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  1. 806 man

    Is global warming for real?

    Have I witnessed climate change in Washington State in my 731 months of living? Yes. Do I believe in global warming ,oceans will rise and flood the area I farm, No. My time on earth is nothing then a blink of an eye when compared to the entire life span of earth. Lots of evidence in this state of great floods caused by the ice dams in Montana failing. Give it another 50 years the know it alls will be claiming whatever it is that makes them money. Like Big Al Gore and his BS, just follow the money. Do I believe the promoted global warming agenda was nothing more then a scheme to transfer wealth from the USA and other wealthy counties to 3rd world countries. Yes
  2. 806 man

    Miramar F-14 Tower Fly by.

    Since I'm a top gun F-14 groupie I like hearing and seeing the rest of the story about the film.
  3. 806 man

    My new president

    The Iran agreement is still in place just without the USA signed on to it. Besides the "agreement" was only good as a** wipe so whats the difference then and now?
  4. 806 man

    Sprayer question

    I have GPS and use foam for counting tater rows from end of boom to next rows to turn in on. 100' booms with 36'' rows it hardly ever comes out right. With narrow headlands counting rows get you spot on, GPS will only get you close. You will drive over more of the crop using GPS. Once on the row I reset the line then run GPS. Once the crop is hilled with the spray tracks in place then no more counting it's turn and burn.
  5. 806 man

    Feminism, coming to a town near you

    Dam I would have tipped Rachael Maddow over in a heart beat back in the day . No way now since she is such an idiot , not sure why her show is still on . she repeats everything 5 times.
  6. This one I like the best. The look says it all. "Yeah baby !! Ain't all that smoke a beautiful thing"
  7. 806 man

    Me on a 1256 back in the day

    My Dads 1256 came with out stickers also, I was able to order a set to finish off the turbo look.
  8. Things Seattle voters will accept: Government-funded heroin dens: legal–on their way–and illegal (going on in RVs, tiny house and jungles all over the city) Meth dens: going on in RVs, tiny house and jungles all over the city. Sex trafficking increases: tied inexorably to drug cartels, vertical market expansion. Narco-terrorist drug gangs: The TV show Drugs, Inc. has profiled Seattle and a cop explained that Honduran drug gangs are here because drugs and sanctuary city status. Likely pedophiles as mayor: is there any doubt that the tunnel should be named after Murray? Forced upon the city by con artists pretending to care for us. War on roads Increasing cost of labor Street people seizing parks: homeless people in Seattle can find help, street people want to be street people. Heroin needles on playgrounds: ‘Nuff said . . . Punks blocking the streets because they have a right to force you to read their signs and hear their chants. Destruction of fishing jobs by bicycle lobby (one of many beards for developers) Tunnel with no downtown exits: the Ed Murray Tunnel. Camps for street people as no-go zones for law enforcement: cops don’t get to go look around for felons even though the two rapists–one attempted, one who actually raped a woman–lived in jungles, had records and moved here probably to be able to hide and take drugs. Massive importation of more street people: everyone knows street people are moving to “Freattle.” $1.3 billion spent in one year to make homelessness worse: Puget Sound Business Journal. Kshama “Bhagwan Shree” Sawant spending taxpayer money on propaganda signs Doxxing opponents of the tax on jobs Kshama “Bhagwan Shree” Sawant calling exonerated cops murderers A $100 million trolley that is deadly and slower than walking (even uphill!) Sound Transit lying to people in South Seattle and getting people killed in that neighborhood. Increased gang shootings Spending more money to defend a tax than they made on the tax A transportation director with no experience in transportation who was also committing ethical violations when not busy letting overturned fish trucks stay overturned on the viaduct for about six hours. Spending taxpayer money to build an arena that a private business offered to build with its own money Giving money to S.H.A.R.E which stores people in parking lots and cons them into being activists Zero enforcement of property crime laws A prosecutor–Heroin Dan Satterberg–who brags about not prosecuting people who go on to commit murder Two cases in the past few months of people known to be insane–and allowed to stay on the streets–raping and murdering women in their homes
  9. 806 man

    Looking for advice on my 1973 1468

    Hopefully your G-Pa will give or sell it to you and your brother to keep in the family. If you would like an idea look it up on Tractor house that will give you an idea of what you have in your possession.Check out 1568 too while your at it. https://www.tractorhouse.com/
  10. The guy that runs the local coffee shop is 60, weighs 150 lbs, has 150 cholesterol, smokes like a train . I'm 60, 275+ lbs, have 210 cholesterol , so i'm thinking about taking up smoking.
  11. 806 man

    life in our corner

    Troy, Getting dry to the south of you, Going over tall fescue seed Field 25 hour pull. Hopefully finish taters next week, Done with spinach and beans.
  12. 806 man

    I`m disgusted too

    X2. Kid sports at a young age no losers, everybody is a winner all get a participation trophy. Mom and dad also tells them they are special, Not as much dicipline at home as the old days. Kids get older then they learn the cold hard truth , They aren't special after all and there are clear winners and losers in life. Some can't deal with reality. Years ago it was the post office people going "Postal" which seems like don't hear so much about these days. now schools.
  13. 806 man

    Freeattle, More Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Troy, The low priced head tax of $275.00 which would raise $50M is just a start. Sawant wants to raise $400M with the head tax.. I hope our Gov Dip sh3t doesn't get any ideas from this bright idea from the city.
  14. 806 man

    Trucker question

    The day cab has been a rock star in the 10 years I've owned. Hasn't cost to much with EBD. The truck came out of Southern Cali. 9 speed and 435HP, Dropped in a 13 speed and a little computer tune up to 500HP The sleeper truck isn't so lucky, Between over head issues, Diffs and trannys it's been 24K in repairs in the last year. Average the 2 out not so bad.
  15. 806 man

    Trucker question

    Originally the truck had a sleeper once sleeper was removed instead of using a flat panel on back of cab a fat boy kit was used which gives you about 6” inches more leg room by extending rearward over a flat panel