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  1. 806 man

    life in our corner

    Troy, Getting dry to the south of you, Going over tall fescue seed Field 25 hour pull. Hopefully finish taters next week, Done with spinach and beans.
  2. 806 man

    I`m disgusted too

    X2. Kid sports at a young age no losers, everybody is a winner all get a participation trophy. Mom and dad also tells them they are special, Not as much dicipline at home as the old days. Kids get older then they learn the cold hard truth , They aren't special after all and there are clear winners and losers in life. Some can't deal with reality. Years ago it was the post office people going "Postal" which seems like don't hear so much about these days. now schools.
  3. 806 man

    Freeattle, More Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Troy, The low priced head tax of $275.00 which would raise $50M is just a start. Sawant wants to raise $400M with the head tax.. I hope our Gov Dip sh3t doesn't get any ideas from this bright idea from the city.
  4. 806 man

    Trucker question

    The day cab has been a rock star in the 10 years I've owned. Hasn't cost to much with EBD. The truck came out of Southern Cali. 9 speed and 435HP, Dropped in a 13 speed and a little computer tune up to 500HP The sleeper truck isn't so lucky, Between over head issues, Diffs and trannys it's been 24K in repairs in the last year. Average the 2 out not so bad.
  5. 806 man

    Trucker question

    Originally the truck had a sleeper once sleeper was removed instead of using a flat panel on back of cab a fat boy kit was used which gives you about 6” inches more leg room by extending rearward over a flat panel
  6. 806 man


    Clay, Well that letter didn't end the way I thought it would. I've thought about getting a red sign made up for night ops flashing '' AB test zone" and see what happens next.
  7. 806 man

    Freeattle, More Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    To late to be the next already is a sh3t hole. Seattle city council Kshama Sawant is the leader of the pack. According to Kshama if your a corporation you have lots of money and can afford paying huge taxes. After hearing that I thought WTH and I went and signed up to be a corporation, I'm still waiting for the money to flow my way.
  8. 806 man

    Trucker question

    It appears to be truck show and tell on red power. Day cab is 2000 with Fat boy kit. 3406E, 13 speed with 895,000 miles Sleeper is 2004 C-15 single turbo 18 speed with 740,000 miles
  9. 806 man


    Now that is a great success story. I love it.
  10. 806 man


    Makes the hair on my neck stand up when the flame throwers are on. Truly the sound of freedom. Love the photo's. My new neighbor moved away from the city of Oak Harbor to get away from the NAS Whidbey Island cause of jet noise from the Growlers. He didn't look at a map cause now his house is 8 miles away and lines up with the runway so super hornets are flying by low and loud daily. You should hear the guy complain. I just smile. I watched the A-6's flying over forever and had great anticipation for 6-8 years leading up to the arrival of the Growler. Go Navy!!
  11. 806 man


    Hard to bait them with so much feed around. My guy caught over 50 in our equipment shed. Problem was 1,500 ton of grain sitting in there. Once the grain was gone it was easier. He would use plain wood with peanut butter to train them then pull a switch on them and put a trap in place. he was catching 6-8 at a time. Had 2 in one trap . After removing the dead ones he would disinfect the traps to get rid of the blood and smell. A year later he checks them but nothing else. I also had the door people come in and install new seals on the doors since they had chewed up the seals to get in and out also reset the doors tighter to the floor. Good luck, nothing worst to have around except an X wife
  12. 806 man


    Cool pictures. B1 with the nards. Not sure what the difference is in performance. Someone will clue me in.
  13. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/seattle-approves-head-tax-on-large-businesses-despite-amazons-opposition
  14. 806 man

    Subsidizing farmers? Hows it work?

    Can't think of too many for profit business's which would go out and invest $3-4 million to make next to nothing 50% of the time. Farmers do it for the life style, enjoyment with the hope of having a good market somedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  15. 806 man

    About To Join Red Power Community

    Bigger issues then your hour meter. I see one serious quality issue with this tractor. The rim must be JD since yellow paint is showing under the silver paint. What you have here is hybrid tractor.