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  1. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    I Wish there was a way for our kids to go to school, Get an education with out having to worry about being killed or a mass killing whether by guns, knifes,cars, sharp stick,or ----- ? I was in high school in the early 70's and I can tell you getting killed was the last thing on my mind in class and you know what I'm talking about. This won't be accomplished easily, protect the school with hired guns, Ok so now someone could wait along the street till class is over for the day. Someone with this kind of mind set will get the job done one way or the other, truly unfortunate.
  2. Steiger 450

    2012 Steiger 450. Having an issue with engine breather filter not separating out the oil from blow by before going into intake side of engine. All the hoses are showing signs of oil plus air to air is coated with sticky oil. Apparently CIH / Iveco have an up date by adding another filter plus R&R air to air cooler . does any one have any knowledge of this update if so did it fix the issue? My thought is do the update then drop the breather hose over the side to the bottom side like most engines and plug the intake port up. Any ideas?
  3. Truck titling - are there any options?

    E-logs anyone? I run 25 miles past the 150 radius I told my guy to play dumb if stopped, Been going through scales for years loaded both ways never stopped , yeah I know he will get checked now with that comment. I hoping Congress gets involved and changes course, there is a truck shortage before the E-log rule now it's worse so once stores run out of product and complain then maybe.
  4. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Like Mikem says States are different . Possible run farm, if run farm exempt then you would be limited on mileage. Will need UsDot # if you don't have one to get vehicle licensed if over 10,001. However this is depending what your State says Lots of info on your state websites to show you the way. Chances are If you need CDL you will need a DOT physical exam too. Are we having fun yet? Not so simple anymore.
  5. Touchy subject

    The no spanking rule worked not so well at my house back in the 80's & 90's. I was told by what's her name (now an X) I couldn't spank the kids. Fine so do it your way. She would tell the kids your grounded for a week, No friends over for week, I won't take you to town for a week, No TV for a week. Now for most people a week is 7 days except at our house it was 2 days, 3 days Max. Then taking, letting them do whatever. The kids turned out fabulous. Glad they are all over 30. They are Lazy, Spoiled, ungrateful for anything and feel entitled to everything. I would and did spank my kids when the issue got out of hand. The positive about spanking is the 2 of you can talk about the reason this going to happen. Take care of business and your done, No more complaining. When taking away stuff or grounding this leaves it wide open for the entire duration of punishment time of complaining about why cant I go to ? Or go do ? and generally that is why it was 3 days max cause the kids knew when she said no it was a maybe and in 2-3 days it would be a yes. Each to their own, no single discipline way works for all kids.
  6. More big stuff (yellow)

    Good customer relations with a box of old parts returned. there wouldn't be a question about what parts were or weren't replaced
  7. Calls on Cell Phone

    Yes lots of them. Won't leave a message also Hang up before going to voice mail. A few trick me with a local number too. USDA calls all the time when crop numbers are due, If I don't answer landline starts ringing 30 seconds later which doesn't get answered.
  8. Steiger 450

    Yes good info, thanks SDman
  9. Cool old Kenny

    Lots of nice photo's of back in the day. There is one that goes right to the top of the list is, Sally on her knee's facing backwards with Burt driving he sure is wearing a nice looking hat. Wow.
  10. Steiger 450

    SDman, Once we started asking questions at the dealership they came up with the fix. I thought Deere was the only one that used fix as fail BS. If this was off warranty I would be screwed unless I could use the emissions warranty .
  11. Steiger 450

    This must be a fix it if the customer complains deal since no one volunteered any knowledge about the problem from CIH or local dealer.
  12. Steiger 450

    SDman, tractor has under 1200 hours on it so first time change. I've noticed the oil for the past 3-400 hours on the intake hose. I didn't think it was the turbo since it didn't use much oil still was curious what was going on just the same. Warranty is up shortly was driving factor for inspection. Knowing the air to air has oil goop inside was most of my concern since heat dissipation would be substantial less under these operating conditions. thanks for the reply
  13. Cool old Kenny

    Cummings 903 and a big 375 hp
  14. Touchy subject

    As a freshman I made a custom built paddle with recessed holes in the wood as a joke for my Dad, It was all fun and games till he used it on my butt, So at first chance that thing went in the fire place.
  15. Something you don't see everyday

    I would say it was dead even steven.
  16. Something you don't see everyday

    Great photo. You know the old saying “only the strongest survive “ proof here that isn’t true all the time.
  17. Cool old Kenny

    The "Monfort lane" comes to mind here.
  18. Cool old Kenny

    Love that A model with the 08 in it . Back in the mid 80's 350/400 hp was common in most trucks. I worked for an out fit running Petes and KW with silver 92's 525 hp pulling 8 axle powder trains at 105,500 , 2 of us were running I-5 south bound came up on a long pull we went by 2 loaded logging trucks. it was embarrassing how quick both of us passed them. the 2 drivers of the log trucks were squawking on the CB saying we must be empty or hauling a lite load cause there is no way we should pass them if we had a full load. my sidekick says no we are loaded but you guys might be heavier then we are so what do weigh ? the log truck says we are grossing 72,000 lbs. My buddy says oh we both have 72,000 lbs net in the tanks. They didn't want to talk to us anymore.
  19. dairy herd sales

    Sad to see any farmer go through a forced sale. With the amount of farms that are shutting down and cows headed for beef I would think the market would start to turn, Hopefully guys don't take the poison pill by buying up these herds as attractive as they are. I wonder how many guys are using sexed seman ? Seems that was the only throttle plate that kept herds numbers close to balanced.
  20. California Bean Cutter

    She is a straight old gal for 50+ years old
  21. 1206's Sold

    Well the guy is well known and consistent at what he knows best. Being a crook.
  22. Possibility of a 51st state

    Washington Sate idiot Governor. And this guy wants to be Prez. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/23/washington-state-gov-warns-driver-licensing-bureau-not-to-help-ice.html
  23. Possibility of a 51st state