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  1. Must be a cherry one owner. The guy sure doesn't want you disappointed when you come to look at it
  2. 806 man

    Read this billboard before you google it.

    Very Racist, No farmers at the dinner table.
  3. 806 man

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    Yeah I saw those photo's several weeks back, I was thinking Wow, What a hotty!! I sure would like to tip that one over then it showed who it was and things went south from there.
  4. We have all watched the coffee commercials of Poncho and his wife hand picking their coffee beans on the side of a hill for a Coffee Company. The Coffee makers also want you to know that Poncho and wife are paid livable wages for their hard work. My produce company goes through a Costco social audit to make sure the workers are paid state wages plus all the regulations are followed. I have no problem about any of this. What I do have a problem with is these same companies and others(Any grocery store that sells farm items) doesn't seem to care about the American Producer whether being dairy or crop farmer. They want it bought cheap as possible. How about a livable wage for these hard working families especially the dairy guys I honestly don't see how the dairy guys get up every day and do what they do. Crop farming on my side has been a good steady income for myself, however I'm in better control of my destination then most are of theirs. I just see a double standard from these companies. They care about Juan,Fern and Poncho, however the same companies don't care about the American farmer or don't realize what is happening out in the country to farm families. Are the stores truly this blind or don't care WTH ???
  5. 806 man

    Farming low ground

    I have some fairly flat fields with 6'' tile x 60' spacing since no place for water to go except down. Works great in the spring for drying up fields. We farm in a delta so buried logs and wood pieces are the norm 2' to 4' down besides the old cedar planking drains that get dug up. trenches are cut in using a laser with gradient fall towards a ditch using 6'' tile then refill trench with cedar chips over the top. Last tile job 8-10 years ago was close to $1,800/acre for a 40 acre field and worth every dollar it cost.
  6. 806 man

    As Seen at Tractor Supply

    This guy is good to go. Proper sized pulling vehicle 3 axle trailer plenty of heavy duty chains,straps and binders used
  7. 806 man

    Oh my Deere

    When you say measurements what are you looking for?
  8. 806 man

    1066 double exhaust pipe?!!

    Back in the mid 70's neighbor had 806 with M&W kit with 3''x3' pipe it was extremely load so they found a 3.25'' pipe to slip over it then would raise it up and put a hair pin through the pipe to hold it up a couple of feet. Kinda worked except the pipe would spin so it was 1/2 the time it was quieter. When they needed to pull in the shed just pull the pin and drop the pipe down over the top of the original pipe
  9. 806 man

    Elizabeth Warren's Plane nearly crashed.

    Troy, Both you and I have heard that phrase plenty from the local friendly tribes ''Sovereign Nation" What a joke. Have their cake and eat it too. We can't go vote in their senate races. The local tribe would have been slaughtered by the B.C tribes 150 years if the Feds "white Man'' hadn't stepped in and saved their scalps.
  10. 806 man

    How to register?

    Here in Washington state I have done TPO or Title Purpose Only with no problems I had to pay state sales tax on the purchase but no license fee.
  11. 806 man

    D436 rebuild has me stumped

    One item I do besides dish soap in the radiator is hook up a garden hose into the block drain, Once the engine is warmed up good turn the water on a trickle, Oil will float on top so you can force the oil out through the top of the radiator. A good warm steam cleaner plumbed into the side works really good too
  12. 806 man

    no indian summer yet here!

    Here in NW Washington we had great weather for most of the harvest. In the last 7-10 days 3.5" of rain now it's a struggle to finish up digging.
  13. 806 man

    My helper this afternoon

    Good times for the little one!! That was just like myself with my Dad in the mid 60's. He is 86 now. God Bless all the farmers and the little future farmers!!
  14. 806 man

    Oh my Deere

    I'm quite sure Deere isn't aware of the amount of beer that is consumed at the lone tree on a hot summer afternoon by the local growers in my area or other areas of the USA. Yup we NEVER EVER talk shop.😀