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  1. I believe they sold that one too BJ, the last I heard they had the 656 & 826 but they may be sold by now too
  2. The 826 & 1026 were, the 1456 was a result of that last year lol you drove the 1026 in the parade Bill
  3. It’s been pretty nice out lately even though we are drying up here. Thought we would get the gold ones out for a few pictures. The 1026 is by itself and it looked like a good one. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I'll put a picture on another thread for you!
  5. That's good to hear, I have that tractor now!
  6. oh my.…love these 2 pictures!
  7. Case IH has a clutch booster kit for the 56/66 series tractors. We sell them here at the dealership I work at. The part # is 47586494 and is $43.00. It has the two boots & six O-rings in it.
  8. red farmer


    It looks like its a 856 custom. It doesn't look too bad, i'd go for it if you could. You'll be happy you did I think!
  9. That sure is a nice original tractor there! Love seeing them like that
  10. Yeah we all thought the same thing lol
  11. Congratulations! That is a nice tractor and the others are nice too!! I was lucky enough they picked my two gold demos and they are this month on the Hy-Capacity calendar for 2019. It’s pretty cool when they pick you isn’t it!!!
  12. Have you tried Countryside Tractor? They are in Quarryville ,Pa. They seem to have a large selection of A-C parts and if they don't they may have an idea where they could get one. They have a website or you can call 717-923-0421
  13. I would love to have one of those to match my 2350 on my 1086!!
  14. Thank you guys! I sure appreciate it!! Hope everyone else had a great day too!!!
  15. We'll be there from Friday till Sunday then going to Farm Progress Tuesday & Wednesday then head home Thursday. Looking forward to meeting up again Todd and hopefully some others too!!
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