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  1. Neat photos? What is going on with the hood and fuel tank on that Super C?
  2. I believe that finding a floor mat as thick as the original is impossible. That is an issue for all makes of tractors. Have you had any experience with the rubber cover under the seat suspension that covers the hydraulic assembly?
  3. I understand what you are saying regarding the rubber cover under the seat suspension. Fehr cab interiors shows that cover new. Replacing all the cab interior is going to be expensive!
  4. I believe that you replace the entire manifold to install the keystone turbo. M and H manifolds do not interchange. Someone will correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. We have a burnt 1600 series with auto steer at work. Although melted, it appears to have been mounted at 12:00.
  6. I have an H, Super M and a 1066 my Uncle purchased new. Dad and Grandpa never had anything new, just low hour trade in machines. May have to consider bringing the H or SM, but they both need lots of love.
  7. So, you disconnected the 3 rods located above the battery in the dash? If they will not move up and down, then use penetrating oil on all the linkages. Snap a Vice grip onto the rod and tap on it to encourage movement. Sounds like the cross shaft has some movement, but as others have said, if that shaft is worn: you may still have issues lining up with the linkage to select a gear. Once all 3 shafts are moving smoothly, you can determine when they are in the neutral (center) position. When 1 rod is moved up or down, a gear is selected. If two are moved at once, the tractor will be "stuck " in 2 gears. If this tractor was parked because it would not move, the cross shaft may have become stuck and unable to select any rod (gear). If you can determine that you have linkage for one gear selected and the tractor will not move, then you may have a clutch or transmission issue. The shifters may have just stuck due to exposure and sitting around after the machine was parked.
  8. John, your father took excellent care of the 826, as evident by the photos. By all means, provide the tractor with what ever maintenance it requires: belts, hoses, fluids, filters. However, I urge you to preserve the tractor as it is. So few machines were cared for that well and remain looking that nice. It would be a tribute to your father to leave it preserved as he cared for it. Congratulations for keeping dad's tractor in the family!
  9. Cool! Love the IH metal stamp. The 466 emblems/ decals? are neat too.
  10. I have 2 complete sets, one has never been opened.
  11. I have one side of my 1206 that will not loosen up. We have heated, beaten, nudged, tugged with no success. Even planted 240 acres with the clamp loose and undersized pin. No success.
  12. Check and make sure the concave is moving when you adjust it. Hard to believe that an intact ear of corn is surviving a trip past the rotor! How much rotor speed are you using? Try slowing it down. Give the ears more threshing time.
  13. My 856 with the factory diamond cab did not have grab handles either. I added the LH handle to aid climbing into the cab. That keeps me from grabbing the steering wheel, which is hard on the bushing (for the tilt) and the hand pump shaft seal. Thinking the 100 needs one as well.
  14. The model 33 loader was sold to fit the 350 utility. They are elusive, but available.
  15. Nice looking tractor! Should be a fun project! I see front mount cultivator brackets still attached to the frame rails. So, that tells a little about the tractor's past. Looks very complete and well optioned. Even has a RH step. Someone has installed an aftermarket seat and suspension assembly on top of the original seat suspension. Makes the operator sit up a little high. Looks like the original suspension had collapsed down completely. Rubber bushings are likely shot. Early production: yours is the 507th tractor built. Good luck with your project!
  16. I mount mine up every winter, so I never have to use it! I usually mount it on the 1486. If I can remove all the extra hydraulic lines (in the way of the 3 point) off the Hydro 100, I would mount it on there.
  17. This situation is when the original line setting ticket would be helpful. No doubt about how a machine left the plant. We just need to locate the elusive stash in the archives!
  18. Question for you Hydro 100 with factory cab owners: Did yours have the grab handles on either side of the dash? What about the front hydraulic cover at the base of the seat? Mine does not have them, but thinking of adding them. Snow the other night. For the first time in years, it stayed out of the cab!
  19. Update: The 656 was not receiving enough electricity at the starter to crank. The battery was fresh out of a running vehicle, so the crappy cables with bolt on ends were the likely culprit. Last evening, I cleaned up all the connections (nasty from exposure outdoors) and installed new cables. It cranks over well, but the choke cable and connections to the LP carb are missing. It never fired off. Need to investigate further. Turned my attention to the 140. The engine turns about 3/4 of a revolution in either direction, but stops short of full revolutions. I wonder if the exhaust was uncovered all summer prior to the auction? I removed the valve cover and spark plugs. Treated the cylinders and valves with a concoction of marvel mystery oil and lighter fluid. Inserted a hand crank and a few suitcase weights on to apply pressure. Will leave it set till tomorrow after dinner. ?
  20. We actually had that conversation on Saturday as well! We needed to purchase one more. I should've bid on that Super H one more time, oh well! We like your way of thinking, Jeff!
  21. Fever headed home and aired up all the tires that would hold air on the 3 Super M's. Using his favorite 826 and 2350 loader he worked them onto the ground. Pausing long enough to photograph the Louisville with the single front wheel. Then he inspected them closer and determined that the engine is loose on the Louisville. He pulled it up next to his mailbox as a decoration. He located a muffler and rain cap in his stash and installed the jar on the precleaner. As darkness fell, he was pleased with how the old tractor looked!
  22. The fall of 2014, I was flushing the fuel system on a tractor. I attempted to start it and it backfired and lit me and the tractor, pan on floor, etc. on fire. Painful burns to my hands, LH arm and flash burns to my face. Iowa City burn center treated me for my injuries. Interesting footnote to this story: I had picked up my future wife's engagement ring that afternoon on my way home from work. I waited until the bandages came off to propose! Best wishes for your recovery! Praying for you.
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