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  1. How long had it been side diamond sided 4 rib tires have been and how long since that style rear? Both are most likely the original tires.
  2. I'll be the odd man out, it's possible it actually only has 975 hrs.
  3. Looks like a turboed 66 series replacement muffler. So it would be on there "correct"
  4. I picked up this Sales Know How sheet yesterday at a swap meet. Everybody wonders what all the differences are between a 1256 and 1456. And as it states it's only SOME of them. I've never seen this sheet and had to have it.
  5. Beautiful truck! I'm jealous! Here's my 9370. 300 Cummins and 9 speed.
  6. Also check the cylinders on disk. Some of them have a clevis that isn't very friendly to a aluminum cylinder stop in the first place
  7. An observation I've found and would like to know more info. The first 2 pics are both 414s out of 1066s. One with remnants or red silicone I was putting a clutch and TA in, 7882 block s/n. Bare block 414 was getting water in oil, 2536 block s/n. 3rd pic was from what I'd guess was a 1066 also and at least a clutch job. And I'm guessing was also a quite early block. All 3 of these blocks have a pattern of drilled and tapped holes (5/16 NC) with 2 plain/smooth holes. My assumption is that the pattern was for an aluminum rear main seal retainer like a german diesel has. But
  8. Are they white teflon washers only, or are they white washers lightly pressed into an aluminum ring? If white washer only, those are for 407 lines. If the Teflon with aluminum, they will work, and seal better than the steel and copper washers.
  9. I put the grey style in a 5488 a month ago.
  10. Yes, that is a factory option. But seldom seen.
  11. Jack up one side, then take shims out till it locks the wheel up when rocking it by hand. Then add a shim. Just make sure it doesn't drag. Every one above hit all the main points.
  12. Take the line off that come from the tank to the primer. But a 12v "rattle box" pump, stick on there and pull the fuel out. Pretty simple.
  13. I think about 2 trys and had it lined up, but not the first time I've line a belt up. But the first time I did it backwards. It's the only 1000rpm belt pulley I have seen. It mounts on the back of the dual speed ptos. The 540 only style seem to be a bit more common, there's 5 or 6 different variations of that style. 105 combine. Friend that owns the 63 806 owns it. We combined a few beans with it about 5 years ago, and some oats a couple summers ago. Works pretty good.
  14. Haha. We do have a quick tach loader off dads 856 I could hang on it. I dont know about a cotton picker, that seems like a lot of work lol. Have an ICB cab laying here for it, it I felt the need to put it on.
  15. One more post lol or I could keep going. Here's a good friend of mines 63 806. Has an RD pump yet and a M&W turbo. And it sure whistles! Had it under my 234 with grinder unit this fall, and chiseled with it this spring.
  16. Correct. Kind of a pet peeve of mine. Also when people put the TA lever on. When in TA, the lever should almost touch the handle, not straight up in the air. When in Direct, it ends up being clear against the hood. How are you supposed to comfortably pull that??
  17. Warning for a photo dump of the same tractor... But here's my 66 806, bought it in late 2016 from a tractor jockey/salvage yard. It had 2 spun rod bearings, and was dusted. Built the engine from scratch, added the turbo setup. Always changing something on it. Have something planned for the next month or 2 so stay tuned. But enough rambling on to the pics. It gets used for a little of everything around home. If it's got a hitch it's probably been hooked to it.
  18. Here's a few that are owned by friends, some from work or ones I've seen at Round Ups and other shows.
  19. 06 and 56 have different handles. You both have them correct. 06 swoops down. 56 swoops up. The wide part of the handle should be back, even though it makes less room to get on.
  20. Oops my bad. Maybe it was something else. Your the expert!
  21. You also need a dab of 515 on the bolts, 3 of them go thru to the crankcase and could leak down the threads.
  22. If it's just the throttle shaft seals, they have the same oring as the Roosa Master pumps.
  23. Looks good! Wanted pics of the 806 in original post, your neighbors. But im glad you posted yours, I see it's got a little extra pep in its step under the hood!
  24. Get some more pics of the 806 Rusty! Looks to have a King Bros turbo setup.
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