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  1. Crazy high fert prices coming for 2022. Smart business sense, Sometimes due to market demand more money made with the bi-product then selling the main product .
  2. Good that you bought 2, this guy needs one
  3. I was at school, 6 Y/O in the 8th grade , I remember our teacher telling the class and the flag being lowered.
  4. Did you check both air filters, even though the small secondary filter looks clean it can still restrict the engine air flow.
  5. With smart phones everywhere no shortage of video's posted on TicTok showing the poor decision / stupidity of car/truck drivers. Cheap entertainment for the evening.
  6. Correct. Off kilter? More like sent a section to the bottom of river. Story goes the red car in the bottom photo was getting on NB I-5 about 3 miles south of the river, Grandma was ahead of this red car while merging on to the the freeway, the guy was impatient with grandma's speed merging and passed her blowing his horn flipping her the bird as he flew by her. The rest of the story is obvious. Karma, Priceless '
  7. The Nooksack river flows North west through Everson WA. The Dike system is either low or none. If the river gets out of it’s main channel some of the flood water heads north east towards Sumas then continues into BC area. Go 15 miles west from Sumas the water flows North to South. Troy is between this area which is high ground . The red dot is location of Troy.
  8. Apparently traffic stopped or slowed on the bridge not sure if it was because the river was at flood stage or a lot of people going shopping, the truck driver was issued a $1,200 fine. Lucky it wasn’t man slaughter.
  9. Couple of days ago on I-5 Skagit river bridge. truck failed to stop . Gal had a couple scratches
  10. I went through this 1.5 years ago. Paid $4,500 for class, paid $15/hr for the guy to sit in class/drive. Paid him for about 100 hrs driving empty then my driver would drive loaded. Guy couldn't back up, Couldn't keep it between the lines cause he was a gamer and that was how he drove his race car.😣 Finally decided he could go on his own, 1st time out picked up load went to job unloaded , then decided not to reload in Seattle on the way back cause It was late and he wanted to go home to play games. That was the end of his game for me.
  11. IIRC The driver went through a stop sign. After the investigation what other issues contributed to the crash?
  12. Been using auto's for 35 years. Have several 4900 with 653, couple of 7400 with 3560's. Harvest time better in the mud since you can pick up speed quicker to get through the wet area. The reason the Allison's hold up fairly well is I run J.D. Hydraulic oil in them.😁
  13. I'm headed to Cabo at the end of Nov. I plan on making a deposit at the dealer before I leave.
  14. Me to, I don't think i will be that lucky. Hard to spot the tank when the side cap is under the other tank and next to the fender and isn't in clear view. Not sure why they would put the low coolant sensor on a tank that isn't out in the open and visible.
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