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    U-C, Prayer for nephew.
  2. Lucky you! We got 12"+ Snow , only predictig 4" overnight & this morning. Luckily temps in 40's,so cleaned up to bare pavement.
  3. Globe Master tool sets, weren't they carried on the shelf at IH dealer I worked @ in early '70's. They were packaged in a Blue metal box...Just a foggy memory , maybe.
  4. I have DeWalt . Had couple batteries go limp.. Store rep said to put tool switch into neutral setting to preserve battery life, especially if not using regularly...
  5. Jeepers Mike, You lost Track again! Nice rock piling job. Do the rock piles maintain as a permanent landscape fixture as a monument to your handy work? Or do I understand the ground is on order to be developed?
  6. DD, JFYI, good response to the greenies,too bad they have blinders on. I took my F150 to the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store & got that $1.75 can of baked beans you mentioned above ....... . Now I'm releasing fumes that I can Not smell since I lost my smeller a while ago. Good thing the wife is not home & her cat went in hidding.
  7. '23 F150 's delete Heated Steering wheel, no 18" wheels/tires... 20" available...& whatever is short @ Build date.
  8. Mike, FBook has IH Loadstar 10K member private page you could join for more exposure... That is sure a unique wrecker.
  9. Charlie B is good....
  10. U-C are you still working with goats?
  11. Plow Day.........Reedsburg,WI .. . ...2023 April 22,2023.... Rain Date....April 29,2023 Change in age of Tractors.....1975 Models or OLDER with FOUR Bottom Plow or smaller Plow. Garden Tractors Welcome Spectators, Welcome..... Will have People Hauler wagon Food by Lunch Box Express Facebook page....REEDSBURG Good Olde Boys Plow Day
  12. Are you pumping out thru the man hole opening?
  13. What are dimensions of the yoke end link? Have you tried Graingers.com , McMaster.com, or Huyett.com ? I'd probably "Bite the bullet" and spend the $130 for safetys sake if you can't find suitable replacement; in the future troubles sometimes come in threes...especially when NI picker mounted on the 686 pulling loaded gravity box down one of your hills.
  14. CC had a field improvement shield that could be added to help keep radiator clean.I'll dig it out of my file....
  15. Gas or LP. Run off 500 gallon LP tank
  16. Russ, Hold off the beer for 8 weeks & try a Brandy Old Fashioned or 2.....
  17. Didn't let Army dentist in my mouth. Waited until I got out, so I just had four impacted wisdom teeth that needed to be out. I didn't keep the teeth, but I remember Dr. Schmitz cutting my lip before even getting in my mouth...
  18. In 70's , the Gehl Co. in their West Bend factory had two employees wire and block loads of new mixers , choppers,etc. while you waited. Unloading was always fun... Never had load problems.
  19. OPossum was out in yard last week lookin' for ticks . Probably back hibering after Saturday's 6" snow...
  20. What was the phone number & area code ?
  21. Zone F here, but only see a Bear once in a Blue Moon that wondered too far south of normal territory.
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