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  1. Preparing to change front and rear wheels, add wide front axle.
  2. My name is Aaron Wade from Grinnell Iowa. My machines will have magnets on them with my name. I will try to put my poweshiek name on the paper Roundup signs as well. Cannot wait to see you all there! I will try to post update photos soon. Between work, Roundup responsibilities and my son's high school graduation my time on here has been limited.
  3. I look forward to seeing you again, Tony. While you are here, you need to dine at The Latin King restaurant. You would enjoy the meal! The tractor is currently tore down and partially in primer. My photo posting is behind my progress in the shop.
  4. Never know when you might want to put a mower on it! Or a plow or a blade........
  5. Adding a second hydraulic valve and rear outlets. Repairing broken 3 point lever and installing new friction discs on the levers.
  6. My 656 hydro spends its time under the loader, but once and awhile I like to plow or disk with it. Heating up the Hy Tran will help evaporate out the condensation.
  7. Nice group of tractors, Tony! Can't wait to see the professional photos. Enjoy the show, see you in Des Moines in a few weeks.
  8. I purchased it from a good friend. His dad purchased it new. He passed away unexpectedly a couple years ago. He would have enjoyed seeing it restored.
  9. Nice idea, to have the pedal tractor along for the little ones. Gives them something to do that they enjoy, and keeps them occupied while dad talks tractors!
  10. Final powerwash on Easter Sunday afternoon. Into the shop, final teardown for paint is next.
  11. Pulled off worn out seat suspension. Blasted parts and painted. I need to reassemble it, but the lawnmower needs spring tuneup!
  12. Overhauled the engine, new clutch, TA. Had it on the the dyno, pto started slipping. Pulled it out and rebuilt it as well. Converted to the spin on oil filter for easier maintenance.
  13. I have been collecting the pieces/parts for years to restore this one. With the 656 being the feature tractor at this years roundup, now was the time to get it done. Pulled it out in January, cleaned the fuel system and rebuilt the carburator. Drove it up to the shop. Pulled tinwork off and powerwashed off the first few greasy layers.
  14. Tony, the 806 looks great! Sorry to hear about the head issues. You will sort them out soon enough. Did you realize that you have a 56 series clutch pedal? The 06 series would have the diamond tread that the brake pedals have. The 56 series have the horizontal lines. I am not being critical, just noticed it in the one photo....
  15. The 2404 is a 1962. Serial# 3516 J-W It has the 2-Speed. I am excited to fix a few gremlins and make her look new again! Thank you for your compliments. Does yours have any options that mine does not have? Do you have the cast front nose like mine? Does yours have a hood ornament like the 560 or 706 tractors have? I have so many things to learn about it.
  16. I have the C, Super C, 200, 240. I need a 230 and a 404 to have the entire family. Any leads?
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