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  1. You were a stone's throw away from my place. You passed Yautz farms with the IH on the doors, they aren't forum members. Lots of warehouses around there now where alot of good farmland used to be. There is a lot if IH in the area here yet. Next time let me know when you're in the area and we could get together
  2. I have the gold 1456
  3. I sure hope we can, we really enjoyed it too!! We are having a new tractor driver arriving the end of July so we may have an extra one at the table this time, unless they stay home with Grandma this time around!!
  4. May God bless you and your family, prayers sent! You have the right frame of mind, you guys will meet again one day and have a lot to talk about! Take care Matt
  5. They are about 60 miles west from me. Glendon does great with the paint I know. I feel they are reasonable for the work they do. How far away are you from them?
  6. God bless you guys, hope all goes as well as it can! It hurts to see the damage but hopefully everyone is ok!
  7. God bless you guys and hopefully he pulls through ok!
  8. Looks like that is at Stauffer Tractor in Myerstown, Pa. They do awesome restorations! That is pretty sweet, They've painted my 826 & 1026 gold demo's and my 1206
  9. I would love to find a poster of the "watch out for the red and gold demonstrators" that's on the back wall behind the gold tractors, that is pretty cool!
  10. I believe they sold that one too BJ, the last I heard they had the 656 & 826 but they may be sold by now too
  11. The 826 & 1026 were, the 1456 was a result of that last year lol you drove the 1026 in the parade Bill
  12. It’s been pretty nice out lately even though we are drying up here. Thought we would get the gold ones out for a few pictures. The 1026 is by itself and it looked like a good one. Hope you enjoy!
  13. I'll put a picture on another thread for you!
  14. That's good to hear, I have that tractor now!
  15. oh my.…love these 2 pictures!
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