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  1. 95% wiring rough in complete. Electrician will be here 29th to replace house panel and pull heavy wire to shop. External fixtures are complete.
  2. Pulled some wire in the new shop with the Cub Cadet loader and forks holding my improvised wire spool. Worked great and pulled off 250' with no kinks or twists.
  3. If its a honey locust or black locust cut them all down and burn them up......you'll have flat tires it you even think of driving near one....
  4. I fixed my RV fridge with a wire brush and air compressor......they are finicky. Also run stove and water heater for a little bit to get good strong gas in lines before lighting fridge seemed to help. Gas Cans.......always add cheap yellow vent plug to all new cans. 1/2" spade bit, snap it in....viola.....
  5. See if any Grasshopper parts sub over. They used a lot of the D600s on ZTR mowers.
  6. 10-4, just checking. I had one come in with an engine donor tractor.
  7. FYI, I have a parts 46" deck around here if you ever need anything off of it.
  8. 742P3015 inner 742P3016 outter
  9. Got to claim a quick fix on diesel. Sheared std 1/4" roll pin in disconnect clutch. Replaced it with a spirol and buttoned it back up. Will get full driveline rebuild this winter when I have more time.
  10. I have found that wet grass will stick to ANY/EVERYTHING....no matter what. Things like slip plate help, but in the end, nothing stops it. If you clean with water, clean all the way every time you get it wet. If you clean with air, plan on scraping every so often. No good solution but ongoing maintenance. But....things like Slip Plate do help... Using air to blow off the top of the deck every mowing makes a huge difference.....only corrodes from one side, not both..
  11. Very well done! Looks very nice!
  12. Yard looks like Bill Murray and the Gopher have been waging war!.......but utility piping is installed. Needs to have drain tiles fixed and some more clean up work. Will tie in final connections this weekend.
  13. But bright and early tomorrow the walk behind trencher gets picked up from United Rentals.......then we make hay!
  14. Some "Armstrong excavating" today to pot hole electric primary and fiber in the path of my water and electric to new building.
  15. Is the seed hole spacing the same (row to row)? Could you make a drive shaft extension that would bolt on to extend for 8 row drum? Just spit balling.....
  16. Cost you a few more grand just to fill that monster weight bracket with iron!!
  17. Utilities are going in now.....water from house, gas from house meter, electrical conduit and internet conduits from house, gutter drain lines, etc. Trencher is rented for Monday......tie in holes are mostly dug.....lots of stuff to cross......more shoveling than I really care for, but do it right the 1st time.
  18. ....I didn't see anything.....
  19. Mr. Plow

    My 782

    Stens has the grommets and valves, very std in the industry.
  20. .....12 gauge with #8's.......anything less and No Bueno!!!
  21. 300 grill........400's had 3 sets of 3 slots, 300's had 2, 6, 2
  22. My bad......couldn't read the small print without zooming way in......(that's what I get for looking at it on my phone only.....) From the Farmington videos, they look like a horse of a mower.
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