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  1. Exactly how my 656 used to act. Change the filter and quite for a while.
  2. My 656 used to have same issues, replaced suction tube between filter and pump, problem solved been running many years no issues.
  3. Ok I’ll have to look for 1206 parts when I get it apart.
  4. Are the final drive gear’s different in a 1206 from 806? My 1206 I found gear teeth when I drained oil on one side, have a buddy with 806 parts tractor but he thinks they are different.
  5. Harvester66


    Trying to find a Radiator for u264 power unit, customer brought one in radiator has been taken out years ago have called a couple salvage yards no luck, one was Bates. Any help or leads please.
  6. Thanks for input, I should have said I don’t harvest corn. wheat, beans, milo. Also thanks SDman if I decide to go that route that’s the kit I’ll need.
  7. I would like to install AFX style rotor in my 1688, wondering how late of model combine will fit. I found a 7130 in a salvage yard they are not sure if it will fit it isn’t out yet so can’t compare. They did say coupler on the back is 8 bolt instead of 6, but if splines are the same it doesn’t matter. I have also thought about Abilene machine after market bolt in kit.
  8. Red reaper did you find a 806 panel? I came across one 

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