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  1. Case IH 1660 Combine

    Thanks for the replies and the wonderful checklist. I would have never known to look over all of those specific parts and pieces. I hope the owner is ok with allowing me the time to properly check out everything. In a brief conversation with him, the combine has a lien on it, he needs to sell it and he plans on getting out of farming. He is probably going to want at least what he owes on it, or possibly more. Thanks again for the opinions. David
  2. Case IH 1660 Combine

    I am going to look at a Case IH 1660 combine with a 20 foot grain head and I am wondering about the Pro's and Con's of this machine. I help my dad farm and we have been using F2 Gleaners for the last 20 years, but I want to upgrade to a larger machine. The Gleaners are relatively inexpensive to run and fairly simple to repair. I have zero experience with Case IH combines and I am not really sure what to look for. Are there any known trouble spots to look at? As far as normal wear, what should I be looking at on the rotor, or the other internal parts? The owner says the machine has 5,900 hours and he has replaced various parts and pieces throughout the machine. I spoke to a Case IH dealer and he says the Cummins engines are good for 10,000 hours if properly serviced. The machine is 4WD and has fairly decent looking tires, overall looks good, but it does need some TLC. We haven't discussed what he wants for the machine yet, what should be a good starting point on price? I have been able to buy a few of the F2 Gleaners in the past and they were in the $ 5,000.00 to $ 8,000.00 range. I am thinking this combine is going to be considerably more expensive, but hopefully worth it. Any thoughts, opinions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks, David
  3. UFT Mower

    I looked at taking the black extension off, but the pto shaft would not work. The shaft would be so short and probably not very safe. The mower is designed to run off of the 1,000 rpm shaft and when you get everything up to speed, it's all moving extremely fast. The pto shaft is really thick walled and heavy duty and I don't think I want to modify it in any way. I think I have a mower that is just too big for me. I just need to figure out what I am going to do with it.
  4. UFT Mower

    Here's a couple of photos of the mower.
  5. UFT Mower

    I recently purchased a UFT Mower Model 6234 and it's about 20 foot wide. I can't find any information on this mower, or the company that made it. Does anyone have any experience with this type of mower and where could I order parts for it? Any ideas on what this thing would weigh? I hooked it up to our dual wheeled 1566 and it seems like it's too much mower for the tractor. The tractor doesn't seem to be able to fully raise the mower for road travel. Thanks for any help.
  6. 1330 Transmission Controls

    Hello, I bought a 1330 cub cadet mower and the transmission controls seem to be acting funny. The mower wants to move forward when you start the engine and moving the control lever doesn't seem to do anything. The mower doesn't seem to be very fast going forward and it will not back up. The rear end was replaced in the mower, but I don't think the linkage is mounted correctly. I have tried to find some photos that show how everything is supposed to be, but I can't seem to find anything. The control arm on the transmission has been welded and I am trying to make sure everything is where it needs to be. Thanks for any help, David
  7. 1566 Hand Pump

    Hello, I installed a hand pump on my 1566 and steering doesn't want to work. When you start the tractor, the front wheels will move a little bit, but the steering is very tight. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Could I have done something wrong with the installation? Is it possible to have crossed some lines? Thanks for any help, David
  8. Steering

    Hello Everyone, I was using my 1566 today pulling a land leveler and I noticed that the steering wheel kept trying to turn to the right. It's been a couple of months since I started the tractor and I don't remember it trying to do that before I parked it. Is something starting to go wrong with the hand pump, or do I have another issue? Both front tires had an equal amount of air pressure and the tires are in good shape. I planted about 500 acres of soybeans with the tractor last year and it always steered great. Thanks for any thoughts, or opinions.
  9. Radiator Value

    Hello Everyone, I have a unique question to ask? Is there any value to an original IH radiator that came out of a 1566? We have 2 1566 tractors on the farm and we ended up replacing both radiators over the last few years. They each developed a very small leak and would loose about 2 gallons of water in a little over a 5-6 hour period of running time. We didn't couldn't find a radiator shop to fix them in a reasonable amount of time, so we replaced them with an aftermarket radiator. My dad is in the processing of cleaning up around the farm and hauling away some unwanted junk and scrap parts. He has about 25 radiators and wants to scrap the IH radiators as well. Is there any value to them for being original IH pieces for the restoration guys? Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Anti-Freeze Quantity

    Hello Everyone, I am getting ready to change the anti-freeze and coolant filter in my 1566 and my 1086. What is the right amount of anti-freeze to use in those tractors? I am thinking 2 gallons for each one. Is that too much, or not enough. I am in Chesapeake, Va. and we usually don't have an extended amount of freezing temperatures. It can get really cold for a week, or so and then it will warm back up to non-freezing temperatures. Thanks for any thoughts, or opinions. David
  11. International Hough 60 Loader

    The loader has the 6 cylinder Cummins engine.
  12. International Hough 60 Loader

    Hello, I am trying to find some exhaust parts for my dad's International Hough H60 loader and I need some help. On the driver's side, I need the elbow that bolts to the exhaust manifold and then clamped to the muffler. I have looked high and low and I haven't found anything. Does anyone know where I could possibly find that elbow? Thanks for any suggestions. David
  13. T.A. Use

    Hello, I would like to get an opinion from some of the smarter guys on correctly using the T.A. I am planting soybeans with my 1566 using a 15' wide 5400 Soybean Special drill and it has the coulter kart in front . I am planting in freshly turned over soil and I am running in High 1 with the T.A. ahead ( Direct Drive ) . When I get to the end of the field, I push the clutch in, pull the T.A. back, raise the planter up, turn around and take off for the other end. Once I get moving, I let the row marker down and push the T.A. lever ahead. Is it ok to pull the T.A. back while the clutch is pushed in, or should I pull it back while the tractor is still moving? It's working good and I don't want to cause any internal issues from my technique. Thanks for any thoughts, or opinions.
  14. 2 Part Question

    I am getting ready to change the oils and filters on my dad's 5240 tractor and I was wondering what oil I should use in the engine. On the other tractors, 2-1566's and 2-1086's, I use the 30wt oil from Case. My dad is thinking the 5240 should use 15-40 oil. I want to change out the pto in one of the 1566 tractors and replace it with one from a 1086 that was parked due to an engine problem. Will this be a direct swap and will I need to do anything special to make it work? Thanks for any thoughts, or opinions. David