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  1. This project was sidelined a few months. So much humidity and rain this summer have kept me from painting the hood. Decided to shine it up and take it in for Ag Appreciation Day in Grinnell yesterday. Ran great and looked respectable.
  2. Early blackstripe? I see the serial number tag is on the clutch housing. Big boy!
  3. The 1566 was introduced during the same time period that the red cabs appeared. If yours came with a red one, then maybe they all did.?
  4. First 1566 off the line is # 7101, so you have the 4th 1566 built.
  5. Many parts in common with the 460 utility. I have 2 606 diesels.
  6. I have an H with a Woods mower on it as well. Really knocks down the grass in open areas. The Super C with the single front wheel really cuts a sharp turn!
  7. My wife wants me to retire it with a zero turn. I have dug in my heels. I like my little Super C!
  8. Reassembled tractor. Filled with water. Radiator had a leak at upper neck I had not seen. Tore apart again. Installed a new one. Ran for 15 minutes. Fan hub locked up, smoking the belt. Disassemble. Install a used hub from work. Success! Mowed 45 minutes with no issues. Looking to make some frame rails to strengthen the bolster. Feels good to have it mowing again! ?
  9. Veed the edges of the breaks, preheated with the torch and welded with cast rod. Took almost 5 hours.
  10. This Super C and I have a history. 4 years ago, I was cleaning the fuel system and it backfired and caught itself on fire. New harness, guages, belts, hoses and radiator were installed and back to work mowing with a Woods L306. Fast forward to this spring. I was mowing a driveway along the road, front wheel dropped into a rut left by the maintainer. Front casting snapped off the engine and down it went! Inspection showed cracks in the casting prior to this incident.
  11. Thank you for your service. I have several cousins who served in the Millitary. One of them was in Ronald Reagan's color? guard and traveled with him on Air Force One. Enjoy your retirement years on the farm with your family and red tractors. ?
  12. Nice photos! Thank you, Sir! It is nice to see a group of clean, original paint machines. ?
  13. Looks great! Sometime you need to line up your current tractor inventory for a picture. That would be impressive!
  14. Fabulous job! I have been watching your progress with much interest. My O4 needs the same treatment.
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