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  1. I have a filter head which uses 2-10 micron Cim Tek filters which we change once or twice year, once the fuel is in the truck the problems start.
  2. I've heard bio-diesel can be an issue.
  3. That be my case running diesel Pu since 1993. On my 5th and last one. I think the engines are ok it's the kind of use I do is what creates the problems. when I pass one down pu gets shorter trips. Shop to most fields are no more then a 8 mile drive so never get worked or hot much.
  4. Well I haven't left any along the road, i try to proactive and change filters when 2500 miles. i see a few making 4500 miles so maybe things are starting to turn.
  5. Started black bean harvest today. moisture 15.75 at 1.30 pm 13.0 at 6.30 pm
  6. Yes same jobber for both tanks. Run Deere equipment no issues there. I don’t think the trucks have fuel coolers
  7. Do you have more info? Last Feb. my jobber added Valvtect to the loads never saw much difference. He did say I wasn't the only one with this issue.
  8. Been fighting this for a year. Running Cat 3406E in 4 trucks. Fleet-gard Filters last 1700 -2000 miles. Local shop guy says problem is the fuel has less sulfur (EPA) so an addictive is added for lubrication this additive is getting cooked in the head and creating fine black particles which plug up the filter ( we have opened filters and found this ) the guy says the cure is don't shut off engine till it has cooled more so the fuel won't be cooked in the head which we have been doing by leaving trucks running when fueling up each day. I have 2 fuel tanks a 15,000 for off road (no issues) and 6,000 on road which is where my issue is. Any knowledge of this issue or suggestions.
  9. I saw a photo of a new Deere combine flipped up on a lowboy after going around a corner. They had cross chained front and rear, problem was the length of the X tie down was long. when the guy went around the corner the long chains allowed one side of the combine to rotate up off the deck. X tie down is ok but they should have a short chain on 4 corners around the axle housings to the outside rail of lowboy. I don't think the combine was damaged but i'm sure the driver needed new shorts.
  10. Plan B. If you can't fix these old rigs you can enter the Lind WA. combine demolition derby. First full weekend in June. Lots cold beer there.
  11. Insecto? weevil's love it. Diatomaceous earth
  12. First day of harvest for spud storage, I’m not asking for much. But if the good Lord would give me 1” of rain every 8-10 days I promise to be a really good boy.
  13. I live in Wa. State which is one of several states which gave away it's control of GHG emissions to Cally since they do such a stellar job at it . In 2023 Wa. State carbon tax of .25 gallon starts, now they say since we follow Ca. it will be over .50/gallon that is $35,000 cost, then every year it goes up till i say FU and sell out or go broke. If EV's are as good as the Government claims then why are they forcing that crap on us?
  14. Today checking on taters and Black beans with Dalley Bear.
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