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  1. 806 man

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    Any major wiener shrinkage due to the cold weather observed ?
  2. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Today I called a used parts truck yard on a housing they had advertised. Turned out it wasn't the correct part so the guy says he can get me a new one, I told him I didn't want a off shore cheap knock off that I would prefer a good used Cat housing. I asked if it was made in the USA, The guy claimed it was made in the USA and they have had no complaints so this unit is being shipped to me. Price was $850.00 so not sure what to think till i see it.
  3. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Some of the best money I have ever spent. Comes in right behind my first marriage which ended 12 years ago.
  4. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Jass, You should have offered up this amazing solution BEFORE the all the work to remove the bell housing was done.😦
  5. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Hawkron, The bolt will turn slightly, I think with all the weld gob it on it filled in the threads in preventing bolt from coming out . Poor farmer, I do like the machine shop approach If that fails I could find a US made bell housing that was reasonably priced I would get one. Other wise a Used OEM will do.
  6. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    The broken bolt along with broken easy out (Oxy moron) and extracting rod gob it on weld are still in the top right hole.☹️
  7. 806 man

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Well finally decided to pull bell housing after 3 failed attempts to remove broken bolt. Cat wants $4,000.00 for new. Aftermarket junk is 12-$1,400 . If I can’t get it out might be better getting used OEM??? Need some ideas on next move to try to salvage bell housing by cutting bolt out.
  8. 806 man

    Yellow Vests. France

    Freattle comes to my mind here. Another Frisco in the making. What was a somewhat decent city 20 years ago is now a over loaded sh3t hole with homeless people looking for the free stuff while doing their business on the side walks.
  9. 806 man

    Yellow Vests. France

    Pulled this off a comment page middle of December when the yellow vest were alive and well. Still LMAO Twas the 10th day of Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Uncle Sam would soon be there. President Macron was nestled all snug in his bed, While visions of guillotines danced in his head.
  10. 806 man

    Auction sales starting.

    If that nit wit in DC gets her 70% tax on the working class I be joining the retirement club like the rest.
  11. 806 man

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Drive an out back, H3ll no. Out back is where I go to eat a great steak.
  12. 806 man

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Need to solve the real problems which is too many free loaders with their hands out for freebies. Money should be going to pay down debt instead . Take care of that u won't need 70% tax.
  13. 806 man

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I agree, Hard work is the answer. My wife was still paying off her Gov. school loan from 10 years earlier when we first met in 2007. She worked jobs on and off campus which helped pay off some the loan which was interest free as long as she was still in school once out of school the interest was still affordable which she continued to pay off. I think some the problem with much of today's youth is they didn't learn the value of the dollar by working when young and what it takes to earn a dollar so it's quite a shock to them when they get out of school and find out most are going to make 45k/year not the 100K/year they were told in school. Some smart kids do get lucky. A guy I know wouldn't let his kids work when they were in school. One daughter a 4.0 student was in 2nd-3rd year of college when Amazon was head hunting her. She came home told her parents about a offer of 90k then asked " Is that a lot of money" ?😂
  14. 806 man

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    70% tax rate I got news for that nit wit only a fool would take all the risk and continue on in a business to pay a tax rate like that. At 62 this July I feel I have pulled the wagon plenty so I say it's time to liquidate, cash in my chips, terminate 7 full time employees and I'm going to ride in that dam wagon myself before I'm dead.
  15. 806 man

    King Carbon Al Gore.

    I had no idea there is that kind of money being spent to promote an agenda to sway the masses. I like this part. Then we get to the really big money: taxpayer funds that government agencies hand out to scientists, computer modelers and pressure groups – to promote global warming and climate change alarmism.