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  1. Congratulations! A real achievement. I have sat on many Eagle review boards...most Eagles are the real deal and their projects and board answers reflect that. I was very proud when my son earned his, I'm sure you are too.
  2. Everything that grows destroyers.......garden, fruit trees, corn, beans.......four legged plagues....
  3. ...boldly......."From the land of sky blue waters!......" That commercial will always stick in my head....
  4. A very good friend gave me a 50th birthday present to compliment my yellow cub sign.....now I'll have a pair to hang on the wall in the shop!!!!
  5. Plastic center 11.00x16 from a late 1086 should also fit. Those are "spun on" wheels (as opposed to riveted).
  6. Cut flush, drill for 1/8" rivet, get 11.00x16 balloons and red rims from Dakota Toys.....won't quite be Ertl correct, but she'll look sharp!
  7. Never....skip and get your a$$ kicked when you got home???.....nope, easier to go to school!!!!!
  8. That will be nice for you.....I can't wait to finish this one and move in!
  9. 2 tons of wall and ceiling material and outdoor lighting....
  10. I just had a cheapo freeze up.....assumed it had a leak, got low of refrigerant, and froze up........junk pile time.
  11. Have 100A power to new building......nice to have lights on switch and working door openers. Will check out the outdoor lighting this evening after dark....
  12. Missing the main 100a breaker and 2ea 20 amps to have the sub panel done. Electrician was here today. Replaced main house panel and pulled wire to shop. Will be back tomorrow with main breaker to install in house panel and I got the 2 I needed tonight at Menards. Hope to have functioning garage door openers, a couple outlets, out door lights, and indoor lights on a switch by tomorrow night. Insulation progressing nicely, only need to fo the narrow stud spaces.
  13. I have PEX install tools, brass fittings with copper crush rings. No sharkbite type stuff. If i go that route I will also probably use hard pipe (black iron or copper) drops to avoid damage to plastic in shop environment. I'm really just looking at the long run across the shop.
  14. I may very well buy a RapidAir kit....just looking for experiences from those here because as I understand it, quite a few have used it successfully. I'm not running any PVC or CPVC.....I dont have any interest in making a bomb. Honestly I'm about 50/50 on just running RapidAir anyway. Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. It left over from water line install.....it's just sitting there staring at me saying...."I'd make cheap air line...." 😀
  16. Anybody successfully use PEX B (3/4") for compressed air line? I have some left over from running water to new building and am seriously considering running a continuous run up over the trusses for a remote air drop near bench. No fittings in attic, no UV exposure, and under 20" of fiberglass blown in insulation. Thoughts? Anyone done it long term successfully? Might put pipe up there anyway, but want your input.
  17. Trailer load of "itch"!!!!
  18. **** Fighters was a bunch of IH trucks, but I'm pretty sure the construction equipment was all cable control Cats.
  19. R15 paper back fiber glass bats in walls, will have 20-24" of loose fiberglass blown in ceiling once ceiling is sheeted. Hope it's not too bad.....
  20. Very sharp, you should be very proud of it!
  21. Excellent taste in music!
  22. So did I.......not looking forward to it...
  23. Foundation backfill graded, wiring done (waiting on panel install from electrician), all insulation chutes in trusses. Time to start insulating....not looking forward to that chore.
  24. 782 was on harrow duty after loader and 982 with tiller worked over the foundation backfill.
  25. JAN 7, 1978 $36,550- $24,930 1466 trade for out if pocket of $11,620 plus tax!
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