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  1. Fresh Cab repellant has worked excellent for myself and some others I know.
  2. The horses name was Friday
  3. How does a cowboy ride into a town on Friday, stay three days, then leave again on Friday?
  4. Yes there is a significant difference if your using the brakes a lot (like operating in hilly country and/or lots of roading). 47392028 dissipates heat better and has better wear characteristics. If I was replacing brakes on a Magnum, I would use the 47392028.
  5. Thats excellent! Great detail. I spent a lot of time in my grandfathers crib as a kid. Shoveling ear corn for the sheller and cleaning out the bins mostly. I always liked climbing up top and looking around at how it was built and thinking about its history. Good memories!
  6. We went through this type of thing as well. I am gritting my teeth as I type this. I cant say anything nice, so I wont say any more
  7. By the way, Thanks for all the great replies! I love the knowledge and opinions here.
  8. Trying to catch up on all the posts. The purpose for this first pistol is home defense. Don't plan to conceal carry just yet but likely in the future. I have also thought of the 380. Sounds like I better check ammo availability to make a better decision! I don't necessarily have large hands so the larger grips may be tough.
  9. Wow, lots to think about. I'll have to research some of this ^^^. I think I would like one with a safety. I am making a list of some to go check out locally (if I can find them!) ^^ Yes I will consider this as well !!
  10. Never had a hand gun, only rifles. But it is past time that I had something. Shot some 9mm with friends as a kid but dont remember what they were. Last year shot a Sig 365XL and a P320, thats it. What can you guys recommend for a 9mm in the $400-700 range? I know I should go somewhere and shoot some to see what feels good, but I am looking for a place to start.
  11. Just wait until everyone also needs to charge their electric cars!! Wonderful
  12. "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
  13. Hard to say how rare but here are a few interesting things...
  14. That's why you have to buy 3 or 4 and customize them yourself. Used to do that in the 80's Along with building my own implements because there were so few. I used to show them on a 4x8' farm display at several toy shows in N IL and S WI. Good times.
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