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    Hydro l86

    My hydro 186 has always blew white smoke. It has new injection pump and injectors. It does not have water in oil or oil in the water. I have never used this tractor for hard work,is that what it needs?
  2. Ihred62

    Hydro l86

    I think it has an 5088 engine with no turbo. It’s a little hard starting when it gets in the 40 degree area so l just plug it in. Could it be the timing is off?
  3. My Hydro l86 constantly blows white smoke. Can’t say it uses any water or oil. Injection pump and injectors are new Ive never used this tractor for any hard work. Is that what it needs?

  4. I’m buying hubs for duals is the diameter of the axle on a 1086 the same as a 1486?
  5. I’m not sure if l pm you or added to my post. It’s about the fan you talked about for my 5250 and getting more heat in the cab? Thanks

  6. Ihred62

    5250 no heat in cab

    I’ve had my 5250 10 years or more and l can not get any heat in the cab. I’ve changed thermostat and valve is open on steel line on right side of engine. The dial moves hard in cab so I’m pretty sure that is working. Are there other valves that I’m missing? This tractor does not get used hard,just pushing snow with loader not one bar comes up on heat gauge. I put bags on front screen and doesn’t do anything. Now if l hookup the snow blower and it works harder l will get one or two bars on heat gauge and it will blow a little heat in the cab then? Should I be using a different thermostat than what it calls for or??? And yes my air conditioner dial is off.
  7. Ihred62

    766 gasser

    Looking at buying a 766 gasser that’s been over hauled painted and new rear tiresand new clutch My 450 which I was always going to restore because my dad bought it New has no pressure on two cylinders and tooth missing on pto plus needs paint and tires and fast hitch is very wore. If my Dad was alive he would tell me to get rid off it because he was never sentimental about anything. Now on the 450 does the gearbox and pulley under the gas tank have any value and what would the two point hitch be worth as l could use that on the 766. So back to the 766 are they good starters in the winter are 450 would start no matter how cold it was. Were there many 766 gassers made?
  8. Ihred62

    5250 no heat in cab

    One belt runs fan and air conditioner and alternator so l would unbolt fan and where would l get one of these and how do they mount on tractor.Does it mount close up to radiator. I like the sound of this!
  9. Ihred62

    5250 no heat in cab

  10. Ihred62

    766 gas

    Looking at a 766 gas to replace my 450. Anyone have a 766 gas how do you like it. It has a 291 engine is that an IH engine did they use that engine in some of there trucks?
  11. Ihred62

    World's problem solved by a 5 year old.

    That 5 year old is going to grow up and be a decent and friendly human being.Think about it Dad he is learning from you now keep up the good work! I have often thought how much better the world could be if we just all get a long. Sounds so simple and easy doesn't it?
  12. I no there were about 4000 Hydro 186s made. Me and my friend were discussing how many were still around and running. Anybody have any guesstimations ?