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  1. 1 hour ago, DWF said:

     Rainman, What county are you in? Our county, Barron, had their dairy breakfast last Saturday, the 1st. They had a rainy morning and had a struggle parking as the planned field was a no go for parking after the rain. Still had around 3500 people there.


    Dane county.

    First Saturday in June is "Cows on the Concourse" at the WI state Capital in Madison & the second Saturday in June is "Breakfast on the Farm".

    And yes parking & drives in & out were muddy. They were spreading lime on the drives to keep vehicles moving. Fortunately, rain was on the light side.

  2. There's a drawbar brace that goes up to rear axle housing on right side to rear axle attaching clamp.

    Rockshaft arms locked in lower hole.

    Leveling Bellcrank locked to bellcrank lock strap in  round hole. ( Left side)

    Remove depth adjusting link from right TC arm and attach to tractor stud. (Right side)

     for a Mc Cormick C-21-P mower

  3. 11 hours ago, billonthefarm said:

    I worked on the lights on one of the 706’s after putting a new manifold on it yesterday.  Shocked to find a bird nest in here.  Also the hot wire to the light switch was totally smoked, also shocked!  Dave my helper hooked up and serviced my trusty old woods bat wing.  Thing mows like a lawn mower!  



    Yep, Woods are my favorite rotaries, especially just using 3/4" combination wrench to remove blade pins...

  4. 1 hour ago, vtfireman85 said:

    I have a few questions regarding where babies come from if you feel qualified to explain … Uncle Mark just handed me a magazine about rabbits when I asked him, so I am still sort of confused. 

    Me Too, when I was in Boy Scouts I tried to get " Raising Rabbits Merit Badge " but failed at that. I think I still have the *How To Book * around somewhere if you need ....

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