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  1. John is a fire cracker, always fired up about something. Never misses a beat getting his sponsors names mentioned. John should consider a job as a fast talking used car salesman in his next life.
  2. ''Rempel described the location of the fire as a ‘very rural area’, two miles off the two-lane highway''. Truly unfortunate. Equipment fires do happen flag or no flag. Fires are one reason why I never park equipment close together in a wheat field.
  3. After removal of the exhaust manifold and leaving radiator charged up overnight,cranked the engine over the evidence is clear and points to #3 cylinder.
  4. Had this truck for 10+ years with no big issues on any of it, blow-by isn't much. I'm not ready to give up on the old girl. Paid $16K spent another 12k removing sleeper,redoing fuel tanks, adding drop axle, added PTO. Spend 50-60k on a newer something with a POS DEF engine, No way.
  5. Yup a pete with water cooled exhaust.😁
  6. Put oil in, fired up smoke looked good. Then saw some water tracks past turbo on exhaust pipe, so pulled turbo and exhaust manifold letting sit over night under pressure again. thinking head issue
  7. Over 48 hours of shop air plumbed into radiator set 14 psi and no sign of antifreeze coming from oil pan, I hate to go on a goose chase so putting oil back in it and run it and see if the problem becomes more obvious. Did find a small water leak on by pass hose is all. Maybe I still have a chance to hit the 1,000,000 mile mark before O/H 🤗
  8. Back in the day and current day
  9. I would think I would have anti freeze running out the oil pan drain hole after 12+ hours of 12lb pressure with bad o rings. If I get anti freeze out the drain i will pull the pan to verify which liner. Looking for that smoking gun. hoping on cracked head issue and not a o-ring,liner or liner protrusion issue
  10. 2000 Cat 3406E 500HP 925,000 miles 24,000 hours est. Received oil test says evidence of anti freeze in oil. Driver confirmed added a short gallon a week ago. So did the bottle test on over flow hose nothing. removed rad cap used duct tape to cover radiator cap hole still showed no head gasket bubble.I do see a few bubbles in the water in over flow tank flowing by. Drained oil and removed filter pumped up radiator let sit all night no anti freeze dripping from pan. This morning hooked air hose direct to radiator set at 12 lbs from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm tonight nothing. Nothing weeping out
  11. My 450 smokes some at start up then clears up after a 45-60 seconds. Nothing like going on a wild goose chase. Give it time, The problem will manifest and become obvious.
  12. 806 man

    I married up

    Just make her wait for a year or two like i do. They never say No when the time comes around.
  13. 806 man

    1586 Turbo

    Currently I have a good 3ld 229 schwitzer bolted on the 806. Sounded like a S2E was a hot ticket. not much room under the hood using the M&W exhaust manifold, Jest thinking if there was a direct mount S2E bolt on I would try one that's all other wise i will stick with my schwitzer
  14. 806 man

    1586 Turbo

    Can you get one with a on-center T-4 inlet? and 4 bolt exhaust. Or same as M&W rajay for 806, hood clearance is the issue
  15. Political? "Never waste a crisis" LMAO at Dems serving this "Kool-aid crisis" to the sheep which are drinking it daily. Nothing but a blame game to take out Trump. Saw a sign Friday "Trump has killed 206,000 people" Really? WTH 328 million in the USA, 32 million have been infected so need ONLY need another 230,000,000 million to reach herd immunity. Lets assume 50,000,000 million a year are infected that is 4.6 years to reach the herd. Ain't no way in h3ll people will keep on doing the mask thingy that long. No way to stop covid. Let it run wild lets get this sh3t over with. People die
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