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  1. I didn't know I had that much yellow.... The old DeWalt radial arm saw that Dad had , made a lasting impression...
  2. I Got rid of Green Machine trimmers years ago. Last year decided on a DeWalt 20V trimmer too...for the little trimming I got. Plus battery matches to 3 or4 other power tools.
  3. Rainman


    Happy Birthday Bermuda_Ken & all...
  4. How many calves & how many hours to feed them....?
  5. Yesterday he was tracking around in yard when we came home. Looks not natural, always around at night on deck or in bird bath... So found him dead tucked in by back yard stairs. Put him to fertilize next years corn crop...pics out of sequence.
  6. Rainman


    Are docs orders being followed ?
  7. phillipsandtemro.com .... catalog of heaters link won't connect from page...
  8. Mike probably knows.... if u need more help @ http://triplertractors.com
  9. http://Uline.com lists several Drum heaters
  10. That address is for Hellenbrand Implement , a long time independent dealer.
  11. Rainman


    Anyone know of windmill maintenance company? Neighbor has one with a Baker head and it won't brake with a southerly wind... Located in Southern Wisconsin
  12. We called that a Blow Up....usually not as severe. Hammer out a foot & half across, patch with cold mix, good until Pavement Repair crew can get to it.
  13. Rainman

    Waste oil

    Dane co. Hwy. Shops did have used oil barrels , as do some local municipal garages.
  14. Is hydraulic oil clean & up to full level ?
  15. Add a speedup pulley & belt and get more throwing distance!
  16. I delivered New Farmall 656's with stamped rear 18.4 X 34's in early 1970's.
  17. http://ccspecialities.com adjustable ferrule new ...911-0198...old 711-0198 Adjustable link...new....919-3008...old 711-3008....older IH 58773C1 I always keep a spare , experience from 50 years of owning CC's...
  18. Dairy Farmer I worked for during 3 H.S. summers had a AC 60 to combine his oats. It had a 2 bag Scour Kleen on it to separate out the weed seed, that got fed to the hogs. He pulled it with his Farmall 300.
  19. Mike Becker "The Paper Farmer" might have an operator manual...715-726-1942
  20. Multiple applications spaced apart with a combination mix with dicamba. Will be an on going battle to keep under control....
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