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  1. Needs touch up paint and the metal handle brace installed.
  2. As soon as it dries up I need to mow.....early spring for sure.
  3. Fake ending.....seen same fake ending clip on several other videos.......
  4. I don't know, but they can't be too common. The 2 way reversible is just really cool.
  5. Cool reversible version! You can get replacement handles at most steam shows. That would be a great one to restore!
  6. Looks to be the start of another behind the pallets in first photo.
  7. Looks like some cut down larger plows, but very well done.
  8. Agree on extractor, but that split neck likely had a death grip on the chamber, so I'm not surprised it jumped the extractor off the rim.
  9. Wood work done and weather sealed.
  10. 10% will be fine if you treat it with StaBil or Seafoam.
  11. Amen.....I do the same thing.
  12. I am a believer Kohler engines will run on goat pi$$ if necessary. They are not finicky like 2 cycle stuff. I run 87 octane 10% ethanol in all of mine. Each 5 gallon can gets the recommended amount of Stabil and 3 or 4 "glugs" of Marvel Mystery oil.....year round, summer and winter. I don't have gas issues, even on things that don't get run for a month or 2. Winter storage on small stuff and 2 cycles, I run them out of fuel.....tractors just get treated fuel as stated above.
  13. Congratulations Aaron!!! Glad you got it back!!
  14. Does anyone know what type of keeper (1915-1925 vintage) would go in the elongated hole in the clevis pin? Also tested some oil based outdoor wood sealer on the red oak this evening.....I think I will use it over the natural wood. Rustoleum ink blue seems to be a pretty good match to plow bottom blue, I think I'll paint the frog, share and moldboard that color and all the rest of the iron IH red.
  15. I spent the spring of '88 following dad on the planter with the 656 pulling a Brillion culti-packer trying to seal any moisture that was left so the corn would germinate.
  16. It's a P&O. Local to me Canton, IL
  17. Love that old stuff.....kids at work don't get the jokes we make about them! Blazing Saddles would be edited to about 2 min. If shown of tv today!
  18. That's going to be tough to reshape after you build it up with weld......lots of file work.
  19. I grew up in the 80s. I certainly don't think the farm equipment posted above is "out dated and should be retired"....ha ha. We still farm with that vintage stuff on dad's small 137 acres so it is very "useful equipment" to me. I am finding my self thinking more and more....."I'd need a lesson to learn how to drive some of the new stuff I see at the Farm Progress Show".
  20. Have known Bill for many years, sorry to hear of his passing. He knew IH tools and memorabilia exceptionally well. I will miss BSing with him at toy and tractor shows.
  21. Cool, nice shape too!
  22. I second Autumn Blaze Maple. Have planted 2ea +/- 12' tall and they are doing well. Also have 2ea 40 year old Norway Maples , both great shades trees here in N Central IL
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