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  1. I don't expect my 2001 Cub Cadet 365L to act like a commercial mower......but will say the 54" deck repaired above is one of their better cutters!
  2. Have you adjusted air gap to .010 to .012" before pronouncing it dead?
  3. 82 series are the top of the line for comfort...for sure!
  4. Congrats on breaking ground. You'll be happy you built it!!!!
  5. Now that you know it charges, do what Snoshoe suggests and chase voltage to the key switch......you are close!
  6. If never had a second gear out of one, but they do tend to pop out of second on hard pulls. (Many years of shuttle shift mowing....) Rebuild shift tower and/or make lock bar for things like all day plowing. I just threw a bungee across it at plow days if I was on one that was worn some. All the pulling aftermarket guys can get you a second gear, and they areavailable used parts market.
  7. Glad you found it and that it was a simple fix!
  8. "Farm on Sunday.....fix on Monday"......and it's truer than you think! Every time we have "snuck out to the field on Sunday" we haven't gained any real headway. Go to church in AM and work on my own personal projects in afternoon. Day job (utility work) occasionally requires some Sunday engineering support.....kind of like livestock, some things must be done regardless of day of week.
  9. Graded out an old fence row ridge with box blade today. It has been a pain for years and mom was getting frustrated mowing against it. Little 4' box behind the Cub Cadet is a surprisingly capable implement.
  10. Yes, optional, yes self leveling. They also offered a spring cushion hitch and the std. crank style. I have an operators manual that shows all 3 styles. I modeled my 1/2 scale version off of the spring cushion version.
  11. I agree with Nate. You may be able to loosen the u bolts and slide the valve to a better position that let's both valves function. Otherwise, take apart levers and undo whatever previous owner did to it.
  12. 1000% true. Expanded metal is for guards and access control....NOT ramps and floors.
  13. I was a Cub /Boy Scout leader (grew up as a 4H kid, so it was new to me...) and my wife was a Girl Scout leader. We've both managed more popcorn and cookie sales than I want to admit! 100% what leaders make of it.....good leaders make for good organizations. But, as far as the national organizations go.......I had a parent with a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout in the family say..."Why is it that Boy Scouts teach boys to be young men and Girl Scouts teach girls to sing Kume-by-yah?" It was hard to disagree, as what I have seen of the programs, especially for older children, follows her statement pretty well. My son earned his Eagle at 16. Daughter's troop quit meeting around 5th grade due to lack of interest. Good leaders can offset to a degree, but there are definite differences in programming and opportunities, especially as kids grow up. Girls in Boy Scouts may be the step to correct that gap.
  14. Congratulations and thankful all turned out well.
  15. Drove brand new 1600 series combines from factory in Moline, IL to Minonk, IL (112 miles) on several occasions. 24.5/30.5 tires were fine....28Ls were a painfully slow ride. 2 speed axle was a race car.....
  16. I have had really good luck with a Flood brand oil based sealer I get at Menards on trailer decks. Doesn't get as slick when wet as used oil does and doesn't stain your clothes if you kneel down, etc.
  17. +++ for CZ accuracy
  18. CW McCall....."Classified" And....a favorite of mine....."priced so low we even let the air outta the tires"
  19. Too much Henbit showing up in wife's garden and I didn't want it wrapping on tiller.....so......scale farming it is!!!!
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