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  1. I think that's LB D400 model engine. I have a LB handbook you can have, I don't have LBs anymore.
  2. Back in early 70's I delivered a used model 91 and helped the farmer get started in an oat field. Was the planetary steering similar to that of the model 201 windrower?
  3. We were there yesterday when that Mogul got started. The steamer finally got lined up to the sawmill after a few adjustments.
  4. I'm less than a hour south of farm. Any relation to Russell B. ? Great photos!
  5. Hostas/ Funkia/ Plantain Lily do well in shade. Ground covers tolerant in shade probably best. As you experienced grass under trees is a challenge & never ending reseeding annually. Do you have irrigation & fertilization ? I was down in McKinney area visiting friends a few years ago & I think Zone 8 is your Hardiness Map area. Also Sedum/Stonecrop species with over 300 varieties might be another choice to look at... Hire your neighbor lady to be your yard consultant !
  6. http://wisconsinsurplus.com has variety from all over WI. Buyer's Fee up to 20%
  7. None in US, according local dealer (53597) search.
  8. http://messicks.com lists it NLA, But it maybe available thru other warehouse sources that don't have electronic listings.
  9. Holy smokes Denny, you're a great storyteller. Do you have a writer's license?
  10. Bearings are 941-0140 , .75 X1.625 Belt is 754-3022, I think I have a cross over .....Jason # MXV3-270....3/8 X 27" Fits on my 882 which is same for 1572
  11. Very interesting video. In mid sixties we helped Neighboring Dairy thresh oats. I don't remember any steam or horses, probably used their W-6 on thresher as that tractor was their largest power. I think I helped feed thresher...
  12. Drivers' Ed car was 60's Chrysler/Dodge 4 door Boat with front passenger brake. Don't remember driving it. But summer of '65 at age 14, I was driving the farms 1960 IHC 3/4 T pickup (Six'/4spd) from second farm through town's main street to get to home farm. As luck would have it, I avoided the town cop and made it back without incident. I had a sigh of relief after reaching out skirts of town. Summer of '67, still working on same Dairy farm I had temps, so no hurry to get D. license. Finally had time off & got dad's '62 Rambler American 2 door 3 on tree for getting DL. DMV tester had me drive around Mad City & stopped me on a hill. He said pull parking brake, leave out of gear. The car started to roll back; he said Stop! I said the parking brake was not working. Then I drove on. DMV tester did pass me, but noted to Fix Parking Brake on paper work. Passed the first test so extra driving time helped ... I guess. I don't remember if the parking brake ever got fixed...
  13. My 30x40 shop filled up in no time 20 years ago. Now I need to sell business to gain some elbow room. Looks like you've everthing well thought out !
  14. We got .4" rain over weekend & not enough to cancel Reedsburg Plow Day! Snowfall for season... 72" , that's plus 20" above average. YTD precip... 11"...about plus 2" for season. Heating Degree Days ....minus 500 below normal since July. Sunshine today!
  15. Facebook @ Reedsburg Good Ole Boys Plow Days ....for Pics by Jeff K I'll try to post some here later....
  16. This Saturday / tomorrow April 29th is the day ...Weather prognosticators say some showers
  17. As of today, PLOW DAY in Reedsburg, WISCONSIN is a GO..........
  18. Rainman

    Combine Tour

    Plant tours were filled over a month ago according to Nebraska Cowman...
  19. Jon I'm sorry, I was out of town for a week. I will update the P. D. status later this week....
  20. http://ccspecialties.org has 491889 R3 double pulley for 60 " deck
  21. Good idea Mike! When mowing R/W's with a triple pan Woods or Bush Hog all summer, I'd make/cut a poly one out of hwy. roadkill poly mud flap... recycling for the Greenies....
  22. Maybe try getting a can of Great Stuff / Spray Foam & fill float....Or Redstone Supply has floats # 345 for $12 depending your model#.
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