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  1. In corn.....good corn, but down some. Stalks gave up late and put it all in the ear. 18-20% moisture. 1978 1460 with 963 (tall corn dividers removed for down corn) 1979 S1700 39,287 miles......345 w/4+2
  2. How does it equally split the seeds between 2 rows with one manifold?
  3. I like her "second lease on life" about 30' from the end.....about 15' after he pulled the stick.......just about stopped... dug her way to some traction and then the 407 torque curve took over.......cool end to the run!!!!!
  4. If its any consolation, the feeder clutch on the older 1400 machines and/or the platform cross auger clutch has likely been slipped enough that it will usually give up feeding BEFORE the rotor slugs provided you are running the rotor fast enough for conditions. Then it's just the platform/feeder to unslug......not too bad with the big wrench on the end of the auger drive. When the feeder slugs hit the feeder switch and let the rotor eat until it clears or kills the engine......then rejoice or cuss depending on the outcome!!!!! In tough stemmed beans the wrench usually stays right behind my feet on the floor of the cab......as the dew comes on at night you can usually count on having to "roll her back" a few times. Biggest issue for the 820 seems to be short green stem beans.....they bunch on the table then feed one whole side of the platform all at once.
  5. Especially true if you are running a 1400 series with the "Armstrong" reverser........you don't want it slugged!!!!!
  6. I installed one in our 1460 about 10 years ago. Don't remember if i removed those bolts or not, but I do remember it being an uncomfortable pain in the rear....literally......and knees, legs, etc......not a fun job.
  7. John Deere is a marketing and advertising God!!! They know how to make people pay for green paint......and always have. Brand association alone is huge......every small town kid has a JD hat......
  8. Our 1486 has the 8 track....used to be some Elvis 8 tracks that were in the cab, but they got so dusty nothing worked after a while and they got pitched. I remember trying to listen to them 20 years ago with only so so luck.....
  9. 935. 720 plows should have been mid 70s with the 66 series IIRC.
  10. Agreed....and good point....didn't write that as clearly as I thought it!!!!!🤣
  11. Jumper a wire from middle pin on reg straight to battery positive terminal......cuts out the middle man (switch/harness/wiring/etc.)....then check for charge voltage. Don't leave it like this, but test it like this....
  12. As stated above .......you must test outside pins of harness with meter on AC volts and test pin to pin....28-29 VAC. Center pin I'd harness, DC setting, pin to ground 13.5-14.5 VDC.....
  13. We still have a shop with a coal forge in town......in the winter they pound out bat wing mower blades on the trip hammer.... I've seen them do shares too....
  14. We'll stick to the 2 bottom for the Cub!
  15. When we use it, it will go behind the 1486. Dad also happened into a 710 with spring trip beams. That will get shortened to 4 bottoms for the 706/656. (At more reasonable 8" deep) Both have good wear iron. We have tight black dirt that pulls hard, 6x16 was just right for 150hp (10"-12" deep) You can pull more, but slow and really twisting her tail. Old 700 6x16 had a bottom dropped off one hard pulling wet fall.....never put it back on, then quit plowing.
  16. That plow is a twin sister to one that showed up last year at our place......early toggle trips and all.....
  17. I would think it would be great on a loader.... If I am running our 684 in "loading" mode, I often jump up to 4th gear and shift between 4L forward and 4R (much faster reverse), seems to be ideal for bucking the pile with control, then backing out. It's a straight line shift, and fast.
  18. I saw that one too....cool decal!
  19. Massey was a diesel for sure, we watched him run Saturday......says "Diesel " on the tank.
  20. Our 706 has 15.5's......looks tiny......get 16.9s
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