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  1. We'll be there from Friday till Sunday then going to Farm Progress Tuesday & Wednesday then head home Thursday. Looking forward to meeting up again Todd and hopefully some others too!!
  2. My buddy and I went pulling Wednesday with the two 1456’s for some fun. He got two 2nd’s with his, mine was a little farther down the line but we both had a great time
  3. We are planning on getting there with the 2 gold demos Wednesday and headed out Saturday whenever the hauler wants to take the tractors back. Looking forward to seeing you guys!!
  4. We are planning on coming Wednesday with the two gold demos and leaving on Saturday sometime. Really looking forward to seeing you guys there!!
  5. That would be a great sale to go too! Good it’s not really close or I would definitely go for sure! I’m going to one on the 21st of this month that has some decent equipment at it
  6. This is our golden retriever named Hydro. My wife always wanted a Golden and I was putting it off because I didn’t think it was fair for him to be by himself till we get home from work but a her sister had a friend that knew of someone that wanted to give away their 8 month old golden because their daughter all of a sudden didn’t have time for him so we went to see him and that was it, he was coming home with us! He is gonna be 3 on July 12th. My wife came up with the name because we have two gold demo tractors and they are both hydros so that’s what she wanted to name him and I said sounds good to me! He is a blessing to have and we love him to pieces! And he loves ice cream!!
  7. So glad you made it through! The man upstairs was watching over you for sure! Like everyone else said the tractor can be repaired but you can’t be replaced! Prayers and good wishes coming your way! Hope to see you this year at Bloomsburg for the roundup!
  8. Awesome work Matt!!! That tractor looks better than new and beautiful BJ!! I like you kept the loader on it, your grandpa would be proud to see it like that!
  9. Yeah back in the day there were more dealers that sold combines. It’s a shame they aren’t like that anymore
  10. Yeah we don’t have the contract to sell them so we can’t get parts for them, other than maybe filters or if the part is used on something else besides that. It’s a shame cause you guys are close
  11. Yeah Dan is a great guy to work with. He always treated us fair when we did business with him
  12. This is the dealer that the ad was from
  13. I work for Eckroth Equipment and we are the only ones in Pa besides Hoober that has the combine contract. It helps that Hoober has more than one store in Pa to serve more of the state but we do a lot in parts and service for combines too. I have done business with Hoober with parts, service & combine purchases and have had good experiences when I was actively farming full time
  14. Saw this in a Lancaster Farming newspaper I had from my dad from 1983 and thought it was pretty neat and wanted to share
  15. Congratulations and prayers sent your way!
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