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  1. so u must have found the brgs. ? where,?
  2. don't u dare paint that unit , not even red. once painted its not original and value is decreased if it is a nice original. u have the original decals on it now also. it will run just fine on gas. ran till now so why worry about it. plus keep the 6 volt system. I have a W9 tractor and it starts just fine with 6 volt. need the proper battery cables though. it just needs a clean up. distillate was its own fuel, not a mix of stuff. you had to get he engine hot to temperature then switch to distillate. if not running hot it all did not burn and diluted the oil. so then you had to drain off the oil level each day. which eventually got thin and was hard on engine brgs. so just use gas and u could even use the diesel 15-40 oil in it. and yes the magnet turns counter clockwise same as the diesel engine. this is the only gas engine to do that. the 6 series turns clockwise. I have a yellow td14 which was a military unit. and a yellow td18. ooh and also the fuel pumps are obsolete. I just happened to find one new old stock one for my w9. it can be deleted though , thing it those engines burnt so much fuel they needed a fuel pump to keep the bowl full. and also you can start it with the hand crank if its there. they start so easy when tuned up. it should be running on the third pull of crank. the magneto makes its own power so no battery is required to start it by hand. battery is only for starter and lights. that's another simple thing. what state is this unit in? it might have been used for field work.
  3. just letting you know that yellow is original and worth keeping that way. my friend had a yellow TD9. this is a nice original unit. they roll very easy if things are free in them. for example a 660 international tractor will drag that around like nothing. I have pulled my TD18 with my 660. ooh ooh your missing the generator so how will you run the lights? lol. It has the magneto and the distillate manifold on it. time period correct. what was the price on it?
  4. ya he is good. found me a set of rod brg's for my WK40 few years ago. could not find the mains. he specializes in the hard to find old stuff. been using him for about 25 years now , he is getting old too.
  5. ya that's what I do with my 660 , it is my farming tractor. then give it a wash and to the antique pulls.
  6. Gary's Automotive in Edmonton. 780 433-1425. if he cant find it it cant be got.
  7. you can spend all kind of money on the unit. but if you don't get the power to hook up to the track your done before you start. the fun is watching actual "antique" tractor pulls , not pulls with these units all souped up and gone crazy. antique is antique so it should be stock tractors. sounds like your into more than antique.
  8. ooh no! no more antique tractor pulls!
  9. kind of a different set on these tractors for meshing bull gears to bull pinions. I take it need proper gasket to get proper gear backlash.?? plus they are know for there weak bull pinion brgs. I have heard they should be replaced at 3000 hrs. don't know how true this is. guess depends on the pulling loads.
  10. I have found that the cheaper brg's have less rollers in them. these tractors were also noted for the bull pinion brgs. not lasting. they wont be a work horse nowadays any how. just thought u might want to check each brg. to see if this is true. another thing is you could take the brgs with you to a brg. supplier and they will measure the brg. and come up with one. just some ideas for u if interested.
  11. that is true. I wont buy a tractor with make up on it., its a cover up for the inexperienced.
  12. ooh yes I know Albert. big part of the Westlock tractor museum. years ago we had a nieghbour called Howard Price. would be in the 1960's. don't know your relatives.
  13. I like it! I still want to get over there for that 660.
  14. because there was just over 1100 of these tractor built, and they were classed as rare. I have w-12 , w-30 and wd40 which is not commonly seen either but there was more made like approx. 3500.. ooh wow , don't know if you want to tell the name?
  15. as far as I know, if you have the solid heavy cast front hubs you have the slow low creeper gear. mine has the heavy hubs.
  16. I would be interested in the front wheel weights.. those tractors should have the heavy cast front hubs. those look like the standard 4 front hubs. i also have an os4 I would sell.
  17. there is special pliars for twisting safety wire. I use them at work a lot on all overhead equipment. .
  18. I have one also. but in alberta, Canada also.
  19. that is some homemade pulley to run something. the generator would have been mounted in front of the magneto , very hard to find that set up.
  20. run her as is . just check the clearances with plastigage , as u might need to remove some shims. I have seen many of those brgs. like that. your not going to spend 2000.00 dollars to have new ones poured. also run a 40wt oil in it. even 20-50 is even better. I have a couple of 22-36 tractors.
  21. that is true. I make the deciding factor when both heads are side by side. that one kinda looks like in good shape except cracks. another one might need valve guides, seats, and valves plus the grinding. all depends what you find and its general shape. ideally would be another bolt on head. I sold a super wd9 head for 650.00 few years ago. ready to bolt on. that was reasonable.
  22. that head can be repaired, … but it will be costly. valves look good as they are sitting up high and not all pounded out. even the cyl.s look good,
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