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  1. I'm not advocating for trucks going 90 mph. This issue should be left to the State's. The Feds need to stay out of this. In some state's such as MT. ID.70 mph for trucks. Eastern Oregon It's a waste of time to be held to 60 mph when you're out in BFE no where.. States such as ID/MT. do it right at 70 mph for trucks. SD. now that's even better If you prefer to drive 60 go for it. Personally I fudge a little bit here and there but i'm not driving aggressively.
  2. Limiters on trucks in MT,ID,SD
  3. C'mon man using basic logic when dealing with narcissist airheads which dream up all this crap never works. Can't fix stupid, stupid is forever.
  4. Some what odd but nothing but air coming out of the air tanks. Next----🤪
  5. This engine was O/H several years back maybe 150k miles since. The liner protrusion was even at 3 -3.5 thousands across the deck. I installed a thinner spacer plate to increase the protrusion. The one place I haven't looked for water is the air tanks. I will check there. Thank you
  6. The saga continues. The truck runs great, however driver comes in said he added a gallon of water. WTH? I thought the truck may be venting it out so I added a recovery tank. I refilled radiator to the top put 3'' of antifreeze in over flow tank after 2 hours of use and cooled down the tank will be dry. I've checked the oil filler cap its dry, no foam. Let the truck sit for 8 hours no white smoke on start up. Have heat ex changer on tranny no water showing up there. No water leaks any where. Really has me stumped. Last time before we pulled head off had water system pressurized for 24 hours with oil plug out no sign of water out the bottom.
  7. Steel prices were high so I scrapped mine out😁
  8. I concur. A couple of years ago I read an article which was about the future of AI replacing humans. One question was how are people going to support their families with less opportunity for employment. article went on to say companies will be paying higher taxes for a universal income. Some people are just fine living with no purpose I would find it extremely boring. Currently we are going through the process of updating our spud shed to eliminate people. 17-18 containers that landed on the east coast are headed our way with a new Ellips line which uses cameras/computer/electronics for grading,sizing and sorting. all of this is due to our State with a high minimum wage (close to $15 hr with a yearly cost of living) and the amount of overtime being paid out (16,000+hours yearly). We will be doing 20-25% more product in a 40 hour week then working 55-60 hours a week with 40 people. rough idea is 13-15 grading ladies gone but will need more forklift ops. plus box stackers.(robots are next for this task) The farms are bleeding a slow death through increased packing charges so needed to get a handle on labor cost.
  9. I remember watching a former Prez. on TV telling America what a great improvement these new Tier 4 engines were going to be. Better fuel economy and cleaner air. He failed to mention how many companies would almost be bankrupt buying these new engines.
  10. Have to drive the unit to the field some how, setup your boundary pass then put it to work.
  11. A few days ago at the local deere dealer sales guy had a video of a autonomous diesel tractor working a field, they put large objects in the field the tractor would stop and call in then proceed after being told what to do. I asked if Deere had those on the sales menu he said not at this time. Run it 24 hrs a day, less equipment to own, less employee's to pay.
  12. School buses, passenger buses, firetrucks, ambulances, Any rescue equipment which has to do with saving life's and property or transporting humans should be exempt from the emissions bs. Be curious to know if any University has studied how many diesel vehicles have burned up due to failed emission control's and calculated the amount of toxic brew emitted into the environment. Is emission control really worth it in the end?
  13. Really don't think any MFG want steady parts supplies. Lot of money being made from "supply chain shortage" whether short or not. IMO at this point all Bullsh3t
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