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  1. There was a reason she wouldn't debate much before she was elected. AOC is good for about 10-15 words then she starts drifting, kinda like trump after 90 seconds.
  2. I'm beginning to think your the one deflecting. Why is it so obvious to most of us what is taking place in DC? I know you see it to and you don't seem to give a poop. Just curious as to why.
  3. Might try looking in CA. Back in the day some of IH engines in trucks from Ca. had coolers. It was CARB's way to help with emissions on some trucks , cooler air instead of more fuel for hp increase.
  4. This video was linked in with the above story link. 24 minute video of a guys opinion of who AOC handlers are and how they pulled off 6-7 election wins. After watching this video it makes sense to me why all the older Dems are huddled around her and think she is the best 'thing" going. Hint. It's to save their own hide at next election. https://youtu.be/1h5iv6sECGU
  5. What's your address? I will send you new glasses, contacts or eyeballs if u think Melania is a Dog
  6. Just think there wouldn't be any impeachment evidence if she wouldn't have dribbled a dab. Heck might have been intentionally. Either way I won't down grade her, she still gets an A++++++ in my book for effort.
  7. 806 man

    Check this out, 35 years ago ? This true ?

    Some of these people will destroy our country from with in, It's bred into them. Look at the newly elected politicians in DC. WTH. There is no doubt in my mind what their true intentions are, I guarantee it's not for the good of our country they are the wolves in sheep cloths. In 2006 I laughed at a friend when she told me about a guy named Obama that was running for Prez I said no one would ever vote for a guy with a name like that.
  8. No shortage of AOC satire on here. Don’t stop now!! 🤪 I will give her a break. I’m sure 50% are false.
  9. 806 man

    Minimum wage increase

    When you say “businesses have a profit margin” and “No CEO is going to make less money for their business “ surely you can’t be talking about the growers/producers of America’s agriculture table stock items? It’s well known most farmers are price takers and not price setters. My guess is a large majority of farms have some employees making the same or more money then the owner of the farm. If it was that easy you wouldn’t see the 1,000’s of dairy farms and other types of farms being auctioned off ever year. If your talking about brick and mortar stores then yes you have a valid point about pricing. Even a store is limited on listing price due to the internet and competition from other stores. If you have items that no one can get elsewhere then you can achieve a higher price until the next guy shows up with the same or better item for less money.
  10. 806 man

    Minimum wage increase

    Since I live and have business’s in a high minimum wage state I support raising the wage in other states to level out the field. Gets hard to be competitive when other states are paying $4-5 less per hour. In the next few years I will be forced to use technology that is already proven and available . There is a huge cost going this route, however, when I can eliminate 15 people along with the wages, overtime, personal time leave pay, state and fed taxes, no end in sight with wage increases and daily drama at some point it’s a simple decision to make.
  11. AOC is the tipsy top 10% of the iceberg. Plenty of her type surrounding her. Give those idiots 10 more years only then you will understand but then again could it be they are the type of peps and policies that you embrace?
  12. 806 man

    So ya think ya got snow?

    Late 90's Mount Baker WA. set world record with 95' accumulative snow fall. The ski resort was having to dig out the chairs daily to stay open for business. The incredible part was the Dam operators didn't drowned us out down stream that spring/summer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mt._Baker_Ski_Area
  13. 806 man

    The million dollar question?

    You know Troy that Mega million /Power ball might be mine since I do buy a ticket from time to time.🤗 In the past I tell my 6 full time guys if I win we all win then they get all jacked up and say " Good then we can all quite" I say No it's not suppose to work that way I still need you. If the day did happened a large share would go to the some of the Veterans foundations, Can't do enough for those guys IMO.
  14. 806 man

    The Sunshine and Soft Kitten Paws Only Thread

    This is my baby Dalley. Aka knuckle head. She is a 1 year old mini Australian shepherd. Her and I get along good since she is an early riser and loves being outside regardless of the weather conditions. She doesn’t listen to anyone.
  15. Are you talking about the gas line from Russia who could cut off your gas in winter once your dependent on them? The very country that you expect Nato (USA) to protect you from if they roll into your camp? Just checking.