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  1. Another great day for harvest. Never enough trucks.
  2. Joe might be telling the truth for once. Didn't you watch him trip twice going up AF1 steps? Joe has double clutched so much his knees are shot.
  3. Back in the late 80's I was waiting at a shop for some parts, an older guy comes in and sits down. I noticed a little hole in the top right rear of his head so I asked him about it He said he was in WWII His group of soldiers had come under attack and they were being slaughtered with no way out at the end he fell down faking death, the enemy walked through knocking everyone in the head then shooting anyone who moved. The hole in his head was to adjust a metal plate the MD built since his skull was shattered he would use the T wrench to adjust it when it bothered him. tough old guy.
  4. 2-3 years from now it might be more obvious why we (i) chose not to vax. I hope there is no such case of large amount of sickness or death from the vax. Time will tell at that point in time I might change my mind.
  5. Covid put the fear of death in me so figured I might as well go out have some fun while I still had a chance.
  6. Up to 30 pages almost a turd of the way there.Thanks NE for keeping the thread alive.😁
  7. NE, Not so quick. Sorry but this thread will out live Covid. Next year by the time 100 pages. Guaranteed 😁
  8. If Joe and his minions left people alone instead of trying to bribe, name call, shame, talking mandatory Vax they may have been more successful. Any time someone who doesn't know me and is telling me what I should to do is when I find a way not to do it. This constant push to vax doesn't give me much faith in the long run of 3-5 years if the crap works. It's the what if for me so I will continue my life with what God gave me. Dying from covid is very low on my list of concerns. I have a friend who was a military nurse, she was required to take all the shots before going to Iraq. She says lot of good people have died from those shots. She isn't very healthy and would be dead if she hadn't done research to help herself. She has been looking at the make-up of the VAX, her gut feeling is 2-3 years from now peoples immune system won't work like it should.
  9. Aw sh3t. Sure didn't take much to throw you off the trail. LMAO
  10. What an inspiring story. God Bless the kids and the hog bidders.
  11. Could be time for the yellow jackets return to the streets.
  12. I have a feeling a year or two from now a bunch of Red power idiots will be watching the news idiots eat crow.
  13. There was a whole lot wrong done nation wide. Perhaps you should be directing your rage at the Government agency that decided Amazon was essential while others were shut down. Last December Costco had a store in Yakima WA. with 150 employees that caught covid. WA. State L&I rules said more then 10% of work force sick you must shut down, Costco had about 40% sick. No visit from the state, no shut down. Costo decided they could stay open and operate safely. Any other business would be fined and shut down. owner is a big donor to the DNC says it all.
  14. I live in the country. Good neighbors, good friends make life fun. I avoid big cities like the plague.
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