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  1. Looks great! Nice work! It's amazing what Wesley's Bleach White and a stiff brush can do for those old tires!
  2. If lifted all the way up, does it drop on its own to the mowing height (rather quickly)? I am assuming the cam on the frame is limiting mower drop to correct cutting height. If it drops quickly to cutting height, I would suggest a blown piston o ring on the cylinder. If it holds it up, I wonder if the implement lift relief spring has broken and you don't have implement lift pressure building any higher than normal charge pump pressure. 650-700# vs 180-200# of pressure. Lift relief is on top center of hydro, in front of check valves and directly above charge pump. Looks like a tall 1/2" bolt head just off center. You can see it below, between 3/8" tubing connections. You can clean area, remove cap/spring/shims/relief dart and check for debris holding relief open or broken spring.
  3. Will it hold deck up or does it drift down under load? (After lever is released)
  4. "Does my a$$ make this dress look fat".........
  5. What about the front edges of the foot rests? Right on the red rectangles at the "toes"?
  6. Couldn't see rest of foot rest.....issues with mounting there make sense. I wouldn't worry about corrosion. Unless you are regularly leaving it outside in the rain for extended periods there just isn't much corrosion going on there. A dab of silicone fixes it either way.
  7. It won't hurt anything. I'd skip the self tap and use a longer 1/4" bolt all the way through. Better yet, mount them under the foot rest, angled out. Better wire protection, easier mounting access, and not structural. 1/4 bolt per bracket......done.
  8. Make sure you don't use the wrong end......you can really mess up a metric bolt using an SAE wrench!
  9. IH had a replacement for the 140......the 274. A 284 offset. That would be the latest greatest option, but I hear parts can be hard to get for the 274/284 machines.
  10. The cylinders are easy to rebuild if the leak becomes worse. Local hyd shop can fix you up with o rings and backing washers.
  11. Usually don't give a rip about "sports ball", but friends invited us over to watch it and we had a nice chill evening. Game was entertaining, could have gone either way. Half time was ehhhhh at best. Commercials have gotten so deep they were hard to understand. Taylor was on screen 6-7 times, but they didn't dwell on it just quick clips.....didn't really distract IMHO. Overall I enjoyed the evening for what it was.......hanging out with friends watching some entertainment.
  12. Very useful and less than $10. Cub cadet had a version that was a direct copy, as does Oregon. 10x easier than tape and level.
  13. .....and if one heats with natural gas??????
  14. Set it out in the sun......it'll ripen up!
  15. 99% sure Motorcraft and Purolator are same.....like Wix and NAPA.
  16. That is an 82 series cab. I have also owned a red 82 series soft cab (sold for good $) and a red super windbreaker that i bought brand new, unopened surplus. I traded the SGT windbreaker for the yellow full soft cab way back when with a guy from PEI Canada.
  17. I love the soft cab on the thrower tractor. They are a little awkward getting in and out (but I'm 6' and about 270). Worth the awkward for the protection from blowing snow. They do limit visibility some, but not a big deal with thrower.....worse with blade where you are always watching corners. You can drive the thrower with one on much easier. Ive never run a hard sided cab....
  18. I found a set of oak handles for $30 at Half Century this summer.
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