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  1. A few winter projects stacked up.....and the snow movers.
  2. Can't lie.....there was a level and tape measure involved.
  3. A few more "decorator" touches....😁
  4. Got her patched up, blades sharpened, back under ZTR and leveled up.....
  5. Glad you are OK! It's been ugly east of the river for a week......I'm on 116 all the time over here and you sure have to watch that fog.....last Thursday was insane.....like driving in a scene from a horror movie.
  6. Sheet metal siding isn't helping one bit.....
  7. Don't know about numbers made, but you can easily date 70s and 80s Ertl toys by the ink stamp on the bottom. First 1,2,3 digits are day of year starting from 1/1 and last is year. For instance, 2362 would be 236th day of 1982. Need general reference (real tractor production years etc) to get year right.
  8. About 3 GPM total, that includes make up/cooling oil for the pump. OK for running a cylinder occasionally, but not up to the task of continuous hyd. motor operation. Best bet there is to use an old mower mule drive bracket to mount a dedicated pump under the PTO clutch and run it off of that...that's how I run my loader at 6-7 GPM. If you need the PTO for the mower deck then best alternative may be an el-cheap-o 3.5hp Predator motor from Harbor Freight. They are surprisingly good small engines (I run a 6.5 hp on my leaf vac wagon).
  9. It runs off the tractors hydraulics that are driven by the hydro charge pump. About 850 psi. Cylinder is double acting so oil level stays constant (or nearly so) in both up and down positions. I tee'd the front remotes (dual hyd. equipped tractor) and ran a set to the rear.
  10. Just finished this fall....already the best overpriced "splurge" I've ever made. Second place...too much $$ for a simple gun, BUT....Connecticut Precision Chambering full Ruger 10/22 tune up. Once you get a good gunsmith to get something "right" you are instantly spoiled.
  11. Denny, I think every Midwest farm had a Roof weed mower IIRC it took Lawn Bow mower blades. Wisconsin motor would never pull start the first use of the season on ours and we would have to belt it up to the M with a really long V-belt to get it going....after that it worked fine. It was a beast to handle......and OSHA was not on their list of priorities when they designed the early ones!!!! Later versions had a round guard with fingers.....ours was just a 21" mower blade with a little wire loop to redirect clippings.
  12. Moved snow with 782 Cub Cadet.....heavy wet slush..... QA42 thrower did pretty well considering.
  13. Every weekend in college we would watch one of the following: Smokey and the Bandit Blues Brothers Animal House Stripes Porky's Indiana Jones Spies like us
  14. well done! They are good units and a real upgrade for a 73!
  15. My front window every Thanksgiving to New Years .....
  16. Most of my employees don't understand or can't relate to the movie references we use all the time........many have gone through 4 years of college and have never seen "Animal House".......the hand full of us that get the good one line jokes from movies use them to the fullest, just to watch them act confused and look at us funny.
  17. Yuck. Grain truck ate a cat and a power steering pump once.....
  18. It's that lip 6" off the floor at the cabinet edge, right where your shoulder needs to be to reach the connections on the back wall......and getting up and down from in there about 17 times......
  19. Installed a new dishwasher thus morning..... I hate laying under kitchen sink cabinets.....
  20. The little blue pill for the middle aged man...... NO! not that one....... Aleve!!!
  21. Clean main jet needle as described. It's getting more air than fuel when the butterfly opens and starving itself out, then when it dies it spits back fuel.
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