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  1. I have the leveling screw loosened up and everything is working like it should. It was also a much easier job than I thought it was going to be. I removed the two hex shaped bolts ( # 9 in the Photo ), drove out the roll pin holding the handle in place, removed the pin that attaches the assembly to the lift arm and it slid right out of the trunion. I put the leveling assembly in a vice, heated up the area as shown in the photo and used a pipe wrench with a pipe to turn the leveling screw. After a few minutes of heating and applying pressure with the pipe wrench, it started to turn. I screwed the threaded rod all the way to the top, cleaned up the threads really good, applied never seize to the threads and screwed the rod back down. I did this several times and everything moves really easy in both directions. I installed the assembly back on the tractor and hooked up to a big hydraulic grader blade and the tractor is ready to go to work. Thanks again for the help, the parts diagram and the photo.
  2. Thank you very much 7and8and 1456 for the parts breakdown and the tech tips. I would have never thought to look at Messick's for the parts breakdown. Information like this is one reason the Red Power Forum is so awesome. You can learn something new every day and the members are willing to share their knowledge and opinions. Thanks again!!!
  3. I tried removing the lift arm with zero luck. I can't get the roll pin to move at all and I bought a set of roll pin punches to make sure the roll pin wasn't being damaged while trying to drive it out. I guess I am going to try a little heat around the roll pin area and try it again. If I am able to get the roll pin out, how does the rest of the top come apart? I am seeing a circle shaped piece that the roll pin goes through and looks like it's supposed to come out and allow the adjustment handle part of the arm to slide out. I have tried looking on the Case IH website and I can't find a clear photo of how everything comes apart. Has anyone ever taken one of these arms apart and how should it come apart?
  4. The tractor has the arms with the handle on top to turn for the adjustment. I tried using a large adjustable on the handle to get it to turn and it broke in half. The handle part is cast for sure and not very strong. The lift arm in the above photo is what's on both of my 1086 tractors.
  5. It's not loose anywhere at all. I am trying to shorten up the arm and it will not turn. I am not sure if turning it cherry red will do something to the threads on the shaft or to the piece it screws in to. I have found another arm but the asking price is $ 300.00 plus tax and shipping. I am hoping to find a way to get the arm turning without any damage.
  6. Hello, I am trying to adjust one of the lift arms on my 1566 and I can't get it to move. I have been spraying it with Kroil every day for a week, tried a 3 foot pipe wrench with a 3 foot piece of pipe and nothing moved. I am concerned about breaking the rod that screws down in the arm if I keep twisting on it. Would it be safe to try some heat on it? I know it's a cast part and breaking it would not be a good thing. Has anyone run into this before and what did you do to get it loosened up? Thanks for any thoughts.
  7. tractorman21


    Hello, A neighboring farmer has some health issues and his wife is wanting to sell some of his equipment. He lives about 2 hours from where I live and I don't know anything about his equipment or what kind of shape it's in. A friend of mine was telling me that the farmer has a IH 666 tractor that is going to be sold. I have never seen one before and I don't know anything about them. If I go to look at it, is there anything in particular that I should pay attention to? Tractor data website says it was made in the early 70's and has around 73 horsepower. I don't know if it's gas or diesel or what transmission it has. If the tractor looks fairly decent and runs, what's a guess on value? I know tractors of all shapes, ages and sizes seem to be bringing big money right now. I don't really have a specific need for it, but it might be cool to have around the farm for small chores. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Hello, I need to replace the blades on my IH 475 disc and was wondering about the best blade size to use. The current blades measure from ( smallest ) 17 1/2 " to ( largest ) 21 1/2 ". The disc has notched blades both on the front and rear. What would be the best replacement size to use 20 " or 22 " ? Should I put notched blades all the way around or put notched up front and smooth in the back? I bought the disc used about 5 years ago and It's always done a good job of leveling, but not so much for cutting. I usually have to run over a field several times to get everything cut up and turned over. Is there a particular supplier I should use when replacing the blades? I have read some good things about the Case IH Earth Metal blades, but I don't know if they are worth the additional money. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, I have an opportunity to buy a neighbor's 1086, but it sounds like the hydraulic pump is going bad. When you start the tractor, it makes a whining/growling sound and the steering is very hard. Sometimes you can turn the steering wheel and the sound will quiet down for a couple of seconds. The tractor isn't low on hydraulic fluid, but I don't know the condition of the hydraulic filter. The owners family is selling due to health issues and he's not around to answer any questions. How big of a job is it to replace the pump? Drain the fluid, remove the fuel tank and unbolt the plate covering the pump? Is there anything in particular that I need to be extremely aware of when removing the pump? Where's the best place to but a replacement pump and what else would I need to replace? Thanks for any thoughts,
  10. I am trying to install a deck on my recently purchased cab cadet 127 and I am not sure if it came with the correct brackets. I have 2 brackets that are part of some square tubing and I am not seeing how they attach to the deck or to the mower. Do these brackets go to the 42" deck or do they go to something else? Thanks,
  11. I found a serial number by the left rear tire on the rear end housing and here are some photos.
  12. I just recently purchased a semi restored cub cadet mower and I am trying to find out what model it is. The previous owner painted the mower and I can't find any serial/model numbers anywhere. It's one of the old yellow and white mowers, it's hydrostatic, has a Kohler engine , disc brakes on the back and a 42" mowing deck. I will try to post some photos and hopefully someone will know what I have. Is there a specific area on the mower that I should be looking at for a model number? Thanks,
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