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  1. Looking good, Tony! Wish I would have gotten that done with mine before it got cold and nasty.
  2. Best wishes for your birthday, Bill
  3. They also work good for pulling out shrubs. We removed several overgrown shrubs at our church this fall. Broke 3 chains and actually had the front end off the ground once. First time that ever happened.
  4. What would be an example of an oil rated for 2 stroke Detroit diesels? I used Rotella 15w40 when I changed the oil. Hope I didn't mess up. Worse yet I hope I didn't just start another "oil thread". 😲
  5. That’s quite an attachment. Never saw one of those before. Pretty neat concept but I’ll bet it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Like you said a scaled down unit on a small dozer would work. Brown Bear makes a nice auger backfiller attachment for the larger skid loaders. Another local drainage contractor has one mounted on a Hydro 186.
  6. 2+2 Guy

    2+2 ride

    Best tractor those yellow rims have ever been on. 😊+😊
  7. That's a beautiful machine in that video, Bill. A lot newer and a lot bigger than what we are looking at. Maybe someday. That ground in Colorado looks like beach sand compared to what we have in NWOH. Here's a video of a machine similar to what my son is considering and in some ground similar to ours. Thanks to everyone for the replies.
  8. Thanks for the info, Jim. Sounds like 25 psi isn’t too bad. I do have a photo-tach that I could check the RPM with. Sounds like we might be able to give it a try tomorrow.
  9. My son is looking at a Speicher auger backfiller for his farm drainage business. A local equipment dealer has an older Speicher with a 453 Detroit Diesel engine in it. They told him to take it out and try it out. Engine starts, runs and sounds good with no major leaks. My question is regarding the oil pressure. It carries around 25 -30 psi. Just wondering if this is common on these engines. It is an older machine so I'm sure it is showing some wear. Also looking for any advice as to what to look for other than the obvious things once we get it in the field. Hour meter and tach are not working so I can't give an accurate idea of the hours on the machine. It appears as though the engine has been changed at some time in the machines life. Dealer bought it at an auction so they don't have any history other than location. It's kind of old and ugly but the price is right for a young man starting out. We checked all fluids and changed the engine oil & filter. Hoping to get it in the field this week if the weather cooperates. Any thoughts and advice appreciated. I have no experience with Detroit Diesels but I do love the way they sound.
  10. Here’s a couple pages from some of the 1980 IH literature. It shows some of the other jobs they were promoting the 2+2 could be used for and how they promoted it
  11. I always kinda think of this place as the “Cheers” (tv sitcom) of the internet. “Norm & Cliff” are always here at the bar and yeah sometimes they can be annoying but always good for laughs.
  12. 2+2 Guy

    Penens wrenches

    I know S-K tools were made here in Ohio. I used to work at the plant in town and they had a plant and distribution center in Chicago but I just never saw any Penens wrenches around here.
  13. Thanks, Wes. Missed seeing you guys and plowing with you. Been a crazy year up here for me. Hopefully next year will be better.
  14. 2+2 Guy

    Penens wrenches

    Does anyone on here know where the Penens wrenches were made?(yep double checked—I spelled correctly) I never heard of them in this part of the country.
  15. Ya know Tom, when it's all said & done, its still just a working tractor. Yeah it looks pretty good but I know where all the problems are. I've told numerous people that Red Bibs Bill's 2+2 makes mine look pretty sad. I would have to say that his is the finest example of a 2+2 that I have ever seen.
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