it and run new line along the top of the wall.  No joints above ceiling, just pex.

    It's one of those, "what am I out" additions 😁

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