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  1. 2 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    Oil Thread, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I bought my Christmas present and ordered a Dewalt 20v string trimmer.

    I am tired of yanking on that Echo string, carrying a pocket screwdriver for carb adjustment and running out of gas at the far end of the yard.

    The Echo goes up for sale come spring.

    After I have tried and proven the Dewalt.

    I Got rid of Green Machine  trimmers years ago.

    Last year decided on a DeWalt 20V trimmer too...for the little trimming I got.

    Plus battery matches to 3 or4 other power tools.

  2. Yesterday he was tracking around in yard when we came home. Looks not natural, always around at night on deck or in bird bath... So found him PXL_20231127_202034242.thumb.jpg.0dbebb0b20e563c527a1a7ad85b50166.jpgPXL_20231127_202034242.thumb.jpg.0dbebb0b20e563c527a1a7ad85b50166.jpgdead tucked in by back yard stairs. Put him to fertilize next years corn crop...pics out of sequence.



  3. Anyone know of windmill maintenance company? Neighbor has one with a Baker head and it won't brake with a southerly wind...

    Located in Southern Wisconsin 

  4. Dairy Farmer I worked for during 3 H.S. summers had a AC 60 to combine his oats. It had a 2 bag Scour Kleen on it to separate out the weed seed,  that got fed to the hogs. He pulled it with his Farmall 300.

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