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  1. When your deck is set up level......it just makes you smile.....
  2. Awful nice to clean up mid job when you get full of grime and oil.....without trying to make it to the mudroom at the house.
  3. I put one of those little 2.5 gal 120v water heaters under the sink in my new shop. Just perfect for washing up, etc. Also ran conduit to add AC if I ever decide to get one of those mini split units......some day.....
  4. Water line was smart idea.
  5. If it is at all suspect replace it while it's on the bench. Or ask yourself if the $$ for the mag are worth the effort to pull the engine again. I bought a used m18 once that had a bad mag, seller knew but didn't tell me. I Was pissed, not because he sold me the engine with a bad mag, but because he cost me 2x the labor to pull it and replace. Wouldn't have bothered me to get the mag, it was a used engine and stuff is old.....but to not tell me cost me the double engine pull.
  6. I really think they just vapor lock, mine are never an issue unless shut off hot and left to sit for 20 min. Every other situation seems fine.
  7. Nephew is in north central OK on a run right now, auger wagon man tending several green weenies. Should end up in ND when done.
  8. Timberland Pro pit boss. Get about a year out of them. Comfortable and tough.
  9. Manifold studs a very short on the Magnum twin intakes.....not sure one would fit.
  10. Not on the Magnums.
  11. Tough call. It usually spits and sputters like it wants fuel and to run but doesn't quite have it. Seems like mags are either firing or not, opposed to trying to fire but no fuel. What does yours do?
  12. My Magnums all start very consistently, 1/2 throttle, full choke, instant start, then 1/4 choke for 20 sec. or so. I think electric fuel pumps help. But every once in a while if you shut them off after a hard hot pull, they vapor lock....then NO CHOKE or bad things happen.....WOT and a little cranking time.
  13. I usually crank on it a little at WOT and she catches.
  14. My hybrid 1872 and GT54 deck did the mowing tonight. All went well except for a minor vapor lock when I shut it down for 20min to go eat supper. Almost left the hood open but figured "nah, she'll be fine"......famous last words. 😀 After a little cranking I got her lit again and finished the yard.
  15. I use Lock n Lube for most things. I have adapters made up for 90 deg and tight recesses.
  16. Neat to find "history" like that.
  17. I use wide tape type top wire to make it more visible to them....ribbons might be a good idea.
  18. I had one run out yesterday at 8:30 in the morning, broad daylight......was able to avoid.... They seem worse now than in fall. Also had one decide that the garden was worth a trip through the electric fence.....made a mess of it getting out....must have gotten stuck in a tomatoe cage, it was laying mangled in the yard outside broken fence. Raised it up another foot to 7' hope that keeps them out.
  19. Trimmed trees this afternoon. I have a rule, if I hold my hand over my head and it touches a branch.....it gets trimmed. Do it once or twice a summer. Cub Cadet and hay rack took care of the "heavy hauling".
  20. 3 great reasons to run a 782!!!! I grew up on a 100...spent LOTS of time on that thing. Big Steve still has it.
  21. I like their big brothers......1572, 1872, 2072......110% sized 782.......makes me 😃!!!!
  22. Looks very nice. 782 is one of the best Cubs out there!
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