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  1. I have a full size Ruger 1911 in 45 and a Ruger light weight Commander in 9mm......nothing quite like the 1911 grip, especially for those of us with large hands.
  2. I thought it was an H&K MP7 with the grip safety.
  3. I bet they removed most of that seat cushion at the ER.......pucker factor would have induced quite a vacuum with that fall!!!
  4. Moved Cub Cadet Super Diesel to the shop for some driveline work and diagnosed the rust on the zero turn mower deck shell/hanger.
  5. @plowboy64 I have attached a few pics. I bought the Kory gear, then built a small scale Midwest hoist with Godberson power link. Hoist uses a 3" cylinder and can lift 2000# to a 50 deg dump angle with 850 psi of pressure from my Cub Cadet hydraulics. Bed is 4" x 7' and box is removeable (turns into hayrack). It had been super useful since Built it in 2010.
  6. Actually it's first job was today....a bracket to support my drill press / tie it to the wall so i can avoid drilling the floor to secure it. But it will make a good second project for it!
  7. Well, the zero turn deck was worse than I thought......what looked like a few holes ended up being a rusted out hanger bracket too. Lining up some winter work for the shop.....looks like some work for the big blue glue gun and some 1/8" steel.
  8. Nice straight QL.....well done!
  9. I don't know who makes them, but they are one of the best values at Harbor Freight.
  10. Thanks, their boxes are very high quality for the $$$
  11. So does my wife...new clock for the shop!
  12. Good suggestion on the wide skids.....especially for finish grading. Having a rear cutting edge on a 3pt box blade is a huge advantage, not because you can push backwards, but because you can adjust the top link and use the rear cutting edge to gauge the forward facing one. Very helpful for maintaining gravel driveways and spreading dirt evenly. Little tractors: I do a boat load of work with my Cub Cadets, loader, box blade, dump trailer, etc. They are not bulldozers. You have to take little bites and take your time. They are very useful in residential situations, but you have to know and respect their limits.
  13. 20hp Cub Cadet weighted up will pull it full of dirt/gravel. Ironically, it would not pull it when it was 3pt mounted, but trailing it does 2x better. Also is 10x easier to grade with when trailing.....double gauged is the only way to grade.
  14. Finished my layout/welding table today...except for paint. 2ea Harbor Freight Titanium welding tables combined on a rolling frame with extra stiffening to support a removable vice and keep the table layout holes aligned. Casters are salvaged off the roll cart I used for the workbench. Vice isn't for beating or heavy bending, more for clamping pieces to weld. Also added 120v power for grinders and porta band. Tables are a solid deal and come with a bunch of layout fixtures and clamps. It's no $10k fixtures table, but for my projects, it will work great.
  15. "Chromium plated fully illuminated genuine accessory shift knob".... Lots of good one liners, for sure!!!!
  16. "Gimme 40 acres"......a real classic. And "Little brother trucker".....for the adult crowd.
  17. 1086 and 544 were the "dime store" IH 80s toys. 5020 and 2640 the Deere versions. Seems like they ran those 1086 and 5020 castings into the ground!!!!
  18. Grandfather made this for us one year......backed lots of wagons in with 544 and scooped a lot of manure with the backhoe out of that barn....
  19. We weren't allowed to touch our Christmas gifts until Christmas morning.......that open face Ertl box was easy to feel through the wrapping paper!!! One Christmas was a brand new 3588 and 4500 field cultivator......man I carpet farmed the heck out of those!!!!
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