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  1. I may have found your missing pieces.
  2. I thought black was no exhaust filter or they drilled out the filter?🤷‍♀️
  3. Paccrap why would anyone buy one other then it's less cost up front. Not long ago I was on truckpaper looking at a nice 389 pete ,the next photo was hood flipped up where is the engine? oh it's a Paccrap. I'm sure there are guys that like them. however, I'll stick to my 3406E and C-15's
  4. A guy I hadn't seen for 15 years stopped by the farm to show me his "new car" It was a late 60's GTX which was totally restored. He told me he had been looking for 15-20 years to find a GTX the same as what his Dad had when he was younger. He found it online he went and checked it out then had a friend go negotiate the price/sale of the car for him. He said everything was removed,cleaned and repainted. He told me a few other details about it. I asked who did the restore, He said it was one of Paul Allen's cars so it was his own guys that did the work. After Paul died the sister received all go
  5. 9000 series MacDon only issue is heads are hard to find. 2-3 years ago I bought 2nd macdon with a grass head, 1800 hours for 17,000 out of Oregon. The guy I bought it from had 2 units, he was selling cause seed guys are using modified disc mowers which are faster. He said now he can go cut as much in 4-5 hours what it took 2 Macdons all day.
  6. It's the DNC's grand scheme to change all red states to blue states.
  7. Imagine if the truck haters of the world were successful and the Rail road was the only dog and pony show in town for delivering goods.
  8. People ask me how much HP my pu is I tell them i have no idea other then it's has plenty when pulling a loaded trailer.
  9. Mid 90's went to see a different MD since I was tired all the time. The gal comes in introduces herself sits down ask me why I was there "Cause I'm always tired and falling asleep during the day "She asks "How are your erections???" Now how the h3ll am going to answer that besides "uh uh ok I guess" Now I know there's a few of you which would offer to show her how good it is. The gal was onto my problem telling me I needed to go have a sleep study done. I wish she had explained it better as to why. I didn't go till a buddy of mine had the same issue and came home with a CPAP machine and said
  10. Sweet, You won't be disappointed with power/torque. I'm on my 4th diesel they keep getting better MPG as the years go by. Have 2017 hi-way driving 23-24 MPG Hook a trailer up it be half of that.
  11. They started digging the canal the day after the last pyramid was completed.
  12. Dr. Osterholm: Current winner of the "Chicken 🐔 little" award.
  13. 806 man

    Covid Shot

    Is this covid discussion over OR do I have time to get some popcorn made before the next round?
  14. 806 man

    Covid Shot

    NE, Go ahead and throw me under the bus, then back up, then roll ahead. Then repeat as much as you like. 😁
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