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  1. Bash board locked

    What is the right answer?
  2. Bash board locked

    I tried to join but it won't let me. Any suggestions?
  3. Joe pulls at Pike N.Y. Been pulling there for as long as I can remember. Does very well.
  4. 966 stuck/sticking break

    My 986 left pedal was sticking. It was in the hing pins under the dash. I had to take it out and separate the two pedals and clean all the 30 years of grime out. Was not hard taking it out.
  5. 986 Project Feasability

    My 986 was used pretty hard in her former life before I got it, but I have fixed everything that was wrong with it and am now painting, new cab, and adding a turbo to it. It will go on the planter and bush hog and sprayer. She has paid for herself.
  6. IH Axle Mount Dual Hub

    I am looking for 3 1/4" set for my 986.