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  1. 2388 on soybeans all systems working great. Then hyd pressure light flashed a few times and on and off. I shut it down. Thought I had a leak and losing oil. No leak. Tank was a bit low so I decided to change filters and Hutton. Got done about dusk, decided to run it a bit to see if all ok. Ran 2 dumps, all perfect. Decided to quit for day. But when driving back to cart and pickup, dang hyd light flashed a few times. What is my gremlin. Is the pressure light for the hydro pressure or the belt driven aux pump, or both?? also I had driven it 24 miles to this farm in road gear, it pulled hills fine. thanks for thoughts, experience, suggestions etc.
  2. Wanting to replace the steel engine fan with a plastic one late model 2388. Also going to replace the hub that the fan runs on. Question: is there room to get bolts out of the fan and not ding radiator. I will also check the motor mounts and fan to shroud clearance. Once bolts are out is there room to get the fan out and back in without removing radiator or shroud. Same length bolts used for steel or plastic fan? thanks for any comments or advice.
  3. If you need a new fine screen for your Deluxe precleaner, I have them available. Mark @ 402-651-1848

  4. Just added #8 it is F1206 11112 Row Crop TA ICB cab hub duals and a Solar whistle.
  5. How about who owns the most 1206's and what State they reside in?. I'll put a bid in on that one as I have 7 at the present time, in Iowa. Row crops are 8567, 9421, 11618, 11851, 12781, 14719. Wheatland is 8660. They all can be used and run, only 1 repainted and restored so far. One of my retirement accounts.
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