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  1. 2+2 Guy

    Bar names

    Stinky’s County Well. Gilboa, Ohio.
  2. Yep, if you were in NWOH it was probably Holgate Implement.
  3. We used to have a little family bar in town that served braunschweiger sandwiches. They called it “goose liver”. I was in there on night and after a few rounds I told the waitress to bring me a sandwich. She asked what kind of sandwich and I said surprise me with something. She brought me a “goose liver” on rye with pepper cheese, onion and hot mustard. It was truly a gastronomic experience that I will always remember.
  4. What a great group of friends you have, Tony! Good food, good friends and great equipment. It just don't get much better than that.
  5. Great pictures and videos, Tony. Very enjoyable to watch. Thanks for posting them.
  6. Correct, and I have the 1946 M that was the second tractor on the farm.
  7. My grandparents started it for our family in 1941 with a Farmall H. Don’t really know why they chose Red but after 4 generations the H is still here and we’re still Runnin’ Red.
  8. Congratulations. Good looking 54!!
  9. Best wishes on your Birthday, Tony.
  10. Looking good, Tony! Wish I would have gotten that done with mine before it got cold and nasty.
  11. Best wishes for your birthday, Bill
  12. They also work good for pulling out shrubs. We removed several overgrown shrubs at our church this fall. Broke 3 chains and actually had the front end off the ground once. First time that ever happened.
  13. What would be an example of an oil rated for 2 stroke Detroit diesels? I used Rotella 15w40 when I changed the oil. Hope I didn't mess up. Worse yet I hope I didn't just start another "oil thread". 😲
  14. That’s quite an attachment. Never saw one of those before. Pretty neat concept but I’ll bet it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Like you said a scaled down unit on a small dozer would work. Brown Bear makes a nice auger backfiller attachment for the larger skid loaders. Another local drainage contractor has one mounted on a Hydro 186.
  15. 2+2 Guy

    2+2 ride

    Best tractor those yellow rims have ever been on. 😊+😊
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