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  1. Thanks for input, I should have said I don’t harvest corn. wheat, beans, milo. Also thanks SDman if I decide to go that route that’s the kit I’ll need.
  2. I would like to install AFX style rotor in my 1688, wondering how late of model combine will fit. I found a 7130 in a salvage yard they are not sure if it will fit it isn’t out yet so can’t compare. They did say coupler on the back is 8 bolt instead of 6, but if splines are the same it doesn’t matter. I have also thought about Abilene machine after market bolt in kit.
  3. Take cover off under clutch and look to see if fingers are intact, also throw out bearing.
  4. First check micro switch at clutch pedal.
  5. Thanks Jim I hope this will be a good tractor, I had to split it and replace hinge pins and bearings. I’ll check my harness.
  6. Thanks Maynard so I guess I’ll check connections, but your saying it could be alternator, or transmission controller, yes it’s a power shift.
  7. Just bought tractor earlier this year, took her out on madden voyage tach was working fine then all of a sudden it was reading down around 1100 to 1400. So had to finish working by speed side of dash. I was wondering where the pick up is located, wanting to check that first I know on magnums it’s by hydraulic pump, but haven’t found it on this tractor.
  8. Thanks for good review, I just ordered SM last night from them for a 1900 Ford I just bought. Not always sure what your going to get from internet, makes me feel better.
  9. When did this happen I just got one for a 7110. It’s still just like the original.
  10. Thanks Maynard I’ll call him today and see what I do.
  11. Guy called me says he lost even gears, was wondering are these completely different then the boxcar transmission, or similar with electronic shifting? Dealer told him might have a blown oring. Not sure I even want to tackle this job.
  12. Haven’t seen with air like you, but had it happen on a customers JD 7610 hydraulic filter, changed oil and filter and when RPM got above 1700 filter light came on, got Deere filter problem went away.
  13. Red reaper did you find a 806 panel? I came across one 

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