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  1. So I think the best way to explain it is to have you go to the web site of the main manufacture of manure seperators. From Germany [mother co in Austria]. They were intended to get sawdust out of sawmill waste water is what I was told. Then 30 odd years ago some one tried a new use! The one we got. Had the smaller one. http://www.fan-separator.de/en/products/separators-pss/separator-green-bedding-33-780 The old smaller one got the majority of the solids out and left them at about 75% moisture. The new one had much more surface area for the screw to press against and is ran by a frequency drive giving us infinite speed control to dial it in. So we now get the solids down to 65% moisture. And we can use them a bedding instead of sawdust. Like I said it is pretty much the normal here now. Most guys say after a few weeks the SCC counts (the measure of milk quality) actually go down with the bedding vs sawdust. The manure has the cows "bugs" in it so it really dont seem to bother them. An since it's "free" you put in tons of bedding so cow comfort is great as well. Little clip on what it looks like running. TD, Thanks for your reply. Must be similar to neighbors (3 Dairies) using at their Digester. Glad your Dad & sis FIL are Good...
  2. TD, glad you made it back OK. We didn't go down to Cabo this winter season. Maybe coastal trip yet... More details on your new bedding separator, pics, how specifically does it separate etc. ?
  3. Missed Sunday message ? Try ours @ blackhawkchurch.org goto Sunday messages...
  4. No rain , just snow covered ground this morn. But sun is out now ,predicted to get up to 40*.
  5. TD, on your yeller S1900, what type of plow frame on the front or is it a super secret apparatus to hookup a cow catcher? PWR
  6. Same problem, but different machine. I put dang phone ( w/ Otter cover ) in front pocket or phone pocket that some jeans/shorts were made with. Last year I 've thought to take pants & shorts to tailor to get right size /custom phone pocket sown on! Wife bought sewing machine 2 years ago ,never opened box yet...
  7. TD, Hub City PTO Reverser will work on a Cub or Gear drive Cub Cadet with rear PTO to drive 540 RPM. PWR
  8. TD , I trust you know where to look for the answers to all the options!
  9. Maybe get free service for a year (without the glitches)... No truer word have been uttered. Was out till 8-8:30 last night. Went out this morn between loads to check on it. Made it around my dam. Another load of sawdust and 5 hours later we have vac trucked out 9000 gallons, built a moat/dam, found a mystery tile...with manure of course, dug up the mystery tile to stop it, hung out with Dept of Ag dink for 3 hours. Guy who did it tried calling. Not quite ready to speak calmly to him yet. Maybe get FREE service from him for a year (Without the Glitch)....And Mark 11:25/Gateway Bible.com
  10. I think Cold Temp was culprit. And in office & behind desk engineering may have contributed....
  11. TD, another challenging day, I feel for you, man! Three neighbor farms pump to a on site digester operated by a separate Corp. 11/13 pipe broke lost 380,000 gallons, 1/20/14 pipe broke lost 20,000 gallons, & 3/?/14 another pipe broke lost 35,000 gallons. State subsidy was in $ millions to help remove phosphorus to help keep county lakes weed free. County & DNR not happy....
  12. TD, you've got to go FASTER over those wet spots... ....Neighbor just started to workup ground next store this a.m. A red MF & Wil rich tillage implement. No pic.... This afternoon he used a 756 to drill in what looks to be oats, I'll check tomorrow before rain.
  13. TD, you didn't run out of fuel with that F gauge shown' on the Low end or do you have transfer tank on board ? Or maybe coastin' down the Mts....
  14. TD do you need to use that Modine very much? What's the regular music (is that speaker ) ?
  15. Back in 60's, Lundell green chopper was machine used on dairy farm that I worked on during HS summers. We used it for green feeding alfalfa & chopping corn stalks in fall. Guys,keep those pic ads coming!
  16. Farmall Super C

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