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  1. Tough call.  It usually spits and sputters like it wants fuel and to run but doesn't quite have it.

    Seems like mags are either firing or not, opposed to trying to fire but no fuel. 

    What does yours do?

  2. My Magnums  all start very consistently,  1/2 throttle,  full choke, instant start, then 1/4 choke for 20 sec. or so.   I think electric fuel pumps help.

    But every once in a while if you shut them off after a hard hot pull, they vapor lock....then NO CHOKE or bad things happen.....WOT and a little cranking time.

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  3. 10 hours ago, drglinski said:

    I found that when mine does that it'll restart if I take the air filter off.  I might need to review buying a new filter soon.  

    I usually crank on it a little at WOT and she catches.

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  4. My hybrid 1872 and GT54 deck did the mowing tonight.    All went well except for a minor vapor lock when I shut it down for 20min to go eat supper.    Almost left the hood open but figured "nah, she'll be fine"......famous last words. 😀  After a little cranking I got her lit again and finished the yard.


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  5. I had one run out yesterday at 8:30 in the morning,  broad daylight......was able to avoid....

    They seem worse now than in fall.

    Also had one decide that the garden was worth a trip through the electric fence.....made a mess of it getting out....must have gotten stuck in a tomatoe cage, it was laying mangled in the yard outside broken fence. 

    Raised it up another foot to 7' hope that keeps them out.



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  6. Mixed up a batch of 24D and Roundup in the 42" wide "driveway sprayer" and headed over to the church cemetery to clean up all of the gravel driveways.    I can be really precise on the edges keeping it low,  then raise it and do the center.   One pass on each side and then one down the middle and all is covered.    Forgot to take a pic while spraying,  so you get the post wash out photos. 



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  7. I wouldn't sweat it.....looks like I nice rifle.

    I almost bought a #1 in 7x57 once......still regret that a little......perfect chambering for a #1.

    I have often considered a 77 or a winchester 70 in 7-08....very similar to your "want" 😀

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  8. 7 hours ago, Lazy WP said:

    I have been through on both 65 and 24. Neither are any fun. You really need to be there during a snow. Once around all the wrecks, I had the roads to myself. 
    I used to HATE leaving Kentucky. Traffic always gets worse. 
    As bad as Nashville is to drive in, I would rather drive there than St Louis!!

    Give me St Louis every day of the week and twice on Sunday!😀

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