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  1. Seth, Went out and sprayed a tater field this morning, When I returned home my sweetie was making pancakes so I got out your maple syrup and we had a real treat thanks to you. Some how I don't think your going to enjoy the Rainer beer as much as we enjoyed your maple syrup you sent us but you never know!! Thanks again. Will send Beer tomorrow on 2nd day delivery. Hoping it's still cold when you get it.
  2. Some how I never get the "free beer today" it's always 'free beer tomorrow" posted at the tavern.
  3. That's a whole lota syrup for a 6 pack of beer, but hey I'm not complaining.
  4. Start getting the syrup shipment ready to go.
  5. Dump and Burn Baby!!! Had the wrong plane in mind.
  6. U better wait till I get my hands on it, Might be a run on Rainer beer now that the word is out. I would hate to owe ya!!
  7. Gift wrap??? WTH ? Even my wife doesn't qualify for that kind of special treatment.
  8. Should i send u a open can so u can sniff it or an unopened can? it might be just a little warm when u get it.
  9. Don't know about the NE, however in the NW At Lloyd's store Conway WA . I didn't realize i was missing out on something i might have to try it.
  10. The one with the big M&W letters is #1 of 1000
  11. I’m sure it’s someone on here sold me these belt buckle gems.
  12. It was all my fault. Don’t shoot this one.
  13. Ford 5000 3400 original hours some green thing I found
  14. Best part of these 2 departures is I was standing along the fence line about 500' away from the runway when the 2 B1's left. Incredible amount of fuel being lit to make thrust. I loved it, what a rush to be their and hear the sound the of freedom.
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