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  1. Couple of years ago I was looking at renting one just to stir the pot only problem was the dang thing didn't have a slow enough low gear.
  2. I think one of the concerns was using the military as a way to get a free sex change operation. You came in as a male or female your leaving as the same sex as you came in would have fixed that issue instead of a ban.
  3. It's always easy to tell when there is to much oil in the wet tank, It's when the engine seizes up.
  4. New Englander, So after everything that went wrong with that plane I'm amazed anyone would get back in it to fly it back to the shop, How does a pilot get picked for that special assignment and what is the reward if you fail besides the obvious ?
  5. I always appreciated Trey's questions/response when he was a DC politician. Sure didn't back down to anyone.
  6. Paul Singer, What a snake in the grass. Troy, Agree kinda, If true what Tucker says this issue is found within both political colors. What's the old saying about a politician in DC getting rich might hold true here.
  7. Space rock cause it's been cooked, earth rock been rolled around in ice so no flavor.
  8. That's reassuring,😯 why pay attention in class when it could mean life or death for yourself and the passengers.
  9. 7and8, Yes you are correct. Also Japan used that field for training their 747 pilots for a lot of years.
  10. I'm not a wine drinker, however, I might have to get a couple of bottles to keep around the house for those special occasions when the Trump haters stop by.
  11. Always appreciate insider information of the current situation and simple enough even an non-pilot old fart can understand. thanks
  12. Boeing wants to maintain a constant temperature not sure as to why other then to protect their investment, During the spring they expect a short window when they will not run gensets otherwise need to run during hot or cold 7/24. Another comment was EPA wants to know how much fuel each genset is burning all are tier4 engines seems odd, so might need to barcode each unit to track fuel usage.
  13. Yes how true. Kinda like old timers running tractors before GPS now having it makes it easier. Put a new guy behind the wheel and when the GPS goes out their done old guys no problem.
  14. Went to out laws in Ritzville America over the weekend . BIL is working for a fuel company that keeps the gen sets fueled for all the 737 max sitting at Moses Lake. He said around 156 jets sitting there with more on the way all waiting for the “Fix” They have a multi year contract . Did a drive by there today on way back home. Each plane has a 60 Kw or 120 kw for 2 planes . Every couple of days a crew will come in and move or jack up the jet and rotate the tires
  15. Somebody left on heck of an impression there.
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