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  1. Everything on the farm was a fort, pill box, hiding place......hours on end everywhere we could climb.

    BB guns......Daisy 840......shot it completely out.  Replaced with 880.....and proceeded to shoot it out too.  840 would let you watch the BB and "walk it in" to a distant target.   880 was too fast for that. 

    Would sit on tin barn roof, dump about 15 BB's in the barrel,  shoot them straight up and then wait for them to rain on us.

    Simple fun days......


  2. Old school / old equipment....

    Double disk with Kewanee disk....first diagonal, then straight.  4.5-5 mph......keep it sharp for 250 bu stalks.

    Chisel plow on angle with old DMI Chizl-Champ 13 shank, straight points 9-10" deep.

    1486 handles it all just fine.  Yes it's 3 trips and not time efficient (we farm small).  Fuel for 3 trips is cheaper than buying more hp and fancier equipment. 

    Leaves about 50% on top, well stirred, not ridged too bad.

    All flat ground, heavy black Central IL top soil.

    In spring you can go straight into it with late 80s vintage field cultivator. (Open frame spacing).

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  3. Wrench lives on the cab floor, right behind your feet.......half way down the ladder you grab the wrench......then off to the end of the platform you go........

    The dance of the green stemmed soybeans and the 1460.......

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    9 hours ago, Mountain Heritage said:

    Nice job Steve.  Gee, wish I could get my son to come home to help me with jobs, not even the dirty one you were able to get help on.... lucky SOB! lol

    Thanks.........In all fairness, I have to go down to his place next weekend and help him do some basement sealing/insulating....but, you are right, he did me a nice favor coming up to help, and he did a great job on the blower hopper.....he didn't make a huge mess and always kept me in insulation......I was very appreciative of his help.


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  5. Ceiling insulated........R45-50 with fiberglass blown in fiber.  Son came home to help feed machine.

    That finishes all major construction!

    And planted a redpoint maple tree....






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  6. 14 hours ago, FarmerFixEmUp said:

    1980 1700 series, 404 gas 5x2 transmission. 106000 miles, Put a different box on it a few years ago. Works good for hauling grain 10 miles or so, but would eventually like one with a 466 in it. 350 bushels works it pretty hard. 



    I'm a little surprised....our 345 4+2 1700 handles 325 bu (30,000# gross) without much trouble......not breaking speed records, but not flogging it either.

      Wonder how your 404 is geared?

  7. As you look at the Farmington Implement videos and the literature form the same period,  you begin to recognize the shots.  They took plenty of stills along with the movies.  Many of the scenes and angles are the same.  It wouldn't surprise me if they snipped movie frames for literature shots as well.

    The discussion on Danco belly mowers a while back had some literature posted......EXACTLY the same equipment and shots from the video Farmington Implement published. 

    There is an 800 plow video that has the plow behind a 4366....that same shot is on the cover of the late 70s moldboard plow literature....certainly shot and filmed together. 

    Many of the 284 scenes from the current DVD are also literature shots. 

    ....Growing up as the kid who was always pouring over 70s and 80s literature has the benefit of "that looks familiar "🤣🤣

  8. 8 hours ago, Drysleeves said:

    Just not at the same time, officially anyway, unless you happened to be buying one of the 17 they built in 1970. Since the 1026 only had a Category II three point it wasn't technically a Hydro 1256.

    Agree...there wasn't technically any overlap in production.   


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