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  1. Thank you all. Things just didn’t work out this year to make it down to Springfield. Sounds like a was a great show.
  2. Nice addition to the collection, Tony. Very unique and interesting machine. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on it. I’m just thankful we didn’t have those in this part of the country when I was a kid. Can’t imagine bucking those big bales.
  3. That’s great. I’ve been looking forward to seeing those pics. Glad it started. ?
  4. Oh how I wish that were true, Jerry. I assume that's how it is supposed to work, but with that particular loader on that particular tractor the massive brackets that mount the loader would still need to be removed to access the front opening on the battery boxes. I'm a little embarrassed to say that it took us 5+ hours to replace 2 batteries. Keep in mind that we were trying to be extra careful to not scratch any of that beautiful new paint and were working with only the tools that I carry in my truck. Not to mention a work light that seemed to be trying to send Morse Code signals. Yeah, I know that I'm getting old and slow but that was not an easy job. The steps were not a difficult problem but getting the 4 straps that hold the battery boxes to the floor boards lined back up with their respective holes in the floor was a real bear. My compliments to Matt. When he tightens a bolt, that thing is tighter than a bull's azz in fly season. At 9:00 that night I told BJ, "I'm cold, hungry and tired. I'm goin' home". I think he was to. Still gotta go back and load up my tools and the official "2+2 Guy battery jacker upper". ? See ya tonight, BJ.
  5. It was a good trip. Matt did a fantastic job on that tractor. He loaded it and got it chained down so well that we never even had to tighten any binders. BJ did an excellent job of driving and I was extremely impressed with his Dodge/Cummins truck pulling a load like that.....and that's coming from a diehard Chevy guy. I'll have to admit that I was one whipped pup when I got home, but I think that might be an age thing.?
  6. Beautiful!!! Absolutely Beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing it in person.
  7. Shopmule41, I sent you a PM with some pics. John
  8. Yep, I'm still here and still have the Shop Mule. First off, welcome aboard, Shopmule41 and thanks to metamora farmall for texting me and telling me about this thread. Always glad to talk about Shop Mules. Mine came from Manchester, New Hampshire and spent most of it's life at the Manchester Airport moving planes around. I sure don't claim to be an expert on these little guys but I have amassed a fair amount of information on them over the last few years. I will be more than happy to share any knowledge and pictures that might help you. Here's a picture of mine when we first bought it. It was painted with spray cans and the restoration was a little crude. I have been working on getting it "Tonyfied" but life kinda got in the way. Hoping to get it finished up this summer if time and money permit. (two things I always seem to run short on) I'll send you a PM with my name and cell phone. Feel free to give me a call anytime. You are more than welcome to make a road trip down to Northwest Ohio also. I'm about half way between Toledo, Oh and Fort Wayne, IN. Meanwhile, I'll dig up some more pics for you.
  9. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.
  10. Put me down for a name tag, BJ. Thanks for doing this.

    1. FarmallFan


      You're on the list. :)

  11. Awesome pictures and equipment. Welcome to the forum. That 815 is a real beauty!
  12. Looking good, Tony!!! I'm with ya on the No Low Rider thing. I had 12" shackles on the rear leaf springs of my '55 Chevy when I was in high school back in the '60's. Thought I was really cool. Curious if you are planning on making any changes to the stock suspension and brakes.
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