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  1. This book has the blueprint drawings for decal placement in the back.
  2. I have 2 of those Schaeffler's coin banks. Really neat looking!
  3. Man, I love the view of the hayfield from the cab of that blackstripe! ?
  4. We have always mixed the orchard grass in with the oats and had the alfalfa in the small seed compartment of our IH end gate seeder.
  5. Does not sound too harsh to me. I encourage everyone to bring those family tractors and display them next summer!
  6. Thanks! That entire situation did not look normal to me.
  7. What model tractor, which engine?We need more information to help you.
  8. You can install a 263 engine in it. They are more HP and easier to find parts for than the 606 221.
  9. You will need the front cast steering support from a diesel utility. The continental diesel has a different bolt pattern and will not bolt to the gas engine.
  10. I know that exhibits are not to be driven unless loading/ unloading or going to/from the parade or showbook photos. This is necessary to reduce traffic on the grounds. No For Sale in the display area. Not sure what other restrictions they would have?
  11. Does this help with the alternator mounting?
  12. The 11L-15 tires may raise the nose slightly, but look fine.
  13. What am I seeing just beyond the front of the 1256, under the white buggy top? Are those cast center duals?
  14. Most anything Mike Rowe did on Dirty Jobs would make the list!
  15. It was neat to see the wheat harvest traveling down to the Roundup and back.
  16. My opinions are similar to others. The rain dampened the crowd on Thursday, but indoor vendors told me that sales were good! Number of vendors and exhibits were down, but respectable for a holiday weekend. Friday was really busy, nice crowd. Saturday, saw exhibits leaving all day, but still plenty of people in attendance. I loaded up after the National meeting and it was really empty at 3:30. It was wonderful to see many forum members in attendance. My wife really enjoyed herself, which is a very good thing!
  17. Dangerous! Once they have a taste, they will "harvest " it themselves!
  18. Are you using a joystick? Do you want an outlet free while using the loader? I run the tilt and raise off the two valves on my 656. It is equipped with the remote outlets on both sides of the dash tower, so the hoses are nice and short. The 2 levers beside the seat are simple and handy to use. I have 4 extension hoses for removing the loader. (They also are used on the hoist wagons too.)
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