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  1. 40 years ago my accountant did that, He was much more successful using a direct connection from his tail pipe to the inside of his car.
  2. At about 1.41-1.43 what is on the left wing? Possible Wing damage or ?
  3. Sh3t, That was cool I always wondered what they did with those machines. WOW!! Now I know why those Allison 653 transmission's don't last long.
  4. It's all good till a rock comes flying through the air. Last summer took out 2 windows on 2 different tractors in 2 different area's . Both parked, 1 by a home owner and 1 by my employee moving a grass strip next to a ditch with 3 tractors parked across the lane.😠 Looks like a good uniform spread job
  5. I'm jealous. Granted 2 different types we are talking about. 20” row spacing
  6. Yes correct once PH is that low it will. Guys around here aren't set up to do their own thing. 5 years ago I started doing my own Gypsum since no one in the area was equipped. Lime is cheap when compared to adding more fert to increase yield. Dry wall recycle, I believe in our state you cant take it to a land fill anymore so it's out there. Just for the fun of it I sent my truck 220 miles to pick up a load of recycle in bulk pneumatic, 2 problems with recycle #1 Density is 45/lb so very light could only get 28 tons instead of 35 tons #2 That sh3t doesn't want to move out of the tank very e
  7. Yeah, I had the Zebra look going at 28. That was the hot look back in the 80's. Had my hair cut the other day it's got the yellow color hi-lite look, not sure what the meaning of that is. I'm sure Troy will fill me in with his opinion as to why.
  8. Ok, Around here with no lime soil would be 3-4 PH . Gypsum is a great source of calcium and sulfur. Reading the web one guy says gyp isn't good for anything ,next guy says it's a miracle worker. 🤷‍♀️ I have a friend that had a bean field next to the bay it has a couple acres with salt issues so last fall I told him I wanted to have a trial in that area so I applied 2 ton/ac of gyp to see if it flushes the salt through.
  9. Yes we do. All the product is newly fine grind ag flour, Some of the product is from making roofing product or course products.
  10. What was your PH running. I was using 1 ton of lime ever 3rd year for spuds but PH was getting high 6.8+ so switched to gyp 5 years ago finally my PH is coming down to lower 6's. Around this area guys grow a lot of spinach for seed so need mid 6 PH or it won't bolt. Plus higher PH helps control fusarium in spinach.
  11. I plant 200 ac of green beans, 2019 had good growing weather and had good sieve size and paid weight of 6.4 ton of beans/acre. 2020 season did the same fert program as 2019. field man should have gave them a few more days since sieve size was small which was less tons/ac. Main difference was starting memorial day weekend (1st planting) it turned cool and wet for about 35-40 days , Basically 1/2 the growing season was wet and cold. Hard to recover from that length of cold,wet weather. The beans were short with 15-20% of beans laying on the ground. Listeria is the last thing they want in their
  12. Or could care about. Since the milk,beef,eggs,lamb,pork and produce are all factory made in the back of the store so why do we need farms or farmers?
  13. Back in late 60's uncle had an 806 with M&W kit never had engine problems, the hp setting was 115 or so, Can't say that about the T/A or Diff. I wouldn't be afraid of it unless it's jacked up, radiator would over heat in the summer.
  14. Old? Don't let the grey hair influence your mind, I've had grey hair since 28. Then why does my wife say I'm like a 12 year old some times? Answer that Mr "younger" than me.😁
  15. 806 man


    Ran a several 345/392 on the farm long time ago. Both great engines. Liked the 392 more.
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