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  1. Told my friend nothing wrong with having a roof over the “tool”. My friend responded in Germany we have an old line. “A good rooster never gets fat” No way to argue that point.
  2. I don't think this was mentioned. Once installed there's a specific measurement for the clutch lever's (fingers) . If you can find one there is a tool made which will help you set the correct height or do it old school. Main issue is knowing the correct height or you will be splitting it more then once . Not sure if you can adjust from the bottom. Some guys would remove flywheel and have the dealer shop install new plates/disc do the correct adjustment then you remove to reinstall flywheel & clutch. The 6030 is a beast, I have a 5020 I used my IH split stands on i was luck the front half wasn't on the floor since it bent the side plates I jacked it up and welded an adjustable 3'' flat bar to tie the 2 stands together. Almost a oh sh3t moment.
  3. Friend of mine was having trouble with night vision. paid $10K for lens in both eyes. Not any better wishes he never did it. rather P/Oed and looking for Attorney.
  4. Have you changed the thermo-coupler and wires?
  5. Did you look at the screen/filter for pieces? clean buckets and drain final drives see what shows up.
  6. Amazed at how straight the passes are, New guys on the farm are totally dependent on gps doing the work. No gps it looks as if a snake was operating the tractor not to mention the amount of overlapping.
  7. Late 70's local dairy/crop farmer told me he grew a field of peas and paid for the property. The time period he was talking about was early 60's. This county (Skagit) had 100+ dairy farms 50-60 years ago. Now only 12-15 left. Mostly big some small. Washington State DOE is anti dairy. lot of environmental hoops to jump threw.
  8. Years ago i would go to Shrivers meadows which is South side of Mount Baker. Get up on the knob there would be 10-12 hoods laying neatly on the ground. It was more fun watching the guys do crazy sh3t then do it myself. Don't get me wrong i did plenty of sledding just not high marking.which was out of my fun zone
  9. I like how many times they use the buzz word Non-Profit like they are better then us. H3ll most of us operate as non profit so what's the difference? Asking for Troy
  10. In Washington State we can't wait for YOU to stop using gas. WE must stop using gas now because WE can't wait till YOU drink the kool-aid https://www.dailysignal.com/2022/11/10/washington-state-ban-on-natural-gas-heating-is-all-cost-no-benefit/
  11. Cherry 1 owner, only driven on Sundays by an old lady. Maybe as much as $1,599.99
  12. 806 man

    Soil health

    Right or wrong Earth Justice has been very successful with lawsuits. Locally they are a PIA . EJ works under the local Swinomish tribe umbrella to accomplish their goals. Not the most honest folks in town.
  13. 806 man

    Soil health

    A little off topic. These comments about Inflation reduction act are from Earth Justice web site. which gets me wondering if we are going down THAT road of the Feds getting involved with telling us how much N we can plant with since it's a GHG and ruining the planet. I don't think they care if people starve.
  14. Just 1 more of many USA AG. production facility burned. Few months ago Wilber Ellis had a 350' fertilizer plant burn in Moses Lake WA.
  15. That's because of the great migration of city folk moving to the country. You need to talk to them like 6th graders or there will be cars in the ditch with froze people inside.
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