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  1. Also, "rebuild the carb" means soak in carb cleaner (bucket style immersion) with all of the needles, float, etc removed.  Then rinse in water and blow out all passages with compressed air....tag wire if necessary.  Finally,  reassemble with Kohler kit, set float, etc.  1-1/2 turns out on idle, 2-1/2 on main and it should start well enough to rough tune.

    On carbs that have sat for a long time you just can't get them clean enough without a good soaking.....the spray cans just don't stay on the crud long enough to get it cut out.

    Maybe you did do that, if so, great....it just still may need some more cleaning.

    Hope you get it going!

  2. Rebuild carb again....  make sure the main jet needle is clean.  There are 2 very small holes in the shaft, they both must be clean and must pass air between them with no restriction for full throttle response.

    Also, remove air cleaner base and gasket then try it.  You can have a replacement carb without an open vent in this area.  Blocking it off does not let it run full throttle.

  3. @plowboy64

    I have attached a few pics.  I bought the Kory gear, then built a small scale Midwest hoist with Godberson power link.  Hoist uses a 3" cylinder and can lift 2000# to a 50 deg dump angle with 850 psi of pressure from my Cub Cadet hydraulics.  Bed is 4" x 7' and box is removeable (turns into hayrack).

    It had been super useful since Built it in 2010.

    IMG_5343 (Large).JPG

    20140920_101528 (Large).jpg

    20140920_101548 (Large).jpg



    IMG_1087 (Large).JPG

    IMG_1094 (Large).JPG





    hoist scan 2.jpg

    hoist scan.jpg

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  4. Well, the zero turn deck was worse than I thought......what looked like a few holes ended up being a rusted out hanger bracket too.

    Lining up some winter work for the shop.....looks like some work for the big blue glue gun and some 1/8" steel.




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  5. Good suggestion on the wide skids.....especially for finish grading. 

    Having a rear cutting edge on a 3pt box blade is a huge advantage,  not because you can push backwards,  but because you can adjust the top link and use the rear cutting edge to gauge the forward facing one.  Very helpful for maintaining gravel driveways and spreading dirt evenly.

    Little tractors:

    I do a boat load of work with my Cub Cadets, loader, box blade, dump trailer,  etc.   They are not bulldozers.  You have to take little bites and take your time.   They are very useful in residential situations,  but you have to know and respect their limits.

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  6. 20hp Cub Cadet weighted up will pull it full of dirt/gravel.

    Ironically,  it would not pull it when it was 3pt mounted, but trailing it does 2x better.  Also is 10x easier to grade with when trailing.....double gauged is the only way to grade. 20230914_185021.thumb.jpg.f5e5482c01db9fe06811469377805934.jpg




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  7. Finished my layout/welding table today...except for paint.

    2ea Harbor Freight Titanium welding tables combined on a rolling frame with extra stiffening to support a removable vice and keep the table layout holes aligned.  Casters are salvaged off the roll cart I used for the workbench. 

    Vice isn't for beating or heavy bending, more for clamping pieces to weld.  Also added 120v power for grinders and porta band.

    Tables are a solid deal and come with a bunch of layout fixtures and clamps.

    It's no $10k fixtures table, but for my projects, it will work great.






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