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    antwerp, ohio
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    old tractors. antique pulling and plowing. work on old tractors. bought, sold and traded many (3-400 tractors, I think) I-h tractors, and other brands.

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i line in n/w ohio. i used ih tractors to make hay and straw. i love plowing with ih tractors and have many trophys won with ih tractors in pulling. ih people are a great bunch to be around! my tractors aren't trailer queens, they earn their right to be in the barn! while i enjoy looking at a nice painted tractor, seeing it do what it was made to do really bumps my oil pressure up!!! i love a good running tractor in it's work clothes doing it's best to plow or other jobs better than new paint that's "gently" pushed off the trailer and roped off!! as much as i picked on some of the red guys, i do the same for all brands. never hurts to have a small amount of rivalry-it keeps people interested in a club or collecting as long as it includes all members young and old! the red tractors i use are perfect for mowing, raking and baling hay and straw! as i told stan studebaker, he's got me "crossed over to the dark side!"darth studebaker" told me "use the torque"and i've been baling with them every since!!! the torque will be with us, always!!!! I retired, sold our farm and moved to Antwerp, ohio area, just off u.s. 24, 9 miles east of Indiana line. I have a super m-t/a, and several other colors including dad's ferguson 30.

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