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  1. Got it, but many of those small hand pumps have the priority valve built in.
  2. You would have to pipe it that way for the internal priority valve in the hand pump to have priority over the other functions. Same as the hyd diagram for a SGT Cub.
  3. Very nice.....IH meets FoMoCo.....both my favorites!!!!
  4. We have a 706 with 15.5 x 38 rubber. Look like pizza cutters on the big rear end. I'd go with 18.4's on 34 or 38 inch rims. 15.5's look best on 656, 544, 560, etc.....too small for anything bigger than a 656 IMHO.
  5. One if their main salesman, Ed Leman, used to work with dad in Eureka at Leman Imp. When Loren Leman closed the doors a few years after the merger, dad went to Rothrocks (now Stollers) in Minonk, and Ed went to Reads in Henry.
  6. Sale bill of trade for 1466 Side note: My father worked at Leman's as a mechanic for over 20 years.
  7. 1206 serial number 15742, 161 from the last one made, purchased new in 1967 by my grandfather Harlow Blunier, Roanoke, IL from Leman Implement Co., Eureka IL. Got a good deal, as the 1256's were already being advertised and delivered when he bought it. Originally wore an ice cream box cab and larger front tires. Traded in 1975 on a 1466. 1206 was subsequently sold used to Kern Farms, Eureka. Front weights bought with 1206 are still on our 1486!!!! I found it on Reed's lot (after some tips from a local collector) and took some photos in 2011 (wasn't for sale then). My uncle Alan Haas of Roanoke, IL recently purchased the tractor to get it back in the family, was part of the Reed Farms collection (Reed Implement, Henry IL) 2011 photos with 24.5x32 rubber and ROPS, 2019 photo on trailer with 18.4x38, 1466 he traded for.....(note the 1206 front rims and tires on 1466...1466 was a year old and used to road manure spreaders, so grandpa kept his 1206 fronts because of the road wear on the 1466 tri-ribs)
  8. Great work! I built that kit myself 30 years ago, along with an IH 350 Pay Hauler, JD 310 Backhoe, Great Dane extended flat bed trailer, and a 4300. Loved those older Ertl/AMT kits. Keep up the good work!
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