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  1. All pictures I took on 1-23-2020. All 3 planes are at Moses Lake WA.
  2. Those are the 737 Max sitting at Moses Lake WA. I was by there right after Turkey Day. Stopped by there yesterday to see how the collection is doing. I think the airport is Maxed out for storage space.
  3. 3 options for air travel, What’s your choice of plane to fly in and why?😁
  4. If I’m in the Portland area in the morning I swing in off the freeway to check for action. I assume since they all leave 20-30 seconds apart and hold close to the ground till the gate climb out it has something to do with a noise abatement plan for the locals.
  5. How true. Now if consumers would realize that food isn't grown in the back room on a shelf at the grocery store.
  6. Myself coming up on 63 I read about others much younger then I that make the daily paper. Glad you took care of yourself to live many more days God willing. I tease my wife about the 6-8 and counting full bottles of booze sitting on the office shelve. These are dropped by hunters that hunt my ground. I keep telling her I'm saving them for my "final party" hopefully about 40-50 years from now.😁
  7. Cool video, Amazing sprockets and idlers still turned and the paint is that good after that much time in the swamp. Hope the engine responds as good. Nice tune to go with the video. Thanks for sharing.
  8. 806 man


    I'm assuming you meant they sent the village idiots to the State of Washington since we don't seem to be short on idiots here. Latest plan is to let the tribes rewrite the Growth Management Act which has been one contentious law with numerous lawsuits since it was passed 20+ years ago. I also don't understand how a tribal member from a sovereign nation can be elected to our State legislature.
  9. I grow sudan once in a while for organic matter to work back in the ground, Heck of a root structure with that plant when 10-12' tall. Had a dairy guy wanted to buy a field so he came in with his corn chopper with the kemper head and harvested the field, put it in a bunker when removed as feed the cattle wouldn't touch it. His theory was cutting it green the sugar ran out of it. Cutting the crop with a conditioner and let it dry down like the way you do is best from what I hear. For cover crop I let it grow till a frost hit's it then it's dead. In the spring it's all dried up and works into the soil fairly easy.
  10. Draper heads work better in lighter crops which don't have a lot of material, The draper will carry an even amount of material constantly to the discharge point. A auger in a light crop has a hard time getting a hold of the material. Generally the crop will lay between the sickle and auger until it has enough material shoved into the auger by the reel then it will grab it and move it the discharge point as a wad. If you have plenty of material to keep the auger full the auger works just fine. If your cutting on a steep hill the draper can have problems moving product uphill.
  11. Use tape,adjustable rod bolted to the axle with a mirror on bracket facing rearward to watch spacing.
  12. Good possibility it was this exact model up in the sky😎 .
  13. In the 2 photo's the middle light moves
  14. I took them about 6.15am today
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