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  1. 1066 registry

    You can add another hydro to the list lol my neighbor has a 1066 hydro, s/n 2610163U024126, factory fender tractor, mechanical seat, no tilt wheel, wedge lock hubs and is owned by Berhel Farms in Wind Gap, Pa.
  2. Pullers for Christmas

    Those are awesome! They are lucky to have a grandpa like that!
  3. 1066 registry

    This is my 1976 1066 black stripe s/n 2610178U056969. It's a factory fender tractor, 10.00-16 fronts, 20.8R42 rears, 2 outlets, mechanical seat, no tilt wheel, I am the third owner, tractor was painted by owner before me. It originally was sold by somerset IH dealer in Pa, I have their original keychain on it yet lol
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone

    Thanks guys! Yeah Hydro is named after the gold demos I have, they are both hydro's
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone

    Just wanted to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and a healthy & happy new year! I got to see some of you this summer at HCOP some old friends and meet some new friends to boot. I always enjoy this forum and wanted to share our Christmas card with everyone!
  6. Songs about farming

    Why I farm by the henningsens is really good. I'd post a link if I knew how to lol it has a neat video on YouTube for it
  7. Fall red iron pics!

    Awesome pictures Bill, keep them coming! You have lots of nice toys to play with there
  8. Hitch in-a-ride

    That is an awesome hitch Jeff! I would love to have one for my tractors like that
  9. Best Black Friday Activity

    Looks like a good idea to me! Beautiful pair you have there Tony!
  10. Missouri auction

    The 826 looks to have a black dash. It is a 1970 model so it could be a demo
  11. New Engine for the 1066

    Yikes! My 1066 has a ticking like yours did too so sounds like it may need the same fix! I talked to Danny about it and he gave me some options so hopefully sometime this winter she will get taken care of before spring
  12. Where to find 856 grill screen?

    Bates corp in Indiana has them. I got one from them for my 1026.they have them listed for $120.00
  13. The 826 looks like it has a black dash on it. It is a 1970 so it may be a demo in disguise!
  14. Happy b/day rjpont,red tractor fever,red farmer

    Thanks everybody! I really appreciate it! Happy birthday to the others that share this day too!!
  15. Brought this home today

    Sweet tractor! Congratulations, looks sharp! Very nice find