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  1. Just wait till I get my camcorder set up and start pontificating to all you deniers, this guy will look like a saint.
  2. i would say you got your moneys worth out of those. I thought maybe every 2500-3000 hrs
  3. 20 years ago I was driving down the road and noticed smoke coming out of a tractor cab so I turned around climbed inside and found a smoldering rag trying to lite up. I knew the farmer and told him what I did. He wasn't very happy that I saved his old POS AC 4 wheel drive articulating tractor.
  4. I've read about bullet proof coolers and their design compared to IH. How many EGR coolers have you replaced on the 570? I have 2 maxxforce I was thinking about doing the electronic delete or getting a bullet proof cooler on stand by.
  5. In 2014 I started a 3 years lease then renewed for another 2 year lease on a CIH 450 then bought it out last year. The deciding factor over Deere was opening the hood and seeing an engine instead of emissions crap. Running the 450 at 1800 RPM greatly reduces the amount of DEF used versus 2100. DEF is cheap when compared to potential emissions issues. The Deere engines have been pretty good. More issues with IVT/Final drives
  6. Why is it better reburning cooled exhaust than just using clean cool outside air and running it like a normal engine so it doesn't overheat and cause all of the other side issues caused by EGR emissions stuff? So basically you would have an engine with no EGR crap but on the exhaust side all the goodies are in place.
  7. So what is the point of EGR anyway. Why can't they get rid of the EGR valve/cooler and get back to basics with only DEF and DPF? How many years and time did EPA tell them their engine wouldn't pass and Navistar kept on fighting it through courts
  8. Funny, however truly unfortunate, Take one of the most reliable engines (466) ever built and thanks to the emissions turn it into a POS.
  9. I couldn't resist posting.
  10. not 2008 2010-2011 models
  11. If you haven't noticed most of the MNSBC Fake news talking heads wear glasses, It's suppose to make them look smarter is what I read. So I thought WTH if it can work for those idiots why can't it work myself.
  12. 806 man

    Local sale

    Troy, Back in the day the NFE was used locally in cauliflower/Broccoli fields. Dad and my Uncle grew cauli from early 60's till 89 using older IH then when the hydo 70's and 86 model came out my uncle would pick them up at auctions and dealers. Had 12-13 of them at one time all with NFE and WFE. Still have the original 70 and a couple other 86's around doing the gravy work. Handy little tractors. Still fire up like new!!
  13. 806 man

    Local sale

    I will be up in the area tomorrow, If i have time I will stop and have a look at it. I thought 656 would be to old for the gold?
  14. Never have heard much good about Navistar Maxxforce engines. Supposedly lot of emissions issues. I have a maxxforce 10 which is using 1/3 gallon of antifreeze in 8-10 hours. I talked with the local shop about this they seem to think EGR cooler issues, The shop had concerns about continuing to run the equipment since it will/could cause problems down stream with after treatment equipment. Question I have is, does IH have a new improved exhaust cooler , is it any better? I see a company called bullet proof which makes EGR coolers. Does anyone know anything about the product. Also I see several class action law suits about emissions on the maxxforce engines.
  15. 806 man

    Corona virus

    Don't say that to loud, Seattle people headed to E WA. and cleaned out a lot of small community stores. Locals are pissed.
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