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  1. Waiting on 25 acres of "a little too wet" beans to dry and get cut before switching to corn and moving 10 miles to the other farm. Green stems or not, they are looking to be very good beans....65-75 bpa at this point.
  2. 4000 hour 1978 1460 with no reverser.......yup, grunt!!!!!!
  3. We just started on the plow day field...dry beans, green stems, makes the old 1460 work for it.
  4. We still filled the crib into the 80s as landlord liked to have some ear corn in the crib. Once grandpa retired and that ground was sold we didn't pick anymore. Picker went to PA in think.....loaded on a semi with two loader tractors....one wheel in each bucket and backed under it.
  5. First job I had in the field was hauling wagons from the New Idea 2 row pull type Super Picker on the 656 to the crib with the M. Remember being very impressed with dad and the Super M one wet fall. Crib was on the top of a hill and the path up to the dump house was just 2 ruts in the grass. Door on the dump house was just barely wider than the tractors and wagons. Dad spun out 1/2 way up with a full load behind the 504. Backed back down the hill and put the SM on it. Fluid filled Good Year Super Grips. Dad let out the clutch in 3rd, opened the throttle and we watched the mud fly! Brother and I were watching from the grainery door.....Dad screamed up the hill, mud flying, shot the SM and wagon through the center of the door and stopped perfectly at the elevator....... I remember thinking Dad was "the s4!t" after that maneuver........very impressive for an 8 year old to watch.
  6. Looks like a good time! If I wasn't in St Louis with the kids I would be there......have fun, be safe!
  7. Lots of good times along the way and the kids enjoyed it. Emma is a freshman at Concordia University Mequon this year.....
  8. Connie is +/-18 now right? Same age as my daughter? When did we get old?
  9. Easily close enough to attend, but need to go to a church thing with the kids....
  10. Have one torn down right now (case leak...I think). Starts going back together tomorrow 😀
  11. Kinda wondered about doing one of those with 2 Cub Cadets some time......hmmmm....
  12. Rule #1, when you come up to an intersection, grab the shift lever and hold it in 3rd so it doesn't jump out when you stop it with the hydro. 1460 brakes are just a frozen solid elevated foot rest on 99% of them.....ours included!
  13. I like the boxer twins, but they do take a little bit of finesse to get back together leak free. M20 is a HORSE on the plow.
  14. She was due for a cylinder head servicing....that's for sure!!!!! Are you headed to PD in IL Brian?
  15. She sounds nice and smooth!!!!
  16. I bolts to the firewall right under the throttle/choke cables on an angle. Clears the side sheet nicely.
  17. Looks like a Fordson with some sort of PTO winch.
  18. Could be an AMR antenna. Automatic Meter Reading. Did the electric meter recently get changed to a new fangled digital one? Most utilities are going to some form of AMR to avoid monthly routes and truck rolls. Company I work for converted all our meters to AMR and use collectors with antennas on utility poles every so often. See if you see more of them around in the area. (Ours don't look like that, but there are different brands)
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