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  1. We had 15.5s on the SMsince the 70s now the second set of tires and it had the 234 picker many years . The time my dad had the rims split we plowed with the SM the 15.5s were not as high as 14.9s for slower speed. My SMTA I put 560 castings but the rims are old duel rims that are narrower and the tire is round on the top . At the time I got the castings rims and tires for $300 from a puller 560 Also made that I could in 30 in rows
  2. GaryhMN

    1586 axle

    When we got our it 1586 it had 9 hole duel hubs they could not take it . I put the hubs in an old building now the roof is getting bad. Would the hubs fit any of the 50xx?Or take u bolts off and they go for scrap them.
  3. I may give that a try when I get home from Texas(I check weather everyday back home soon) I called them and said they only sold things with new engine .I may have make longer drive shaft and raise engine. My wireing is all messed up too.
  4. Blew a rod on a Kohler and got a Vangaurd at a swap meet. Thinking I could get at kit but no, except one that is three times what I paid for the engine. Anyone know where I could get a fly wheel adapter and PTO sleeve? Thanks, Gary
  5. Will be going that way this weekend.
  6. I too have done two TAs. Had IT book and the vidio on how to rebuild a ta .Felt pretty good when it worked but not for long so next one I took the section to someone and put the hycap rebuilt unit . Get a rebuilt unit . The vidio said to replace springs and rollers but the carrier must have been bad . The cost of seals and all were high enough at the time and the new sprag is way better the old style
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