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    Anything IH. I was raised on them...also partial to Oliver. My Dad worked for King Brothers in Arcola and Yoder Implement in Arthur in the 60's and 70's and was a pioneer in the early days of tractor pulling.

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  1. Neighbor has a 48 disk that he is wanting to sell. He told me it was a 480. Actually, he thought the 0 had come off, but it is a model 48. I cannot find much on line about the 48. I know it was built in the late 50's and early 60's. This one is not too bad of shape for the years. Blades are good. He has replaced the bearings with sealed. It has the wings but no wing gangs. He has replaced the lift cylinder. When completely lowered, he still has over 1/2 of the ram showing. It will not lift very high for transport. Did IH use a special cylinder? I do not want to buy something only to have spend big dollars on a cylinder. He has priced it at $1,200. Frame is good. No welds or cracks. Paint is faded. Tires are cracked. Your thoughts?
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