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  1. Thanks for the pictures, guys. Certainly have enjoyed them. Safe travels to all of you.
  2. Looks like a good time. Thanks for posting the pics. Gonna have to get up there one of these years.
  3. 2+2 Guy


    I enjoy a good scotch every once in a while. Usually scotch & water or on the rocks. Was in a lower class bar one night and ordered a scotch & water. The barmaid looked at me and said, “The only people that order scotch are either rich people or alcoholics. Which one are you?” I said, “Honey, I ain’t rich.” 😊
  4. I was wondering if it might be a Pincor. It is kind of a redish orange or orangish red if you will. As supermechanic said above, possibly a Winco. I’ll do a little research on the computer tonight. A google search revealed that the Wisconsin THD engine was built from 1957 to 1975 and the D indicates Stelite valves and seats. I suspect it to be a 1970’s model because of that and the grounded 110 outlets. Don’t know for sure but the first time I heard about Stelite valves & seats was in the 1970’s.
  5. I have been looking for a welder/generator for my son's farm drainage business. Occasionally his 50 year old Buckeye Super D wheel ditcher needs some field repairs. I ran across this prize on craigslist last week and just couldn't pass it up for $500. It was at a private airport in the Toledo, O area and had been used to maintain the steel hanger doors. The used it to power a 225 amp Lincoln welder. I have an old Miller 180 amp welder that I rarely use anymore since I bought my MIG. Plan A is to transfer it to a better trailer, mount my old Miller welder, a 5 hp. air compressor, a cutting torch, vise and tool box. The old Wisconsin starts instantly and runs great. Already tried powering my welder, air compressor and angle grinder with it and everything seems to work great. I just cant find a tag that tells me what brand the generator is. The engine is a Wisconsin Model THD. Near as I can tell this might be 1950's vintage. I love this old stuff.🙂
  6. Round House Bibs. Made in America!
  7. Google maps says 40 minutes. Got a spare room if you make the trip and a dog house if you bring a certain gentleman from PA. I understand that he spends most of his time in one. 😊
  8. I don’t know that they were actually supplied with anything but were available for sale at the IH dealerships.
  9. 2+2 Guy

    A sign?

    We have a lot of them in NWOH. I was waiting in the field for my son to pick me up the other day and three of them were circling above me. I called him and told him he better hurry up. They might know something I don’t. 😄
  10. Pretty sure Steiner’s has new friction disc’s for them also.
  11. Thanks, Mark. Looks like I better get the old SMTAD dug out of the back of the barn. Might be one of the few tractor events still on for this year.
  12. That has to be one of my favorite plow day pictures and I know it is one of Red Bibs Bill’s also. I seem to recall that he told me that he has a copy of it hanging up at home. A few years ago I had my F14 at a show and an elderly gentleman was looking it over. He told me that he had one back in the day but traded it off on an H. I commented that he must have thought that he was in heaven when went from the F14 to an H. He thought for a moment and said, “Yes but let me tell ya something, son. When I went from looking at the a$$ end of a team of mules to the F14, I thought I was in heaven also.”
  13. That’s great to hear, Mark. Was just talking about that with a forum member last night and we were speculating if it would happen this year. Might be one of the few events that we can participate in this year.
  14. Would love to have you come down for a visit again, Robert. We'll take a day and visit some of the Red collections and forum members in the area. Just hope you can find a more congenial travelling companion than the last time. 😄
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