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  1. Every time they build something idiot proof somebody builds a better idiot.
  2. Congratulations Bill. Always nice to have a tractor from your youth. That is a pretty unique tractor.
  3. Gotta be kind of a bittersweet time for you, Bill. Wishing you all the best.
  4. Here in NWOH the state has instituted some voluntary programs to help reduce the phosphorus load into the Western Basin of Lake Erie. It’s administered through the USDA by the FSA. They have made funds available to offset the cost of practices like variable nutrient placement, nutrient management plans and cover crops to name a few. One of the requirements for cover crops is that they must be planted by October 15 hence the interseeding experiments.
  5. I tried it this year with mixed results. Didn’t get enough rain and I should have seeded it sooner than I did. Will try it again next year.
  6. Congratulations Bill. Love the picture.
  7. Bib overalls here. My IPhone fits perfectly in the front bib pocket.
  8. As others have said it’s really pretty basic. Four philips head screws hold the bezel in place. Lower center straight screw is the adjustment screw. Sealed beam unplugs and sets in a formed mount. Here’s the only thing in the parts manual concerning headlights. Top pic is from service manual.
  9. I’ve seen it done. The alfalfa mill near here has one they use to seed alfalfa with. Have only seen it from the road but I noticed they had fabricated transport wheels in the rear somehow. Will see if I can get a picture for you.
  10. Thanks for the pics, Tony. Always enjoy seeing different crops in different parts of the country.
  11. Yes. I put one in my 5088 that I got from Mike. Fit perfectly. Sure beats glueing one in for a guy my age.
  12. I would speculate that it depended a lot on the area of the country on how popular they were. In this part of NWOH we did a lot of spring plowing. The right wheel was spun out to match the furrow on the 4-14 mounted plow. It stayed there through spring planting as our 450 was used to work ground. Corn was planted in 36, 38 or 40" rows. Soybeans were planted in 30" rows. Corn was cultivated first and the wheels had to be spun out to match that row width. Then it was time to rotary hoe and/or cultivate the soybeans and the wheels had to be spun in to match that row width. Sometimes the corn
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