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  1. When I hire I ask questions about mechanical knowledge. Our work is seasonal, If I can't keep the guys busy that's not good for anyone. I don't expect guys to O/H an engine mainly simply issues, routine maintenance, lights, grease, change oil kind of stuff. 2 guys are ok with this arrangement the 3rd one would rather sit at home. He lives 1/2 mile away and will come in with 1/2 hour notice I'm okay with this arrangement.
  2. Younger generation brain washed, think 40 hours/week should be making $100k with no experience
  3. I have 1998 Pete .2004 Pete, 2014 Pete , when I had 2 drivers the 2014 pete didn’t get used much, now I have a 3rd driver so the 2014 gets used. It took me a while to find guys. Some of these guys from schools can’t back up or can’t keep truck between the lines if the driver gets around without tearing up equipment or running into others I overlook other issues they may have. IE pigpen,
  4. I'm praying to God my wife doesn't find out about this technology cause i could be in trouble.
  5. New Englander thanks for explaining and sharing aviation technology.
  6. Since I've never met you i'm guessing you're on the left. it's an easy conclusion since i've seen pictures of your 560 with lots of bling attached to it. maybe you could offer a for-hire package, you and the 560 together
  7. Captain says Seattle to Cabo 4 hours 11 minutes Nothing going on so i set my phone timer for 4.11. from rear wheels lift off to rear wheels touch down. Captain missed it by 20 seconds, very impressive. seems like lots of variables to calculate in.
  8. Had 4-5 different connections over the last 15 years. Had starlink for 8-9 months so far. Star link is a rockstar. less money and better speed. As fast as you click the mouse it loads the page. have 3 computers in the office using it.
  9. At a tractor pull little gal would turn some heads walking around this way.
  10. How much lime do you need? I have trucks loaded ready to go!!
  11. Planting last field of wheat today. Not sure it was one of my smarter decisions since soft wet and sticky. Worried about the wheel tracks filling with water during rain.
  12. Best move by deere was adding Cummins to lineup. Think where IH would be today if they used Cummins instead of the POS maxforce engine.
  13. Harvest went from 6” of powder to 6” of mud in a few short days. Rain finally quit but now the cold nights are here. Finally getting to the last of the 2022 spud harvest. Time for my happy dance !!!
  14. No doubt Randy and the others lost are having that discussion about their last flight.
  15. I can vouch Troy is alive and up to his usual tricks, Friday I'm in his area, staying in my own lane, minding my own business, out of no where comes a big white KW swerving at me trying to run me off the road. Good thing or i would have drove right past him. Anyways we a good BS session.
  16. Communication??? What's that. I have 1 driver which is great, 2 others not so much. Just yesterday I had a discussion with new driver about keeping me in the loop, No need to call. Simple text works, On job, Empty, Loaded is all I need. He said Okay i understand. Helps to know how the job is progressing and I can update them on any changes. So I explained this to him and why it's important to update me. Today, First truck on the job at 8am 10.45 no nothing. called field guy, Oh he left here an hour ago. He didn't get reloaded till 3.45, not a peep from him. guess I will try again.
  17. Not sure about cement shortage in our area. I had 130 yard 6 sack slab done 2 weeks ago. The contractor waited 8-10 days for scheduling. Batch plants are busy. Back log was lack of drivers creating the jam, might be the same there.
  18. October 16 , 80 degrees. No rain since late June. Watering red spuds to reduce skinning. Common practice for early September digging. Never this late for storage harvest. Lot of guys sitting it out till the rain comes in which is later this week. Once it starts you never know when it will quit. Last year at this time I had fields to wet to harvest, bird food doesn’t pay. Had the boss lady helping today.👍
  19. Plenty of Deere guys on here. Never apologize for liking green paint as long as you have red paint to blend in.
  20. Yeah me to, kinda odd but I like my Deere Combine more then my X
  21. Few years ago I was at dairy they had a large rotary system , robot pre-wash, guy final wash, guy putting cups on, auto takeoff, robot spraying udder. One guy brings clean towels. Milking 400+ an hour. I suppose they had a guy or 2 moving herds. Very efficient IMO.
  22. I had about 8 ac of beans to finish up for the year , the combine had plugged , I knew some thing went through just didn’t know what . Chopper had a vibration so I lifted the chopper up and disengaged it. Finished the beans. Went to strip the combine for cleaning and found the cover pushed out. Went to the spot where it plugged up and found the grate. Grate needs replacing. Need to replace knifes to get chopper back in balance. Not sure what else at this time.. I’m going to check the bolts on the grates seems odd to have g that much stress that far back. Doing spring wheat I busted all the mount bolts on the front concave.
  23. It’s always a cluster Duck at the cement plant between RR cars and pneumatic tankers not a lot of room. Trying to get out of there the drivers should wait till the tanker finishes loading drive straight out though the cluster. This time he made a decision to try going around instead of waiting, made a sharp turn and had to back up which jack knifed 85% then the 5th can rotate forward and down from the weight of product loaded in the front. newer driver didn’t know this could happen. not much damage this time, last time right fender was ripped up.
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