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  1. td14steve

    Sap suckers of 2018

    I just make enough for fun usually around 2 gals.I had that made around the end of Feb. Things had stopped for a few weeks during all the snow and cold earlier in the month. I retapped the trees a week ago and have made almost another 2 gals this week. Looks like it will be slowing down if not done here in the next week or so, Temps are staying just above freezing at night and pushing 50 in the day. Been a good year.
  2. td14steve

    td14 cab

    glad to here it made it home now you have a new lawn ornament.
  3. td14steve

    td14 cab

    Cab has been claimed , thanks for your interest . Steve
  4. td14steve

    td14 cab

    I've been cleaning up the lawn ornaments and this cab has to go anybody interested? Its free , came with my td14 machine is gone cab remains. Located in East Chatham, NY might have to repurpose it if nobody wants it. Steve
  5. td14steve

    td-14 Cab

    Good idea didn't occur to me at the time , thanks.
  6. td14steve

    td-14 Cab

    Anyone interested in this cab that came with my td-14? I no longer have the machine Free to whoever comes and gets it. Located in East Chatham, NY, hopefully the pic attaches