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  1. 2+2 Guy

    new retro combine decals

    That sure looks good!!!
  2. 2+2 Guy

    Ohio rain amounts

    3” just East of Defiance, OH
  3. 2+2 Guy

    Happy Birthday NYBillO

    Happy Birthday, Bill!!! Looking forward to getting together at RPRU in PA next summer.
  4. 2+2 Guy

    Farmall Farms All

    Enjoyed your video. Those cubs are handy little tractors and you are using it just like it was intended to be used. Couldn't help but wonder what the dog was thinking while you were making the snow donuts.😄
  5. 2+2 Guy

    My final harvest

    Congratulations, Jerry. Hope you have a long and healthy retirement.
  6. 2+2 Guy

    Old School Hay Bucking At CAFES ,Tulare

    Makes my knees hurt just looking at the pictures. 😀
  7. 2+2 Guy

    Few Random Delayed Pictures of CAFES ,Tulare CA.

    Great pictures, Tony!! Thanks for sharing them. Nice to see some sunshine on a wet foggy morning here in Ohio.
  8. Seen a few like that around North Central Indiana. Goshen, IN to be exact. Lots of fairly modern farm equipment on steel over there also. My former business partner and I were doing some work over there years ago. Saw a nice 1066 on steel. He asked me why they did that. I told him it was part of their religious beliefs. He looked at it and said, “I wonder, on judgment day if God is gonna ask if you ran steel wheels or rubber tires on your farm equipment .” 😁
  9. 2+2 Guy

    Birthday Boy

    .....and I’ll bet you couldn’t even kick like that when you were 21. Happy Birthday, Bruce.
  10. 2+2 Guy


    Nice video, Rob! Really enjoyed it.
  11. 2+2 Guy

    massey 540 combine salvage parts

    I know Northwest Ohio is a long way from Alabama but there is a former Massey dealer here that sold Massey combines for 5 generations. They literally sold thousands of Massey combines over the years and the owner knows more about Massey combines than anyone that I know. The business is Holgate Implement. They are located in Holgate, OH. The owner's name is Jeff Stober and he would be the man to talk to. They recently lost their Massey franchise but still have new and used parts and a great deal of knowledge. Phone# is 419-264-2031. Be sure and talk to Jeff.
  12. 2+2 Guy

    Happy birthday

    Best wishes on your birthday, Alan. It was certainly nice to meet you at Montgomery this year.
  13. 2+2 Guy

    460 Utility Questions

    Thanks for the response, Bill but I think Matt is right in saying it is a Dunham-Lehr. I did a little internet searching last night and that's what I came up with also. Appears as though Dunham-Lehr was made in Richmond, IN then sold to Farmhand which was acquired by AGCO. Next question is putting a value on the tractor. I know it's difficult to judge by just a few pictures but the seller is asking $3000.00. I told my neighbor that it looked like a $2000.00 tractor to me but if I really wanted and/or needed it maybe $2500. Based on what gordon76 said about putting $1500 in the steering assist, that might even be a little high also. Thank you also, John. I'll be sure and tell him about the side shields. Maybe we will get to have breakfast again at a truck stop in Fort Wayne. 😊
  14. 2+2 Guy

    460 Utility Questions

    Thanks, gordon76. Yeah that makes a whole lot more sense than what I was thinking.