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  1. I started a cornpicking weekend about 6 years ago. Plant about 10ac of widerow. And invite friends and family over to put them to work or just stand and watch. I dont advertise it much as I would rather not have a bunch of random people on my farm.
  2. Depends on the moisture. Dry maybe, wet I doubt it.
  3. Yes corn picker forum has pretty well died off, a post or 2 month yet. Most people from there have moved to Facebook. Couple quite large cornpicker groups on there. "Corn Pickers and Pull Behind Combines" is one. My friends and I started "IH Mounted and Pulltype Pickers". quite a large group on there. Dedicated to IH only pickers. Low attendance goes hand in hand with low advertisement.
  4. Herrs Hydro would be the ones to talk to. They can talk you thru testing on the phone.
  5. Somewhere around 28xxx serial number was the change i think.
  6. First pic is one of our Regulars. 1930. It is 2 pictures made into one. 2nd pic. My great grandfather Elwin and his regular. I believe it is about a 1927. He brother Lavern and oldest daughter Helen. My grandmother was not born yet.
  7. It's most likely leaking from the elbow here and dripping down. Most common leak on a D407. It very well could be the leaking from the gasket but not very common.
  8. Looks pretty decent, glad to see another 315 come to the surface. I dont know if I'd want to do 40 ac with one. Could you get some pics of the dummy head when you get a chance?
  9. Here is a 227 I saw on a 205 at HCOP in 2019.
  10. SDman posted a couple pics. The 1st one is when we got the combine. It is a gas, hydro machine that came with the 3RN head, 327NW. I wanted to use the combine during our corn picking weekend, so I found the 2RW 227 head. Below, when I had just finished up the last of the "picker corn". A 3RW head on a 315 open station I saw in a private collection this summer.
  11. Have a 315 here. And a friend has 2 others. The 2 row wide head is a 227. Has to be for a 203 or 315 only as the throat is different. IH also had, 3 row wide and 3 row narrow heads for it. They were both a 327 head. My combine came with the 3RN, then I bought the 2RW for it.
  12. There's only 3 bolts of that size in the transmission, and all 3 hold the bark pawl on. You can pull the side cover off and get a mirror and look to see if they are still in there, or if the bolt is from a previous injury.
  13. Bottom adapter, and a different fuel sending unit.
  14. Bolt works loose. Falls down, usually hits the gears, hence the flat spot. Falls to the bottom of the case. The rolls around from the tractor rocking back and forth. Makes it way clear to the bottom. Then gets sucked up the hydraulic sump tube, and into the filter housing.
  15. Just pulled this one out of a 1206, same wear marks and size. At one time the park pawl came loose and lost at least 2 bolts. As it has 2 newer west Pullman bolts in it. I pulled the shift lid to check and tighten up the shifting.
  16. Give us the measurements of the bolt, and the markings on the head.
  17. People, there is not supposed to be any hardware in the filter housing. And there is no need to put hardware in there to "hold" the filter. I'd be checking to see where that bolt come from.
  18. 1/2" x 1 3/4" grade 8?? That'd be one of the 3 that hold the park pawl bracket to the shift lid.
  19. If you want true correct 66 decals, you need to buy them from Case IH, all the others have slight differences that are not correct.
  20. Never moved a wheel or fuel tank to pull the Hi-Lo lid on a 86. Already enough of a pain in the but to flop the seat in the back window and pull the shifters out. Only after hauling put 10lbs of dirt, pop cans and candy wrappers and whatever else guys think they don't need to clean out of there. We do have a homemade tool to hold down the reverse shaft. But I believe I've done it once with no tool at all.
  21. Yes. This one in a private collection in Southern Illinois
  22. The semi guys are looking for the old school "cat paws" and "pistol grips" along with many others. That's why the prices have gone sky high. There's a couple people repop-ing them. Look up Hanco or Roadway. Those were the 2 big company's making those handles and extensions.
  23. Here's the other local 1026. They used it for a bit of everything, planting, hay mowing, baling, and whatever else.
  24. Only a couple 1026s in our area. Here's a one family owned Gold demo. Has 14k plus hrs and still used weekly on the feed grinder and assorted chores.
  25. I dont think that was a thing this year. Is supposed to be a display in Springfield. Unless I missed something.
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