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  1. This is the 2+2 guy who sneaked out of Ayersville, Ohio to Van Wert co. there's a Michigan Man chasing the C on 2+2's Super MD-TA.


    1. oilcan821


      this is that 2+2 guy who got away from Ayersville, Ohio and was followed by his Super MD-TA at the Van Wert Co. Plowday August 11, 2018. My 450 isn't quite ready for plow days yet, so I took my dad's Ferguson TO30, and both the C Farmall and the Fergy did a very good job considering the tough spots where the combine tracks were. They did have adequate moisture, but it was tough plowing. It's the most fun activity I have ever had with a collector tractor, and good fellowship makes it even better! Approx. 40 tractors, 80 acres, and 4 hours later it was pretty much done! What started out real foggy, turned into a nice, sunny day!



  2. can't we just stick to IH issues? there's so many other places to read and post your views on political issues! I dumped Fakebook because of this, I just want to see Farmall and IH related issues. please!

    1. lorenzo


      What exactaly are you referring to?

    2. oilcan821


      I am just tired of everyone injecting their political views into what to me should be for IH issues, such as field work, mechanical issues, tractor restorations and displaying photos of tractors, trucks and machinery. it's called Red Power Forum, and should represent such!

  3. this was about 10 years ago, I restored the 450 pulling the baler, and used it for 3 years. currently, I have a super m-t/a.

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