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  1. Looky what I found!

    I think most of the wire was the distance of 40 .My dad got a new 450a that he checked with .I know we got new 36 in. wire Was tough to cultivate on ends SM and 4 row with no power steering
  2. 1086 Steering cylinder hose

    Had dealer make two for 1586 were alot less
  3. IH 15 series

    There was one of the TA companys from IA that a gear that some how could put the 4th gear in I have a 15 that I use on my twp cyclo planters and grain cart and get along fine.Plant Corn in lo4th beans 1st hy . For heavy pto could not be so good but we chop in 1st low .Too big of gap for 2nd
  4. 886 Water in Oil

    Hate to say this but ours went 8900 hr and did the samething and we had the filter but have 3 differant cracked or broken sleeves in 500 hr . Tried a differant brand sleeve this time .It pulled a sprayer and 6 row stalk chopper it was not worked hard so why should it score a sleeve? I was told sleeves should honed and both oil cooling jets open as a turbo engine . Good Luck do some checking around it was a good tractor but do not know if it was just bad parts what the problem is.
  5. 9130 cab fan

    Got the new fan motor in with some help . Very stupid design hope this motor lasts along time. Now the inside liner of the air heater was starting to come lose . Looked to be like rubber mat with some foam it. There must be moisture in there because bolts were rusted. Do not want something that you have to sit in moldy smelling air.At the same time it is not too far engine heat . Do not know if pink foam board or plastic with foil on one or both sides will stand the heat. Parts show that 24 by 19 piece at $80 . Could use tractor cab liner Menards have air bubble inslation with foil on both sides or fiber glass with foil on one side or fire wall materal. Any ideas? nVery
  6. 9130 cab fan

    Thank You Danny I did pickup duct wrap fiber glass with foil . Will put silacone on edges foil to in side and hole where small round filter is. The sides were bad too but may leave them just in case glue would not hold and it could come loose in side. Bond to be hot area under hood do not want smoke out of fan in that glass box with only door that opens. Thanks again Gary
  7. combines in your life

    Also 73 we had A6 case 75 case wanted to go IH but could find one that we could do small grain with pickup. Got a 300 MF (not much better than the case in small grain)Then 510 MF good machine but dealer was weak and parts were real high. Now a 1640 new in 1991 will be my last machine. I have run a pulltype JD Gleaner 303 and 403.
  8. Someone has to do it

    Thataboy the world needs to know that farmers something else but green.
  9. 886 repower

    As As I understand there are alot of differance internally between truck and tractor engine or maybe just crank. I have had many problems with an overhaul on this engine. Broken and cracked sleeves scored pistons and it was never worked hard.I was told sleeves needed to be honed and other oil jet be opened as a turbo engine.Good luck I have way more invested in the engine than what the tractor is worth
  10. 9130 cab fan motor

    While doing fall tillage smelled something hot heard it rumble but that cab is hopeless either too hot or too cool no fan windows steam up.So fix it before it is put to bed for the winter but how do get that motor out ?????.The 86s and combine take the cab top off and there is the fan motor.Well took big front plate off side plate took off fan rotor took plate off inside (some one been there some different bolts that twisted off)Can move motor but how does it come out?
  11. 9130 cab fan motor

    Thank you for the infro. I am still having problems may have to cut shaft but then it will be hardto get the fans on the right spot maybe the big one is not where it should be. Sure would like to have a talk to the man that designed that system.
  12. 527 DMI

    When in the ground the main frame should be level . Set by the hitch run the front disk in the green put the right amount of spacers get them go deep as you can but watch the gauge. I use covering blades on main shanksto move as much dirt as I can . I stop and use an old tire wrench and check how deep main shanks are going . I go about 14 in be low ground level . They like you run 5mph Will give 9130 a good load.
  13. 3" sickle speed

    Have a1020 20 ft on a 1640 doing 15 in skip row . Did not change speed from 1 1/2 and run between 3 to4 mph no problems.
  14. Concrete sealer... yes or no?

    I put a sealer on my new shop floor but was told to wait two weeks. There many kinds Menards have some .I sprayed it on with a small garden sprayer and squeeged it.I got it at a place called Carrols . When I spill oil I put oil dry down but it will leave a stain.Some get real spendy.
  15. D 360

    Get all the information you can I have alot of problems with my 360 since it was overhauled . Cracked and broke sleeves scored pistons . Last the tec school put in all new sleeves and oil pump. It now was on dyno after last overhaul . It pulled 1000 sprayer and 6 row stalk chopper.
  16. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Do not know what is in there may have a blown oring somewhere. Lookup Messicks or a dealer parts on internet. I have a 8450 and all at once I think one gate cylinder went bad.
  17. Case 8455 Round Baler

    IS the pressure knob tight ? Second knob used to release pressure on belts.
  18. Sickle mowers

    I would guess the 60s.Bought a 120 with tail wheel for $475 few years ago now I know of some for $750
  19. John deere 6620 trying to clean wheat wheat

    You maybe have wide wire concaves.On the MF 510 they closed the first few spaces of concave they were welded on bottom side. The MF also had pieces that could be put in on top of wires. I had the same thing with 1640 . I got plates that close the first two sections of first concave. It sure made a differance.
  20. 810 pickup head belt?

    I too have one that is part way open . Took two one time to a place that had forage equip. Belt feeders type things but same as baler lacing
  21. Glyphosate surfactant

    I got all liberty bean this year put atority(sp?)first after planting early June one qt.liberty this week another qt liberty. Am happy so far after the mess I had last year with solid giant rag weed where I tryed first rate flexstar and roundup.The liberty seed was less than other .I am not a fan of banvil. Knew this was going happen with roundup on everything
  22. What does this tube assembly fit?

    Hyd pipes 300 350 or 400 450
  23. Case IH 9330 front axle u joint

    We lost the front half of the drive shaft on a steerable and got one at aplace called Catco now adifferant name.They sold truck parts drive shafts and trans.and hyds.the crosses $90 dealer wanted $200
  24. It's a dusty job, but someone has to do it

    I also used my drag alot this year . The ragweed was growing so after a trip with digger and a few days latter a trip with drag set sharp before planter but I think they are rooted deep .Not sure if it was right thing to do after bean were planted I sprayed then went over with drag set almost flat like a poor mans roller . Leveled out nice rolled dirt out of corn roots not as fine surface as rolled fields i
  25. Swap meet find

    I remember you showing to me would nice to find some good SM mufflers reasnable