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  1. We weren't allowed to touch our Christmas gifts until Christmas morning.......that open face Ertl box was easy to feel through the wrapping paper!!!

    One Christmas was a brand new 3588 and 4500 field cultivator......man I carpet farmed the heck out of those!!!!


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  2. 1 hour ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

    I remember receiving this for Christmas!  After we finished opening presents,  I made my poor father stay up and help me build it. Still have it.  Still have most of my toys, actually!

    So do i......lots of Ertl stuff, and the Lego track loader that went with the Massey!

  3. Grease gun storage annoyed me, and didn't feel like $45 for a purchased rack, so I came up with this from some extra PVC fittings.   Hope it catches all the drips and keeps things clean. 




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  4. 8 hours ago, 1480x3 said:

    my 3rd 1480 came from stollers

    Dad wrenched there for many years after Lemans in Eureka closed in 1990 or so.  I washed combines, set up equipment, and was general flunky for several summers.   Learned a lot....worked hard......good times....

  5. I spend several summers of my high school years working at the local dealer.  They were a big combine shop and always sold 30+ new machines a year.  Old trades came in and I got to clean them up.  Also had a 1st year check program for the new machines they sold that included a wash.  I learned a lot about where stuff hides on an Axial Flow!!!

    Air first for sure....2 or 3 times.  Then suit up in some rain gear and go at it like Mike Rowe with the Hotsy......no other way.....and it always sucks, even on a "clean" one.

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  6. Milwaukee M12 3/8" impact rated at 250 ftlb is my most used shop tool.  Handy for everything.....and it gets car and pickup lugs just right for a follow up with the torque wrench. 

    Super handy for 5/16" and 3/8" bolts that are on EVERYTHING. 

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  7. No problem on the lift link.  Hope it fixed you up!

    I'm sure freezing dated to days of running water in block and need to drain if too cold.   Glad that isn't the case today!!!

    Cool old gauge though!!!!

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  8. Grandfather had an IH branded oil can punch/spout that dad has tucked away somewhere.   I am old enough to have used them, but as a kid helping dad and grandpa......my own stuff used plastic quarts.

    Things I never use.......abrasive chop saw.  Once I got a carbide saw, the chop saw collected dust.

    I also tend to avoid std grinding wheels in favor of flap disks for about 98% of what I use an angle grinder for (leaving out cut off disks of course)

    Bench grinder never is used for grinding, only wire wheels.......4" belt/disk sander took its place.

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