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  1. 2+2 Guy

    massey 540 combine salvage parts

    I know Northwest Ohio is a long way from Alabama but there is a former Massey dealer here that sold Massey combines for 5 generations. They literally sold thousands of Massey combines over the years and the owner knows more about Massey combines than anyone that I know. The business is Holgate Implement. They are located in Holgate, OH. The owner's name is Jeff Stober and he would be the man to talk to. They recently lost their Massey franchise but still have new and used parts and a great deal of knowledge. Phone# is 419-264-2031. Be sure and talk to Jeff.
  2. 2+2 Guy

    Happy birthday

    Best wishes on your birthday, Alan. It was certainly nice to meet you at Montgomery this year.
  3. 2+2 Guy

    460 Utility Questions

    Thanks for the response, Bill but I think Matt is right in saying it is a Dunham-Lehr. I did a little internet searching last night and that's what I came up with also. Appears as though Dunham-Lehr was made in Richmond, IN then sold to Farmhand which was acquired by AGCO. Next question is putting a value on the tractor. I know it's difficult to judge by just a few pictures but the seller is asking $3000.00. I told my neighbor that it looked like a $2000.00 tractor to me but if I really wanted and/or needed it maybe $2500. Based on what gordon76 said about putting $1500 in the steering assist, that might even be a little high also. Thank you also, John. I'll be sure and tell him about the side shields. Maybe we will get to have breakfast again at a truck stop in Fort Wayne. 😊
  4. 2+2 Guy

    460 Utility Questions

    Thanks, gordon76. Yeah that makes a whole lot more sense than what I was thinking.
  5. 2+2 Guy

    460 Utility Questions

    My neighbor stopped by and asked me to look at a 460 Utility that he is considering buying. This is not going to be a show tractor. He and his sons raise show cattle (beef) and it will just be a chore tractor. Tractor seems to run good. The seller told him to take it home and use it first to make sure it will be ok. Everything seems to work ok (even the T/A). It just needs some TLC. Needs some carb work and the power steering leaks pretty bad. I told him that I can do the carb but have never gotten into one of these power steering units. Let's start off with the easy question/opinion first. What do you feel is a fair price? Next question. Anybody recognize what brand the loader is? Now the technical question. What will he get into fixing this power steering leak. The power steering works but leaks pretty good mostly out of the shaft seal where the right steering arm attaches to the gear box. I suspect that the seal in the hydraulic assist motor is bad and forcing hyd. fluid out through this seal. Left side leaks a little but nothing like the right. I think I'm correct in referring to this as an assist motor. Can it be removed and rebuilt? I've rebuilt hyd. cylinders, pumps and orbit motors. Is there anything super technical about rebuilding one of these. He's got an IH shop manual coming from a friend that used to work at an IH dealer. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
  6. 2+2 Guy

    Labor Day weekend 2019

    Hey that sounds great. Just might have to bring a tractor or two over there next year. Haven’t been to that show for quite awhile. Nice show and great location.
  7. 2+2 Guy

    Born on under what tractors?

    I have a ‘52 M and an ‘52 IH L-160 truck. Both the same year as me. The M was the last new M that was sold by the local IH dealer and was purchased by my late wife’s grandfather. Makes it kinda special to me.
  8. 2+2 Guy

    National Plowing Contest

    Congratulations and thanks for posting the pics.
  9. 2+2 Guy

    Surprise Visitor at Ch 33 Summer Show

    That’s really neat, Jerry. What an opportunity to get to meet and talk with her. Hope you can share some of her stories with us.
  10. 2+2 Guy

    Sep-Oct Red Power

    Mine made it to Ohio today!
  11. 2+2 Guy

    Story Of Our Lives

    That’s great. I gotta tell ya something........I read that while sitting in the swing on my front porch. Woof! Woof!
  12. 2+2 Guy

    Goodbye old friend

    So sorry for your loss. Been through it myself. It's just like loosing a member of the family...………..because that's exactly what they are.
  13. 2+2 Guy

    2+2 web site

    Our neighbor bought a new 3588 when they first came out. He traded in a 1206 on it. He had every intention of buying a 1486 when he went to the dealer but they talked him into the 2+2. He told me that the first thing he did with it was plow with an in-furrow plow and he was ready to call the dealer and tell them to come and get it and bring him a 1486. He said it really took some getting used to when plowing in the furrow. Once he made a few rounds with it he said he loved it. I always admired that tractor and thought it was a really unique concept. Several others in our area bought them and I did some A/C work on some of them. I always thought some day I'm gonna have one of those. Sometime back in the late 90's I was doing service work for Walker Sprayers out of Indianola, IA. I was asked to go to Indiana and do some warranty work for some guy by the name of Max Favourite. While I was working on his sprayer I kept noticing the back end of this huge 2+2 in the shed next to where I was working. It sure looked bigger than any other 2+2 that I had ever seen. Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to go over and check it out. Hmmmm…...7488. Never heard of that. I remember calling my cousin on the way home and telling him that I just saw the biggest 2+2 that I had ever seen and what a neat tractor it was. When I told him what model it was, he filled me in on the details of the Super 70 Series and that's when I really fell in love with them. It's all Old Max's fault. 😄
  14. 2+2 Guy

    2+2 web site

    Lots of good info on that website. Enjoyed reading it and learned a lot also.